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Rusty Pacemaker is 36 years old and lives in Lanzenkirchen, Austria.
He is into heavy music since his childhood and started to make his own music at the begining of the new millenium. He never took any lessons on an instrument or joined any musical education. He started to play guitar and in order to complete his first songs he just grabbed a bass and did the vocals. On the first demo versions the drums were programmed.
The next logical step was to buid a studio and so he did and started to record his songs. Franz Lochinger ( Heathen Foray, Vanitas ) played the drums.
To stay completely independant and to keep all rights in his hands, he did everything by himself ( composing, mixing, mastering, cover artwork,etc.) and finally founded the label " SOLANIUM RECORDS " to be able to publish his debut album " Blackness  And White Light ".    
His idea of being an artist is strongly influenced by one of his idols, " Bathory - mastermind Quarthon who sadly passed away.

C / o : www.solanumrecords.com

PAIDARION - Haurus Silta

" Haurus Silta  "
( Saecrest ) 2009.

Paidarion are Finnish band formed in 2006 year. They discographically debuted with " Haurus Silta" CD in 2009 year. Paidarion are serious, complexive and also band with original authors views as same as with certain performing realizations. Basically they are deeply in progressive fields, but its sound is influental by the gospel includings, and  with some other crossing details, as a medieval, and 70's ambiental approaches as well.
They have offered a 12 tracks on CD, some of songs posses also a jazzy mood, and most of tunes are done in slower mid, rarely mid-up tempo.
A band sung in Finnish language, and I would especially mention a beautiful voice of female singer Kristina Johnson...Other technical details deserves recomandation,a production is quite modern, and its evident that band did a lotta efforts that all things funkciuonizes as well.
A group oftenly use flute as a leading instrument in present songs, and mentioned detail certainly create a final look of arrangments approaches.
A 9th song " Tuulensuoja" in my opinion is favourable one, even that band had offered mainly equalizing materials....

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.paidarion.com

недеља, 27. фебруар 2011.

LARS BYGDEN - Family Feelings

" Family Feelings "
( Massproduktion ) 2009.
Indie pop/alter rock

Lars Bygden is a Swedish musician and songwriter. He is 38 years old, and " Family Feelings" still actuelle album, is his  second solo effort.
As a rumours and informations confirms, a mentioned album has received a mainly positive reactions, nationally and abroad.
In some way we can treat a " Family Feelings" as a conceptual album, deeply insightful and emotional, where feelings and self-expressions dominates through complete album materials.A darker atmosphere characterize most of the songs from album, and unusual but sugestive vocalizations creates a complete atmosphere. We can find in Lars songs something from late Tom Waits or Nick Cave lagacies, but only in fragments, most of  songs posses an original views, and that's evident and clear. " Family Feelings" is also album where complete technical details and additionals funkcionizes in best possible manner. A fine album, also pretty hard to acceptable, but worth listener's attention.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.massproduktion.com

THE SILENT TREATMENT - Passion In Progress

" Passion In Progress "
( Eschelon Records ) 2009.
Power pop/melodic rock

The Silent Threatment are Southern Californian quartet, active some period. Firstly, they have released an album, entitled " Sinful Acts Of Audio" ( 2008. )  and received a pretty respectable recognitions and critics. " Passion In Progress" is their second edition from 2009 year, and this is an EP with 4 tracks in : "Backseat Woman " , " Valentine",  " Hush", and " So Naughty". With their absolutely fresh and convinceble sound, a group deliver a portion of power pop and melodic rock elements, fulfield with some retro 70's and 80's touches as well. Honestly, they knows to remind especially on USA power pop acts from mentioned era, but also accepts a psychology of our time. All of present 4 tracks posses radio friendly usings, distant melodicity and fine choruses. If you are fan of power pop and melodic rock tendencies, with some retro associations, don' t hesitate to taste the band....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/thesilenttreatment

недеља, 20. фебруар 2011.

