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The Paranoid Critical Revolution, the project of guitarist Reg Bloor, has been playing the NYC and Northeast club scene since 2006.
The self-released debut CD " Death Of The Cool", came out in December 2007, just in time to play.ALL TOMORROW' S PARTYS, " A Nightmare Before Christmas", in Minehead, England. The bnad played at the South By Southwest Music Festival in March 2008.
The Band's second CD " Euphobia", was released in 2010. The album features more non-traditional harmony of  guitarist Reg's own invention, odd meters, atonality, dissonance,guitar accessories used in ways that they were never intended, and of course loud, screechy rock!
The album is #1 on WXDU Duke University Radio's Loud Rock chart to the week ending August 8, 2010.
The second release from Glenn Branca's new record label " SYSTEMS NEUTRALIZERS", " Euphobia". was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs at SMASH STUDIOS NYC by Ben Lindell and Mike Fryer. It was mixed and mastered by Reg Bloor and Libby Fab.
In addition to PCR, guitarist Reg Bloor has been playing with Glenn Branca ( to whom she is married ) since 2000. She played in Branca's Symphony No. 12, Lesson No. 3, his rock band Branca / Bloor, in his trio, eventually becoming Concertmaster for his " Symphony No. 13" for 100 Guitars. She can be heard on  Branca's new  CD " The Ascension : The Sequel ", and recently performed as part of the world premier of his Symphony No. 15 " Running Through The World Like An Open Razor" ( Music For Strange Orchestra ) in NYC. In the late 90's she was a founding member of the Boston - based band TWITCHER, who released the self - produced CD " Leg of Lamb of God" in 1999 and appeared on the soundtrack  for the Troma film " Terror Firmer".
" Euphobia" also features drummer Libby Fab who has since left the band....

C / o : www.theparanoidcriticalrevolution.com

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ROSS SERMONS - King's Pool Room

" King's Pool Room "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Acoustic blues - USA

One of the undoubtly thrilling and interesting album whose oriantition touches acoustic blues fields, coming out from the kitchen of guitarist and singer Ross Sermons. Born in North Carolina in the 60's, during the forthcoming period of existence, he was inspired by the blues roots legacy of the 1920's and 30's period of previous century. But, he was also a musician with longest experience behind, and his carreare deserve respectation too. He has released and recorded materials for " King's Pool Room" album during the January, this 2011 year. We can find here and there 11 tracks, recorded practically " alive" in the studio, with minimal following  instrumental additionals.
Ross performs mainly, but not only, well-known blues standards or classics,  with specific acoustic feelings and emotionals.A pleasent atmosphere, as same as distant playings, dominates through all present songs. Ross has also reflected as a player and singer one optimistic feel, and productionally he also did a fine job. Recomandable tracks from album could be his instrumental " game " Redbelly Shuffle" , and " You Gotta Move"...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.rosssemons.com

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SENCELLED - Sencelled

" Sencelled "
(Rocket Songs/Sound Polution) 2011.
Melodic rock/AOR/power pop

Sencelled are a newer Swedish four-piece act, from a suburb north of capitlol Stockholm. Their freshly released a " S / t" album, is another pretty interesting and promising album from one Swedish group whose musical orientations touches elements of melodic rock and AOR tendencies.
There are a 10 tracks from album, and complete materials were written and arranged  by band members and producer Ricky B. Delin.
Sencelled are pretty melodic group,  and all of present songs are absolutelly listenable and acceptable for radio usings. Something taken from the 80's period can be recognized in its sound, from atmosphere, to  the one unclassical energy, produced by all  band members.
In some aspects they reminds me on USA 80's act - Riggs, partly popular in brief mentioned period, but Sencelled offers many convinceble  fine moments in general.  They reflects  all the best from mentioned genres variants as a melodic rock, AOR, power pop in its musical views, and finally, their debut is more than promising  product.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.sencelled.se

