субота, 28. април 2012.

TWINS CREW - Judgement Night

" Judgement Night "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Heavy/power metal - SWEDEN

The activities of Swedish act Twins Crew dated from 2007 year. In the forthcoming period, they have released a 2 EP's, in 2008 and 2009 year. They have received an important antention in community, and during the previous 2011 year, a full-length entitled  " Judgment Night", looked the light of day. This is a digi CD, with interesting cover artwork, and also with evidentally  serious technical additionals. Twins Crew are modern band, whose performing and interesting spheres balancing between heavy and power metal tendencies, with strong melodic and progressive metal includings as well. A certain playings, convinceble harmony vocalization, and a longest songs, with convinceble ararngments aproaches, confirms that Swedisg fellows are more than serious musicians. I will add that they have offered enough authors and composing qualities, even that some comparasions leads to the kitchen of groups such as a : Iced Earth, Queensryche, Maiden or In Flames. Finally ," Judgment Night " is  more than interesting product, recomandable for the genre's followers, and generally metal freaks...

Rating : 8 , 5 /10
C / o : www.twinscrewband.com

уторак, 17. април 2012.

KERRY PATRICK CLARK - On The Road To Human Being

" On The Road To Human Being "
( Studio 234 ) 2010.

Kerry Patrick Clark is a singer / songwriter and guitarist from Whitehouse, OH. He is active a longest period, practically a two decades, and during the period of exsistence, he has released a 6 albums. Actuelle one " His Story - My Story " looked the light of day in March this 2012 year, and I still didn' t receive a CD, but I posses his previous release, a 14 tracks album entitled " On The
Road To Human Being "  from 2010 year.  This is a collection of songs that were nspired his life journey, and we can find a mainly emotional storytellers and tunes, done in slower mid, rarely mid-up tempo. A specifical emotional mood and same realization characterize complete opus from album, and Mr.Clark introduces himself as a certain performer and  convinceble singer .
All of his songs poses a radio friendly usings and his materials are acceptable especially for repeatable listenings in the evening time.  If you are a fan of  that sort of storyteller songwritings, Mr. Clark is your choice...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.KerryPatrickClark.com




Line -up :

Vocals/guitar - Simon Kobayashi
Guitar/vocals - Toshi Kobayashi
Bass guitar - Ruth Atkins
Drums - Matthew Atkins

Smallgang started life in living rooms and days off work. Altough they still have living rooms and days off work the band has grown out of both to run rampant in bigger rooms of any given  day of the week, which they take to be a good sign.
Over the six years they' ve been playing together, they' ve been shouting over drums and tryin' to come up with songs that they' re happy  to share with everyone else. This has thus in their album " Trespass", which is pretty musch a summnation of what they' ve achieved in our time together so far....

Discography :

- Waiting For Your Life  7' ( Hooked Up, 2007 )
- Labours  ( Self - released ) CD 2009
- Wrong Side..Single   ( Damnably, 2011 )
- Trespasses  CD ( Damnably, 2011 )

C / o : www.smallgangland.com

R.X. BERTOLDI - Stronger Not Bitter

" Stronger Not Bitter "
( Time Workd Music ) 2005.

R.X. Bertoldi is a singer / songwriter, whose carrear is active some period continiously. He is also recognized as a talented author, and his signiture has something of old -fashion style and mannirism. " Stronger Not Bitter " is a his album from 2005 year, but he made a reissue of present materials. " Stronger Not Bitter" are consists of 10 pretty listenable tracks, where opening song " Black Coffee In The Mornin' " is more than others aired on national and private radio programs. All things from the album he did practically without any following additionals.
He played a guitar, drum, harmonica, and his materials are simply. but elegantly produced and released.Powerful lyrics and soulful vocalization characterize his complete opus, where 70's and 80's influences are equally present in his authors creation  too. Bertoldi is one of a newer acoustic performer, whose methods of playing songs accepts also elements of rock psychology and approaches. But he surelly did a god job with " Stronger Not Bitter " album, and we'll see what the future brings in his case.. Recomandable...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.rxbertoldi.com

I DECLINE - Time To Shine

" Time To Shine "         
( Horns Raised Records ) 2011.
Rock/stoner/hard rock - USA

Chicago based band I Decline isn' t a newer name on USA underground  rock and metal circulation. They are continiously in the saddle a 12 years, and till now, they have released with actuelle one a 3 albums. Their experience as a concert act is also respectable, and they supported for many well-known groups and artists. " Time To Shine " introduces them as a group whose inspirations lays in many different  fields, and we can find in its offering a  classic rock traces, stoner variants, punkish energy, and 70's, 80's and 90's includings as well.
Interesting and colourful vocalization also characterize its materials, but most convinceble element belong to realization of clever and modern arrangments. There are a 12 tracks on album, without a leading tune or more recognazible and  repeatable " detail", but certain performing, original authors concept and modern realization, shows that as a band, USA fellows satisfies in many aspects. A cover artwork and design of complete CD booklet pages,  also confirm highest technical standardizations.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.i-decline.com

петак, 13. април 2012.