ELIS CASADO - Crab In The Lamp

" Crab In The Lamp "
( Sile ) 2010.
Jazz / fusion / funk / instrumental

 " Crab In The Lamp" is a newer offering of keyborder Elis Casado, a musician from Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. I had an oportunitty to review  his previous album, so I already know what to expect. With cooperation of 3 musicians, Elis continiously follow his approach. So, in 7  present  instrumental tracks, where 5 are authors creations and two of them are covers - " Enter The Dragon Theme"  ( Lalo Schifrin ) and " Interplay  ( Bill Evans ), Elis and his comrades  delivers enough portions of  jazzy instrumental works, locate somwhere in the 50's and 60's period from previous century. Hammond organ is a leading instrument, and groovy tendencies as same as funk and fusion elements dominates through  present songs. A pleasent and enjouble atmosphere  characterize album in general, and one more time, Elis certainly knows how to satisfy a  listener's taste. Normally, if you are a fan of mentioned genre's forms. "Crab In The Lamp" is another fine album of Spanish keyborder and composer, acceptable not only for jazz, groovy and funk followers....

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.eliscasado.com

TOMMY RICKARD - Dream California

" Dream California "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Americana/rock/pop/alt. country

Tommy Rickard is a songwriter and musician with respectable experience behind. He started out his carreare during the late 80's, and firstly played in glam rock band Vain, who were signed to " Island" company, and toured extensively, opening among others for Guns ' n ' Roses, Poison and Skid Row.He also cooperate with Michelle Muldrow in alt country band BloodRose, and released a two albums.He was also a part of California country scene, recorded an album for Michelle Shocked too....
" Dream California" is a serious album, with 10 tracks in, done in specific and enjouable mood.
As a author TR touches elements of americana, as same as straight rock/pop and alt.country variants as well. He is a distant singer, most of presents songs are done in mid rarely in mid-up tempo.In some aspects he knows to remind on Bozz Scags, and honestly some soullish details also exists in album materials.
" Dream California " as a album also are consists of many radio friendly using tunes, and some of late 70's atmosphere also dominates in his works. This is a very listenable product, without a wecker place or less interesting songs...

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.tommyrickard.com

JACK KETCH - Bringers Of The Dawn

" Bringers Of The Dawn "
( Transmedia Records ) 2010.
Death metal/progressive death metal

Jack Ketch are quartet from Southern California, active some period on national underground metal scene. They have released a two albums, " Articulo Mortis" from 2009 year, and actuelle one " Bringers From The Dawn" from previous 2010 year. Jack Ketch are convinceble and agressive act, whose death metal orientation are consists of plenty blast beats, progressive and technical includings, and raw but certain playings as well. Its songs posses often uptempo changes, different harmonizations, and sorts of nihilism too. Listening a complete album
materials of USA fellows, it's also clear that as a band they captures something from 90's psychology too. A production work as same as all other technical variants satisfies in general, and " Bringers Of The Dawn" could be a recomandable album for death metal followers....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.jackketchkills.com



Info / Press

The vocalist, bassist and songwriter hails from the Portland, OR metropolitan area where she has made a name for herself with her inspiring original performances, as well as with her solid back-up role for some of Portland's finest arists. She has shared the stage with Sonny "Smokin'" Hess, Duffy Bishop, Margo Tufo, Ellen Whyte and the late great Paul Delay, among many others.
Lisa Mann is a three - time winner of the Cascade Blues Association's Muddy Waters Award for bass player of te year, winner of the  Duffy Bishop Muddy Award for female vocalist of the year in 2009, as well as a nominate for female vocalist of the year for 2008.
Lisa Mann and Her Really Good Band are winners of the 2010 Journey to Memphis Finals which took place at the Waterfront Blues Fest over the Fourth of July weekend. As the winnerd, they will be representing the Cascade Blues Association of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis,TN in February of 2011.
In the summer of 2009, Lisa' s signature song " Little Sister" was choosen runner-up in the open category in Mike Pinder's Song Wars competition.
Pinder, keybordist of Moody Blues fame, wrote : " Excellent storytelling and well crafted composition. Mamorable hook and melody. Good dynamics and great energy. Nice arrangment and outstanding vocal performance. By the time I heard the middle eight, I was singing the hook, you never suffered..."
Lisa' s latest self-titled CD is available at " CDBaby". It features her bluesiests msongs from her first two eclectic CD's, " Self Material" and " Chop Water", as well as two new tracks.
Featured musicians includeher " partner in crime" Jeff Knudsen in the engineering role as well as on guitar, drummer Dave  Melyan and keyboardist Alex Shakeri from the Insomniacs, the incomparable Janice Scroggins on keys as well, Jim Wallace on harmonica and many more.....

