четвртак, 23. август 2012.

MOJO FILTER - Mrs. Love Revolution

" Mrs. Love Revolution "
( Club De Musique ) 2011.
70's rock/vintage rock

A few days ago, I heve received a CD from very interesting Italian act - Mojo Filter. During the previous months, a band did a lotta' effort  in promotional campaign, and many portals and zines constantly informs about group's entire carrear. Till now, they have released with actuelle one a 2 albums and one single. " Mrs. Love Revolution" is actuelle  product from previous 2011 year, where we can face it with 10 songs in. Italians are on therithory of  70's / vintage rock tendencies, but we can not threat ' em as a classic retro act. A present materials, and performing realizations of band members has showed a clear author's personality, and also a highest level of originality. In some aspects, they know to remind on known USA groups from mentioned era, also on British act Faces, but that's only a starting point of view. They are also psychologicaly deeply in the field of wanting interesting spheres, but musically they capture also a standards of our time." Mrs. Love Revolution" are consists of coherent and equlizing materials, without leading song, but also without a weaker places. Fine work and recomandable album...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.mojofilter.it

недеља, 19. август 2012.

IBLIS - Menthell

" Menthell "
( Death To Music Prod. ) 2012.
Black/avantgarde metal

Iblis are Polish act active some period. A group work in quartet formation and during the March this year, they have released a debut full-length, entitled " Menthell". A Polish fellows are on therithory of pretty avangarde metal tendencies, fulfield with black, dark, and psychedelic traces as well. A sound is agressive, part-time hypnotic, full of blastbeats and often uptempo changes. Weird and frantic rhythms, growl and screamo vocalization characterize complete album in general. A songs are different among them, but one so call " conceptual " and recognazible view is evident. " Menthell " is an interesting product, world listener's attention...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.deathtomusic.com

понедељак, 13. август 2012.


Press / Info


Hailed by  the New York Times as a " dazzling " soloist and composer with a " fondness for alright logic and burnished lyricism", Chris Dingman is one of  the most sought-after vibrafonist of his generation. Schooled in the jazz tradition, yet influenced by a wide range of music and experience, Dingman draws inspiration and meaning from  a diverse set of musical sources uniting them in a progressive approach that has earned him praise for his  " pouignant work " ( David Sprague, Variety ), his "adaptive humility" ( Nate Chinen, NY Times ), and as " downright hypnotic" ( John Barron, All About Jazz ). He has performed and studied with many of the world's greatest jazz musicians, including Hearbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Benny Golson, Jimmy Heath, and many others.
Now, based in Brooklyn, NY, he is currently working with many of the leading lights of the jazz and creative music scene, both as a sideman and as a leader. His debut album " Waking Dreams", has been called " gorgeus" ( Time Out, NY ), " brilliant " ( All About Jazz ), and " deeply lyrical " ( NY Times ). " Stereophile " calls a " very big pleasent surprise ", and the "Los Angeles Times" commends : rich and full of unexpected twists, but never less then approachable, " Waking Dreams" casts an atmospheric spell true to its name".

C / o : www.chrisdingman.com