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You won' t be disappointed when you listen to the first solo album by New York City singer songwriter, David Gelman. Hear the first two songs and you' ll want to hear more. He play acoustic guitar and piano, and is accompanied by musicians on electric guitar, lap steel guitar, bass, drums and viola. You could call it rock / folk/country.
Gelman studied music and worked briefly as a songwriter in earlier days, then took a couple decades off to make a living and have a son.
Now he is back writing songs. They are about universally shared experiences, with an open mind and the thrill of discovery, reflecting on where the road might lead.
David has brought together a stella backing band that includes David Mansfield ( Bob Dylan, T Bone Burnett ), Ann Klein ( Ani DiFranco, Darden Smith), and Sammy Merendino ( Joan Osborne, Loudon Wainwright lll ). With the help of producer Tim Hatfield ( Damnwells, Death Cab for Cuties, Steve Earle, Marshall Crenshaw ) he brings us the moving melodies of " All Roads Lead Here ".

C / o : www.davidgelmanmusic.com

MIKE GRAY - Middle Distance

" Middle Distance "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Blues/roots music

Hailing from the Bootheel of Missouri, guitarist, vocalist and composer, Mike Gray having made music for two decades. He is musician with respectable experience behind, but also a relatively  newer name on blues / roots fields. Discographically he debuted with " Middle Distance" album, from this 2011 year, and this is a CD ( also available in digital form ) , with 13 tracks in. Most of the things, Mike did with own " hands" and forces, and he has introduced himself as a blues performer, with strong country, and roots elements presents in his views as well. We can also find some boogie traces, some up tempo honky-tonk variants, but  mentioned reckognizable style is present on materials form album. A similiar " psyhology", circulate around complete album materials, and Mike also treats arrangments in simple but clear way. Production isn' t modern, but in the other hand posses supportive and connective details , generally for Mike's sound. Finally, " Middle Distance" is a good discographical start  for  forthcoming Mike's carrear....

Rating : 7 / 10

HORNS of HATTIN - De Veritate

" De Veritate "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Black/death/dark metal

Out of Austria comes a band Horns of Hattin, formed back in 2007 year, They have discographicaly started with " Demo" ( 2008 ), and during the this 2011 year, also with realization of  full-length, entitled " De Veritate". Horns of Hattin are group whose interesting fields touches epic themes, ancient mysteries, and periods occupied by the the events of the Crusaders. They also explores eternal themes, as a relations between humans and religion.. Musically, their performing options are equally orientire to symphonic black metal tendencies, as same as to death and dark metal variations, and classic heavy includings as well. Some elements of 90's black metal movement are present in its music, but Austrians also has accepted enough modern views in its approach. " De Veritate" as a album are consists of 9 tracks/ themes, and this is also some sort of conceptual saga. " De Veritate" as a album isn' t so easy for acceptable, but Austrian fellows did a lotta' efforts that all things comes to a right place. A productional work is well-done, as same as the other technical details...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/hornsofhattin

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413 ( SPAIN )

413   ( SPAIN )

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413 is the name behind which hides the young basque David Pisabarro. The vocationally self - tought bass player first cut his teeth in various local- scene bands, in which he began to rea;oze his maverick skills as a musician and writer, even as a constant caregiver of sounds, textures, layers and lyrics. Always deliving into the dark side of art and athe human being, 413's music is passionate, seeker of new limits on the conventions that have been established gradually in contemporary music., feeling increasingly more confortable in the experimental edge of the art  and of itself, somewhere between what we label post folk and post - rock, not even dreading the risk of the very concept of sound.  This passion also translates into a never-ending effort to soak up every single detail thet will serve in his relationship with music or the learning process itself, as an auhor and as a producer.
His first solo production  ( Reschith, 2008 ) is a reflecion of that.Consisting of five compositions that naturally  wander among the most extreme sides of trhe human mind, from the introspective and sentimental to the uproar about social reality, it achieved to collect very positive feedback from the most important underground and mainstream media ( Rock Zone, Feticera ).
Between the Reschith and the recent Path to Hocma , 413 has completed a training process as a sound engineer and has achieved to be a successful producer in each of his single efforts for bands such as  Thee Brandy Hips " We Are Love", " Madeleine", and Cohen Subconscious Mind ". But now he finds himself on his own, embarking on a ambitious project, having no generational reference to base his work on : Path To Hocma is an album that could easily be labeled as a conceptual, but will surely prove itself, in time, as the very embodiment  of a transformation  that makes it become something bigger, something of more significance, amultidisciplinary task that  will be growing over the years and that will shaping and extending itself  until it reaches a thousend levels of expression both musically and humanly. Its composition and production  philosophy defines the product it was written  with no amplifiers, no guitars, without a studio to call home, based only on an electric bass. This radical bet looks for the most honest way to treat  your own art. Path to Hocma can' t actually be purchased, but instead of freely available in both digital and CD format. So stay tuned, 413 is here to stay.