Info / press :


Thrash- death band  formed in 1988, coming back in 2011 with their actuelle opus.After playing at the legendary " Brutal Tour" with Loudblast, Massacra and Crusher, performing on stage at the Summer Breeze, Hole In The Sky, supporting prestigious bands like Arch Enemy, Samael, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Coroner, Motorhead, and many more.....The quintet entered SAINTE MARTHE studio in June 2011 with Francis Caste ( Hangman's Chair, AQME... ) to record the follow up to their advantures.
The band is now preparing their new stage performances to defend visually and musically their new offspring " Inner Madness" !!!

Line- up :
David Barbosa - bass
Boban Tomić - drums
Nicolas Coudert - guitars
Alain Clement - guitars
L. Chuck D. - vocals

Discography :

First Invasion  ( 1987 ) cass.
Vision Of Decadence  ( 1990 )  Demo
Psychological Torment  ( 1990 )
Contamination Rises ( 1991 )
Seasons Of A Soul  ( 1995 )
Red Embers ( 1997 )
Self Mutilation  ( 2000 )
Machinery  ( 2002 )
No Return  ( 2006 )
Manipulated Mind ( 2008 )
Inner Madness ( 2012 )

C / o : www.greatdanerecs.com

четвртак, 12. април 2012.


" The Tyrant "
( Sewer Pickle Music ) 2011.
Hard rock/heavy metal

Tyrants Temple is a Philadelphia / Pennsylvania based band, consists of five members and  well-training musicians. During the previous 2011 year, they have released an abum, simply entitled " The Tyrant". USA fellows are another band, whose inspirations coming out from European hard and heavy legacies, preciselly from 80's period and NWOBHM kitchen. We can find in its album a 12 tracks in, done with similiar psychology and concept. A band combines heavy riffs, epic themes and melodic vocal lines, with softier productional includings, and interesting arrangments as well. In some aspects, they knows to remind on British acts as a : White Spirit, Dark Star, Jaguar, Diamond Head, Demon...and mentioned comparisions aren' t unlogical or unrealable. But, in the other hand, we can confirm that as a performing act, they satisfies enough. A present songs are listenable, judging by the genre's aspect, and specially recomandable for the 80's lovers. Recomandable tracks are : " The Tyrant", " Can' t Stop Running " and " I Know You're With The Dancers "...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.tyrantstemple.com

JOE PECK - In The City Lights

" In The City Lights "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Americana/alt. country/pop

Joe Peck is a singer / songwriter and performer from Washington DC. area, active some period on national scene circulation.
He debuted with the full-length album, from this 2012 years, entitled " In The City Lights ". He has introduced with 9 equalizing  authors tracks. done in a americana, alt. country mood, with clear pop pastiche, and soul and rock includings as well. Joe posses a fine vocal technique, and all of his tunes characterize a brilliant vocalization too. He is also a singer with emotional approach, and most of the present materials has something taken from the past era, and 70's period as well. I can not compare him with any of well-known or better known artists, and his authors and performing views are original. Maybe his album didn' t cover a so call hittish materials or one more or less " attractive" song, but generally, all of present themes posses a radio friendly usings. " In The City Lights" deserve a repeatable listenings, especially if you are  a fan of mentioned genre's variants...

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.joepeck.net

недеља, 8. април 2012.

HESSLER - Bad Blood

" Bad Blood "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Sleaze rock/hard rock/metal

Hessler is a Chicago based band, active some period on national underground metal area, fronted by Polish born female singer Lariyah Daniels. During the previous 2011 year, a band has released a debut EP, with 7 tracks in, entitled " Bad Blood".
Judging by performing variants and general attitudes, a group is pretty influental by the sleaze rock tendencies, but at the same time,  we can find in its approach also some 80's traces and old school hard rock/metal includings as well. They are infected by the USA movement from the 80's, but present performing energy also knows to associate on British groups from same era. A  7 present tracks are similiar among them, except one - " Scarlett", done in slower and easier mood. A members from band are well-performers, and complete group is deeply in own conception and offering views. In the other hand, we can not find more originalities in its approaches, but all things they did with lotta efforts and respectable professionalism. I would recomand a 4th track " Kamikaze " , as a most convinceble song from EP....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.hesslerchicago.com