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Driftwood Fire is a rarity in today's media mad world - an organically creative female duo whose vivid songwriting and prodigious playing skills display uncommon artistry.
With " How To Untangle A Heartache, Scharf and Formichella present themselves as a formidably veratile and emotionally powerful band on their own terms,  with an album that has already received first place in the The Chris Austin Somgwriting Contest, first place in the International
Narrative Song Competition, and honerable mention in the Telluride Troubadour Contest, while the duo's captivating live performances have propelled them to the stages of the National Woman's Music Festival, the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists showcase and Far-West Folk Allience Premier showcases. As well as winning them Suggested Artists status in VH-1's Song of the Year contest..
" We love writing and performing and want to give people an experience that shows down time a hit and encourages them to sit back and catch their breath" says Scharf, " and maybe find a part of themselves in this music, like we did".....


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HASTER - Searching

" Searching "
( Self - released ) 2011.

Haster are relatively newer act, founded in April 2010 year. During the brief period a group started to write a materials, and  they discographically debuted in May this 2011 year, with EP , entitled  " Searching". A guys from Orange County, CA, are on theritory of metal / metalcore and rock tendencies, influental by the 90's period as well. Their songs posses agressivity, but in the same time melodicity is also present here and there. A production is modern, and it's important to say, that other technical elements funkcionizes according to plans. In some aspects they know to reminds on groups as a specially Deftones, Korn, less on Alice In Chains, and I have to add one more time, that  90's period is absolutelly inspirative era for band mates. A songs are certain, manniristically well done, and that's evident that USA act did a lotta' efforts, that all things satisfies in general. A 6th track, a slower one - " Take Me" could be a recomandable song for repeatable listenings....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.haster.co

DAN LAMBERT - The Double Drum Trio

" The  Double Drum Trio "
( Coordinate Records ) 2010.
Fusion/instrumental/various genres

Dan Lambert is El Paso based guitarist/composer and musician with respectable carreare behind. His grandfather was born south of Belgrade, and he  has also some Serbian and Balcan roots. " The Double Drum Trio" is his latest product, released during the December, previous 2010 year. A complete album material, Dan has recorded with two percussionists - Ricardo Amaya and Eric Hickerson.
On 12 instrumental tracks, Dan has offered his views, based on fusion varinats, middle-eastern influental music, Indian raga, as same as american folk and jazz. A present themes are very listenable, and complete album posses a special intuitive and pleasent atmosphere.
Dan has also connected a several musical periods, from mid 60's and flower-power variants to nowadays " urban" uptempo rhythmizations.
He also plays a middle eatern instruments as a : sarod, oud, ruan, so present arrangments are full of specific flavours. Some reviewers will maybe find similiarities with McLaughlin-Shakti music legacies, but Dan has offered something " expandier" and quite different.
I will repeat that really fine and pleasent atmosphere dominates through complete offering themes, and there's no doubt that Dan did a fine job. Absolutelly recomandable....

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.danlambertguitar.com

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TOM BEIER - Atomic Hypnosis

" Atomic Hypnosis "
( Beier Rhythms ) 2011.
Rock/melodic rock/progressive/power pop

Tom Beier is Boston, MA artist, sonngwriter, multi instrumentalist, arranger, producer, and musician with longest carreare behind.His works are also featured on records, televisions, as same as campaigns worldwide. " Atomic Hypnosis" is his actuelle product from June, this 2011 year, and this is a CD with 10 tracks in. Tom has offered a really interesting amalgam of variious approaches.Basically, he mainly communicate with rock as a leading genre, but in his songs are also evident elements of power pop, electronic, as same as hidden progressive tendencies as well.
Melodicity is also important part of his views, and all of present songs were done in serious, but pleasent and enjouable arrangments mood.
Tom is also influental by the 80's and less 90's period, but productionally his works touches a modern standardizations as well. Most of his songs posses a radio friendly usings, and I would recomand 8th track " You Shine Bright On Me" for repeatable listenings...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.tombeier.com