C / o : www.the-413.com


" Fun Box "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Americana/alt. country/rock

A Bridgeport, Connecticut based songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Dave Hogan is a veteran of three critically-acclaimed groups, as a : Red One, The Great Upsetters, and The Rafter Bats. He is a longest period in a saddle, and his carrear deserve respectations. He was colaborated and cooperate with numerous collegues and musicians, and began his solo career in 2006 year. " Fun Box" is his actuelle product, and this is a full-length Digi CD with 10 tracks in. Dave's musical styles ranges from americana and alt.country tendencies, to 70's rock and acoustic includings, and some additional elements in between, as well.  His vocal interpretation posses a fresh energy, some very personal enthusiastic view, and what is also important to say, all of 10 present songs are listenable and acceptable for tasty and also " avarage" listener's ear. In some aspects his works reminds me on late James Taylor approach, but Dave as a songwriter has showed enough own " tricks" and repeatable melodies /details. " Fun Box" as a album  satisfies in every aspects, and also is recomandable for old scholl and 70's music followers.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.davehoganmusic.com

FADING CIRCLES - Cyber Whirlwind

" Cyber Whirlwind "
( Nail Records ) 2011.
Progressive metal/various metal genres

Fading Circles are Transylvanian trio, founded in 2002 year. After few Demos, numerous gigs across Romania, and realization of first full - length album, entitled " Soulburn", a wider audience recognazid them as a serious and promising act. " Cyber Whirlwind " is their second album, released for " Nail Records". Fading Circles are unclassical metal act, also untipical progressive metal band.
A group creates a songs full of different arrangments threathenings, many up tempo and rhythmical changes, even that most of present materials are done in mid, rarely faster mood. Basically, progressive influences occupies its sound, but a members from band create own sound, and what is more important own style. We can find in its music also hidden jazzy details, hidden so call stoner elements, many classic heavy includings, and many things in- between." Cyber Whirlwind" are consists of 8 tracks/themes, without of a leading song, but also without a less interesting moments. Their album is pretty inspirative product, recomandable not only for metal  followers.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.fadingcircles.com

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Orlando, FL

Some call it rock, some call it pop, but one things for sure, it's infectious. Blending sounds of in your face classic rock guitar with modern edgy hooks and keys, the Florida 4 piece knows how to create music that hits right to the hearts with a live show that makes you wonder how you never heard of these guys.The lyrics are heartfelt and honest  while the melodies stick in your head like you' ve know it your whole life.
Formed a little over two years ago after years of friendship, the band has quickly  found their sound touring around Florida with stops including the Florida Music Festival, opening slots with Sugar Ray, Orlando's House of Blues with Allstar Weekend Hollywood Records, and Action Item, Backbooth with Before You Exit, and the Orlando Hard Rock Live. The group brings frontman Chris Ganoudis's vocals and guitar with lead guitarist Adam Sliger, bassist Dave Whitmore and drummer Nick Davila to the forefront of Florida's alt rock scene. With their music featured on WJRR Orlando fans have been hearing a taste of what the band brings to the table 7 ML has also performed live on WTKS 104, 1 FM and has been played on WFXH Rock 106 Savannah. Despite only playing music a few years 7 ML sounds well seasoned both recorded and live The release of 2010 EP " By The Light", produced by Evan Coffman and Brock Berryhill ( Alter Bridge / Versa Emerge/ Rocket To The Moon ) at Scarlight Studios, has earned them the respect of peers twice their age.
2010 brought the release of the first full CD produced again by Coffman and Berryhill, " Time To Decide" with the singles " Faster, Faster", " Just Pretend" & Disengage"., hitting radio on top of interviews in January's Stitched Sound, February's Axis Magazine, a feature on Alternative Addiction, countless blogs and Foxy's Good Day Orlando. Their music has been a constant top to download on Purevolume and Youtube including a spot on the film soundtrack for " real Men Wear Pink". After spending the spring hitting up Florida including shows at UCF and opening for Minus the Bear at the 2011 Florida Music Festival. The summer bought dates with Ford Motors Drive With a Purpose campaign and headlining shows including the House Of Blues.....


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BALERO - After The End

" After The End "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Stoner - USA

A trio from Wilkes - Barre, Pennsylvania, isn' t a new name on stoner fields. They were formed in 2002 year around guitarist Shawn Lopuhowsky. Their line-up are consists  also of  2 brothers Comitz, Jay on drums, and Jim on bass. During the period of existence, a group released one " Demo" ( 2004 ) and EP " One Planet Short Of The Sun" ( 2006 ). " After The End" is actuelle product from previous 2010 year, where band introduces their opinions and attitudes through 7 instrumental themes/pieces and about 28 minutes of music.
Balero are stoner act, with hard rock riffing approaches, also with some bluesy present influences and hidden atmospheric and psychedelic realizations as well. We can find equally influences coming out from the 70's period, as same as newer tendencies in its sound, where fine arrangments includings and modern production, clearly shows that members from band   manniristically satisfies in every aspect.
Balero music also poses hypnotic repeatable approach, and most of the present themes are simply pretty listenable. Recomandable...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.balero.net

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TRIGON - 2011

" 2011 "
( Trigon Music ) 2011.

Trigon are instrumental trio from Karlsruhe, whose activities dated from the late 80's. A line-up are consists of well-experienced musicians, and respectable instrumentalists, brothers Rainer ( guitar ) and Stefan ( bass ) Lange, and drummer Rudi Metzler. Actuelle " 2011 " CD is a first product since " The  Zappanale" DVD from 2007 year. The CD features 13 tracks and 67 minutes of music, and this is a sort of retrospective item, with 11 older, but freshly rearranged, restored and remixed tracks , and 2 new numbers. Musically, we can describe Trigon as a powerful instrumental act, whose oriantations touches elements of 70's jazz-rock music, progressive details, as same as some hidden psychedelic variants as well.
A group also captures a " energy" of our time, and all of present tracks are full of constant uptempo changes, and " vibrant" but colourfull arrangments works. In the other hand, " 2011" is also a listenable album, without boring or less interesting moments. Most of present themes also posses some eastern flavours, and repeatable performing " themes", and finally members from band very wisely has accepted a standards of our time. What is more important, under the mentioned genre's forms, Trigon are modern and pretty convinceble band...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.Trigon.in