субота, 20. април 2013.

IRON KINGDOM - Curse Of The Voodoo Queen

" Curse Of The Voodoo Queen "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Heavy metal / 80's metal - CANADA

Out of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, comes a quartet Iron Kingdom . Judging by their ages, they are pretty young, but its interesting sphere mainly touches one pretty older school of metal as a genre. They have released a debut during the December 2011 year, entitled " Course Of The Voodoo Queen". With 10 tracks in, a band has iintroduced themselves as act influental by the 80s' period, and what is more important 80's movement. Many influences comes out from the 80's British acts, as a White Spirit, Dark Star, Iron Maiden, but under the mentioned genres variants, they tried to offers own vision and views.A production of its album also capture a 80's psychology, and practically all of the songs posses 80's pastiche. But, that's not a bad, this is a group's choice, and under mentioned field, they have showed some interesting tricks and details, judging by arrangments offerings and includings. " Curse Of The Voodoo Queen " as a album satisfie if you are follower of the 80's metal tendencies, but also defines an expandier talents of members from band...

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/ironkingdom

недеља, 7. април 2013.

MARA LEVINE - Jewels And Harmony

" Jewels And Harmony "
( Mara Levine / Mara's Creations / Hemifran ) 2013.
Folk / americana -  USA

Mara Levine is a folk singer and jewelry designer out of New Jersey, and during the years, her carrear as a harmony singer deserved respectations . Many of her collegues  used to say, that her voice is one of the most recognizable , pleasent and "brilliant", under the newer  folkie circulation and movement. She has also released with actuelle one a 2 solo albums, firstly " Mara's Gems" in 2009 year, and  newer product entitled " Jewels And Harmony ". Through 15 more or less well known  songs, recorded during the folk  and not only folk music history, she has given a vocal signiture, helped by artists, musicians  and colegues, such as a : Si Kahn, Brothers Sun, Joe Jencks, Terry Kitchen, Bob Harris . In the center of complete story is  Mara's voice, and her pleasent and colourful interpretation characterize a complete album materials in general. I would specially recomand her interpretations of  2 Paul Simon's songs - " Leaves That Are Green" and " April Come She Will ". But, " Jewels And Harmony" is undoubtely  fine travelling through mentioned folk history, with also clear signiture  that Mara's herself and complete team, has accepted a standards of our time. So, this is also a modern folk album.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.maralevine.com

JEFF PEVAR - From The Core

" From The Core "
( Pet Peev Music / Hemifran ) 2012.
Acoustic / instrumental - USA

Guitarist and multiinstrumentalist Jeff Pevar is a musician with longest carrear behind. During the years, he has cooperated with the groups and acts such as : Ray Charles Band, Rickie Lee Jones Band, Crosby, Stills And Nash, Jefferson Starship,  Marc Cohn, Joe Cocker..His signiture is on many studio works and albums, and finally, on late December of previous 2012  year, his actuelle and also debut release, looked the light of day. " From The Core", a 12 tracks album , are consists of acoustic  materials, recorded inside the deep caverns of the Oregon Caves National Monument in Cave Junction, Oregon, during a three-hour improvisational session for a " PBS" documentary film about the caves. One song - " River Of Dreams" he has  recorded with Jon Anderson, frontman of progressive icons Yes, and Mr. Anderson co-wote a lyrics for mentioned track.
  Jeff Pevar has offered a really sophisticate portion of acoustic music, with expandier arrangments includings and more performing tricks. A present themes are enjoyable and listenable too, recomandable not only for so call acoustic purist.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.pevar.com