уторак, 18. децембар 2012.

CAL WILLIAMS JR. - Honeychild

" Honeychild "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Acoustic folk / roots music / blues - AUSTRALIA

Cal Williams Jr. is one of the best acoustic guitar blues performer in Australia , and 3 times winner  as a best South Australian
songwriters of the year. Really a brilliant reputation . " Honeychild" is a his 3rd offering, and this is a CD with 13 tracks in.
Mr. Williams had a 5 members following band behind, and he was also responsible for all vocal lines and acoustic guitar pickings.
On modern and  I would add fresh way, he combines elements of acoustic folk, roots music and blues as well, mixing all mentioned
forms as a sort of his own genre and general approach. A songs are mostly done in mid and mid-up tempo, followed by fine
productional work and tasteful arrangments includings. Complete album is worth listener's attention, and also is recomandable, not only
for the roots and blues music followers.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.calwilliamsjr.com

KONG - Merchants Of Air

" Merchants Of Air "
( Kongenial Records ) 2012.
Electro / industrial / progressive - HOLLAND

Kong is an Amsterdam based band formed in late 80's. With actuelle one, they have released a 7 albums , but some period
a group stopped own activities. After reunion, firstly they have released a " What It Seems Is What You Get" album  from 2009 ,
discographically followed by actuelle  offering from this 2012 year, entitled " Merchants Of Air". A Dutch quartet is mostly instrumental act, even that closing track from album - " Back Into The Trees " posses a vocal includings. Kong is a also a modern act judging by performing, composing and producing elements in its offering. They combine electro, industrial, avangarde and progressive elements as well. A present tracks are dynamic, a members from band performs with   so call additional  hyper energie , arrangments are simply but convinceble at the same time, and they  also avoid a manniristical details. " Merchants Of Air" is more than convinceble product, done by band. Absolutelly recomandable.

 Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.kong.nl


" Reason "
( Magic Records ) 2012.
Modern pop - AUSTRALIA

Singer/songwriter Jacob Butler is a Melbourne based musician and performer, and he's been active for a several years. It's also
interesting that he was appeared in Australian Idol. A first EP " Coma" he has recorded in 2009. " Reason" is a actuelle full-length
with 12 tracks in. Mr. Butler is a very active in self-promotional campaighn, and especially in some European countries.
" Reason" is a professionally recorded album, full of clear melodic places and  same following melodic instrumentations.
He has taken  something of 80's power pop pastiche, and also his songs are influental by the British pop movement from mentioned
80's era. Part time romantic, part time nostalgic, maybe in some aspects a little more " retro", but nothing less clear and
convinceble in his approach. A recomandable track for repeatable listening, could be a 7th song from album - " Ghost".

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/thejbproject

петак, 14. децембар 2012.

CITADEL BESIEGED - Creation / Damnation

" Creation / Damnation "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Heavy metal - USA

Adrian Jeffreys and Tim Hall are in the saddle again, with its second offering released in 2 years, entitled "Creation / Damnation".
USA fellows has introduced themselves through 11 tracks in similiar way, like the case was with their previous album. We can find here and there raw and strong metal, influental by the 80's period as well, with some other  additional traces taken from various metal genres too.
A production is clear and well-define from first to last song, and one reckognizeble atmosphere dominates through complete album materials.
Some of the songs also posses so call narrative approach,  followed by certain playings and clear vocalization too. A closing track " Sirens", is a recomandable one for repeatable listenings...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.citadelbesieged.com

CS NIELSEN - Man Of The Fall

" Man Of The Fall "
( Melodika / Target / Hemifran )  2012.
Roots music / folk /  americana - DENMARK

Singer/songwriter and nothing less interesting acoustic guitar performer  CS Nielsen, has been around for a years. He has recorded first
album in 2007 year, entitled " Against The Dying Of The Light" . " Man Of The Fall" is his actuelle, second offering, a CD with 13 tracks in.
CS Nielsen is a storyteller, melancholic singer, and his album are consists of mainly half-ballads and mid, rarely mid-up tempo songs.
Some of British reviewers compare his approach with Johnny Cash style, but Danish fellow posses own original vision and authors
view. His tunes has a typical narrative approach , and something of old-fashion method of composing. Some of his songs I will recomande
for a repeatable listenigs, as a  : " Road Song", " Blood Of The Lamb", and  " A Stone's Throw Away"...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/csnielsen

четвртак, 6. децембар 2012.


" In My Head "
( Spokes Records / Hemifran ) 2012.

A Swedish act The Spokes started out its carrear as a cover band in 2000 year, performing materials mainly of southern rock acts. A decade later, they started to create own materials, and in 2012, firstly they have released an EP with 4 tracks in, and also later actuelle full-length, entitled " In My Head" . Swedish quintet has introduced themselves with 12 tracks in, done in so call classic rock mood , with evidental traces of 70's and 80's rock as well. They aren' t uninteresting, and most of the songs posses a good playings as same as pleasent melodic lines. The Spokes sounds as a well-experienced act, and what is more important, as a pretty original band, normally if we judge its offering according to standards of mentioned rock forms. They are sucessfully avoid influences of some well-known acts, and its album are consists of mainly " authentic" tracks. Well done job, and also recomandable for the followers of classic rock tendencies.

Rating : 8 / 10
 C / o : www.thespokessweden.com

TRIBAL - I - Dentity

" I - Dentity"
( Non Stop Music / Bobmedia ) 2012.
Modern rock / modern hard rock - SWITZERLAND

A Swiss quartet Tribal started out its carrear in 2004 year. Till know, with actuelle one they have released a 3 albums. A band also has received some recognition nationally, as same as in Germany and Austria..." I-Dentity", actuelle product are consist of 13 mainly equalizing tracks, well produced and technically with respectable additionals and details. Even that they are influental by the late 80's and the begining of  90's rock movement, its offering we could threat as a sort of modern rock / hard rock option, with includings of some so call dark / gothic , less industrial elements.It's a interesting mixture,. even if you know that complete album materials is pretty listenable and melodic too.I can not find any leading track, but " I - Dentity" is a cohesive product, without less interesting places.

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tribal-rock.com