среда, 24. јун 2015.


" Ten "
( Self - released ) 2014.
Indie rock/chamber music/classical -USA

USA act Break Of Reality are consisting of 3 cellist and percussionist. A group
started out its vision in 2003 year,where friends from Eastman School of
Music in Rochester, New York ,share same musical ideas and tastes.
 During the years, with actual one, a group has released a 5 albums.
A new product , entitled " Ten"  a band has prepared over a year.
 Present materials try to equalize a 2 different options/variants in
unique sound, and that's a classical views with alter rock idioms and
additionals as well. A music posses mainly darkest atmosphere and ambient,
where slower,  and mid to mid-up tempo themes change the places and
emotional statements. This is not music for everyone, but there's no doubt
that band did enough efforts that all the things funkcionizes in best possible manner.
It seems that production did not follow  a songs psychologies in so call modern
way. The other possible problem is that many themes are     similiar
among them, where interesting performing structures failed in mentioned
unconvincable  productional works. But, a group has showed also another
more than interesting musical faces, and its album also deserve a repeatable
listener attention..A closing theme - " Six" is specially acceptable for night-time

C / o : www.breakofreality.com