понедељак, 27. јун 2011.

CITADEL BESIEGED - The Winter Of Evermore

" The Winter Of Evermore "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Heavy metal/hard rock

Citadel Besieged are practically newer act, consists of two persons : Adrian Jeffreys, who is response for vocal rolas and drumming, and Tim Hall, who is guitarist, bassist. Together, they penned a complete materials. It's also interesting that mentioned tandem, teamed together in period of 1986/1987, under the name  DARKHAVEN, but fnished album never looked the light of day. Actuelle full-length has introduced them as a band influental by the 80's movement and classic heavy and hard rock  tendencies as well.  Also some 70's aspects and approaches are present here  and there. A songs are clear and raw at the same time, without  presentations of doomy or stoner traces. But, metalized sound characterize complete materials, and that's element is leading detail of band's performing conception. A songs are done in slower mid to mid-up tempo, and some comparazitions leads to earlier Sabbath legacies, but USA fellows mostly introduces themselves as a original act.
 " The Winter Of Evermore " as a album posses many elements of so call older school variants, acceptable specially for the followers of mentioned genre's forms....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.CitadelBesieged.com

субота, 25. јун 2011.

RUSTY PACEMAKER - Blackness And White Light

"Blackness And White Light "
( Solanum Records ) 2010.
Dark rock - AUSTRIA

Rusty Pacemaker is a dude from Austria, who  started out his personal musical travelling in 2003 year. 7 years after, he has released with practically own forces, a debut full-length entitled " Blackness And White Light". I have to add, that he very seriously  runnin' a promotional part of  entire carreare, and many webzines, nationally, as same as abroad, follows up his activities.  " Blackness And White Light": has introduced Rusty as a emotional writer, whose songs are mainly done in melancholic and darker mood. A lyrical approach is pretty insightful, and judging by musical options we can find dark rock traces fullfield with some gothic varients as welll. Rarely we can hear some other elements as a maybe doom or metalic includings, but evidentally, 80's and 90's influences are present here and there. Most of the songs posses a darker atmosphere, where arrangments strictly follows up a songs motorizations. Rusty has offered equalizing materials, without a any typical or leading song, but also without weacker momemnts..

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.rustypacemaker.com

петак, 17. јун 2011.

SECOND WAY - Changing Times


" Changing Times "
( Self - released ) 2005.
AOR / melodic rock

In our world still exists many hidden and uncovered groups and artists, and one of them are guys from German band Second Way. Second Way is a group with no short history behind. Previously, they were known as a 2ECOND WAY, and under mentioned name , they have released an EP in 2000 year, entitled " First Strike", Later on, they changed a name in Second Way, and during the 2005, they released a full-length : Changing Times", still actuelle in its discography. But one thing is important. A Second Way is really convinceble and brilliant AOR / melodic rock act, whose musical approaches are nearer to 80's psychology, and influental in some aspects by the USA acts from mentioned era, as well. Their sound is also a little bit complecxier, than the case was with other well or less known AOR groups, also pretty melodic with clever arrangments additionals, added with fine vocalizations as well. " Changing Times" are consists of manny listenable places, where most of the songs posses radio friendly usings.

Hope that in the near future, we shall see a new products in their discography... If you are a AOR / melodic rock fan, Second Way is a band for your taste. Don' t hesitate to check' em.....

Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : http://www.secondway.net/

ASTORYAS - Darkness

" Darkness "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Heavy/power metal

Astiryas are four piece act, coming out from German town Ludwigsburg. Their activities dated back from 2002 year, and till now a group has released with actuelle one, also 1 full-length album - " Follow The Sign" ( 2004 ) and 1 EP " Running Out Of Time" ( 2008 ). They are relatively known, and in metal circulation established. act in their homeland, but less in the other part of globe." Darkness" is actuelle CD, and this is 10 track album.
A band has introduced themselves as a certain heavy/power act, influental by the 80's period as well. A screaming voices, and twin guitars playing characterize most of the materials from CD.. A songs are oftenly done in mid-up to faster tempo, and practically we can not find easier or so call " softier" tunes here and there. A production follows up a songs structures, and most of the tracks posses a similiar or same psychology and realization. Nothing specially new, but under the heavy/power vein, a band knows how to satisfy a listeners taste.

Rating : 7 / 10
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понедељак, 13. јун 2011.

TRACY TOWNS - Obliterate

" Obliterate "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Heavy metal - USA

Tracy Towns is a guitar and bass player, singer and author of his own materials. In the past, he has participated in some groups, but in the latest period he's running own carreare. In his studio he has recorded a materials for 10 track album entitled " Obliterate".
With his wife Rita he penned a lyrics, and what we can find here is a version of classic and true metal variants, influental by the 80's period as well. Tracy is a convinceble singer and certain performer, and most of present songs posses a similiar approach and attitude.
Nothing specially original we can't  find here and there, but under the genre's circulation, Tracy is convinceble enough. " Illusion" is possible a most interesting track from his actuelle album.

Rating : 7 /  10
C / o : www.tracytowns.com

субота, 11. јун 2011.


" Under The Ice "
( Self released / BTF ) 2010.
Various genres - ITALY

Barbara Rubin is a Italian born composer, singer/songwriter and classically trained musician. Her debut album from previous 2010 year receives mainly a positive reactions and recomandations. She has recorded and released album with colaboration of her friends, also  well-trained musicians, and what we can find on " Under The Ice" album are 11 seriously penned songs. Many different musical variants are present on album, from modern pop and rock, to progressive and symphonic parts as well. A vocal harmonizations, as same as songs arrangments, are nothing less than remarkable elements of comlete offering concept. In some way Barbara knows to remind on Tori Amos, Elkie Brooks, Kate Bush, Judie Tzuke, but she is absolutely  unique author and performer." Under The Ice" hide a many intrigrant and enjouable places, and as a album is absolutely recomandable.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/barbararubinmusic