C / o : www.lisamannmusic.com



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Three years ago, the former guitarist and drummer of the deedly funk band Wolfunkind decide to start a new project together. Their fucking bass player never shows up the practice, so they said " fuck the bass player" and start the band as an original funk' n ' roll duo. playing rock and groovy music without a bass. Their old mate Angelo Moore from Fishbone found the first name of the band, " Pink Panther", but they were afraid of legal issues and prefer to be called The Inspector Cluzo, one of the most well-know french caracter in the world. Then came a first LP," The Inspector Cluzo", recorded and mixed by Stephan Kraemer ( Yann Tiersen... ) in Belgium
They don' t know yet that they will sell 20 000 copies of theis album  all around the world touring everywhere in 2009 and playing at the most  prestigous festivals ( Fuji Rock in Japan,Pentaport in South Korea, Springscream in Taiwan, The Falls and Southbound in Australia, Azkena festival in Spain, Eurockfeenes in France, Pohoda in Slovakia, Rock For People in Czech Rep... ) For a lot of promoters, they' re simply one of the best international live act of the year, doing crazy shows, smashing drums randomly and having some " turnades" ( 1 ) with some frustrated technicians.
Back In France, they record their second album  in Malcom' s kitchen ( enamed Studio Kitchen ), nothing has changed... and everything has changed. Recorded between a good bottle of wine and delicious duck breast by the band himself ( and mixed again by Stephan Kraemer ), this record is richer than everything they did before ( like if they learned a lot of their  travels all around the planet ), including a beatiful handmade package which reminds us that The Inspector Cluzo is a really indie band. Actually, they do everything  by themselves, management, label, booking..through their own company " Ter A Terre". Helped by their old mate Angelo Moore ( who make a very special spoken word at the end of this album ) and the horns of french band Ceux
Qui Marchen Debout, the funkiest  rock duo of the world ( or is it the opposite? ) has just deliuvered a great record, more succesful than ever and more sticking to what used to do on stage, powerful and exciting.. This is a rock " Heart and Soul rock"....

C / o : www.fuckingthebassplayer.com

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THE RABBLE - The New Generation

" The New Generation "
( Big Cheese ) 2008.
Punk/punk rock

The Rabble are Auckland City, New Zealand trio formed back in 2001 year. During the latest period, they have received some mainly newer European press recognizitions, and several magazines/webzines writes about the band. Till now, with actuelle one they have released a 4 issues : " No Clue, No Future"  ( 2005), " This Is Our Lives " EP  ( 2006 ), " The Battle's Almost Over" ( 2007), and compilation entitled " The New Generation", consists  of 13 included songs from mentioned 3 previous issues. The Rabble are pulsating and dynamic power punk/punk rock act. In its music equally exists southern Californian influences, as same as late 70's British traces. They are also a melodic act, even that most of their songs posses so call " raw" methods in performing realizations. The Rabble also shows that as a band captures a modern days  standards/tricks, and most of their songs are easily available for concerts threathenings...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/therabble

PROXIMAL DISTANCE - Proximal Distance

" Proximal Distance "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Progressive/progressive rock

Out of USA comes a newer project/band and progressive collaboration between Jeff Hamel of Majestic ( guitars, keyboards, bass, vocals ), and Greg Johns of Slychosis ( guitars, keyboards, bass, mandolin, vocals ). Joining them are Jeremy Mitchell and Todd Sears, both of Slychosis, and two female vocalists - Sarah Hamel and Jessica Rasche. I would also mentioned additional person, who is responsible for great artwork of CD - Vladimir Moldawsky. Proximal Distance has offered a brilliant amalgam of several progressive elements in its album materials, as a 70's inspiring symphonic rock, space rock, and some Floydish influental traces as well. Fine and complexive arrangments, a certain playings, modern production and convinceble autrhors creations, characterize their self titled album.
A musicians who was responseble for final look of mentioned album, also posses a strong knowledge about progressive as a genre, and that's evident after listening just a few tacts from CD. Procimal Distance and their debut offering is must for every collection ,of  all serious progressive followers...

Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.proximaldistance.com


" One "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Melodic rock / pop - USA

Out of Kansas City area comes a four guys from band Haunting Heather. They were formed in 2007 year, and during the forthcoming period performed a lot, equally own materials and cover songs. During the previous 2010 year, a band has released a debut album entitled simply " One".
With 11 tracks in, a group has introduced themselves as a vividly melodic rock / pop act with strong 80's and less 70's influences as well.
They knows to remind on specially USA power pop acts from mentioned 80's era, but also shows some own tricks.
They are pretty melodic, some of its songs posses dancable elements ( in the meanings of pop as a genre ), and their album is more or less enjouable product for potential listener's ear. Nothing specially new, but with distant old-fashioned message, and evident retro includings, Haunting Heather and its offering could be interesting for melodic rock/pop and power pop followers...

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.hauntingheather.com

петак, 11. фебруар 2011.

ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE - Saturated Feathers

" Saturated Feathers "
( Sun & Moon Records ) 2010.
Goth/darkwave/post new wave

Anniversary Circle are newer act on scene, whose musical interests touches goth and darkwave tendencies. A group are consists of two persons : Estelliane Kermagoret - vocals, and Martin Johnson, who is responsible for all instruments, vocals, authors works and production. They are hailing from UK, and few months ago they have released a debut album, entitled " Saturated Feathers". Anniversary Circle has offered a very interesting works, with many releasing influences. Basically, they are faithfull to goth/darkwave options, and specially to 80's legacies.
In many aspects, they knows to remind on earliest 80's acts, as a Fields Of Nephilim, Living In Texas, Bauhaus, Coctau Twins and other " 4 AD " performers, but  present songs also announced that Johnson as a author posses a unique viiews too. A songs are also different among them, and it's also important to say, that Anniversary Circle did a lotta' efforts in arrangments realizations. A specific and unique atmosphere also characterize offering materials, and I would mention a 5th tune - " Take" as a primary example. " Saturated Feathers"  as a album, discover many interesting places, and satisfies in general...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.anniversarycircle.com

SATEVIS - Centralia

" Centralia "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Black / death metal - USA

Out of New Yoirk comes a band Satevis. A members from group started out its life in 2003 year, and twice time during entire carreare changed a name. Also its music has been changed through times, and actuelle EP " Centralia" captured them as a band whose musical direction is faithfull to black / death metal variants. Satevis has introduced themselves with 5 tracks in, done in symphonic black/death vein. A songs are intense, structually expandier with presents of some hidden melodic lines. Lyrically thay are on therithory of universal black themes, as a evil,disaster, weirdness, but musically mostly accepts influences from 90's period as well. In the other hand, judging by performing realizations, they also sounds as a group with so call modern look. An opening track from band's EP " Endless Perdition", is to my opinion a favourable one ....

Rating: 7 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/satevismusic
e-mail : satevismusic@gmail.com

четвртак, 10. фебруар 2011.

HION MARTELL - Will Cure Any Disease

" Will Cure Any Disease "
( Viskningar och Vral )  2010.
Rock/classic rock/melodic rock

Hion Martell is a Swedish five piece band, active continiously on national scene for several years. With actuelle one, they have released a 7 albums, a latest product for " Viskningar och Vral " label. Musically, Hion Martell mixes a several mainly 70's rock genres in their specific way, so we can find in its materials a glam rock influences, classic rock includings, and modern/melodic rock threathenings as well. A melodicity is imporatant part of its offering, and most of the songs posses a radio friendly usings. A musicians from band has showed a vivid performing experience, and all of present songs are done with fine realizations. A few tracks certainly deserves again listenings, and I would recomand a second tune " Built As A Boxer" , and 9th, Stones influental song " Don' t Mess".  " Will Cure Any Disease", if you prefer older rock tendencies, transfered in modern rock and also productional way, could be a favourable album for your taste, in any other cases musical offering of Swedish fellows will not take your soul....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/hionmartell