среда, 29. фебруар 2012.

MYSTICITY - Ambassadors Of The Hidden Sun

" Ambassadors Of The Hidden Sun "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Rock/hard rock/melodic rock

Mysticity is a band / project of well-known professionals - Doogie White,  K.C. Melekyan, Bobby Rondinelli.... , and mentioned company with friends and collaboraters has released an album entitled " Ambassadors Of The Hidden Sun". This is a rock/ hard rock product, with clear melodic rock traces, and 70's includings as well. We can find 11 songs on album, all of them are well-produced, but what is more important,  arrangments of guitarist, keyboarder and programmer K.C. Melekyan deserves absolute recomandations.
He is also a key author of album materials. Mysticity offers a listenable songs, a good playin' and generally each of present tunes are listenable, and some of them absolutelly acceptable for radio usings. Some of reviewers compared present materials with Rainbow or Uriah Heep author's legacies, but mentioned opinions we can not accept in general. " Ambassadors Of The Hidden Sun" as a album satisfies in many aspects and deserve listeners attention.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.mysticity.com

четвртак, 16. фебруар 2012.

SONS OF EDISON - Strikes Again

" Strikes Again "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Melodic rock/pop/AOR

Sons Of Edison are San Diego based duo, with temporary discographical activities.Richard Livoni and Michael Casinelli are experienced musicians who teamed up together for a years. " Strikes Again" is its second effort, a first " Sons Of Edison" they have released in 2002, and this is a full - length with 14 tracks in from previous 2011 year. Livoni and Casinelli are deeply in melodic rock field, and present songs also posses evident pop includings and AOR psychology too. Most of present songs also have a soul pastiche and evident 80's flavour as well.
" Strikes Again" is on the other hand, a well-produced album with also well-done arrangments threathenings. Generally, " Strikes Again" is full of old-fashioned manniristical elements, and mainly is acceptable for the followers of  80's melodic rock and AOR tendencines.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.sonsofedison.com

недеља, 12. фебруар 2012.

PHAT PHUNKTION - Real Life....High Fidelity

" Real Life....High Fidelity "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Urban r'n'b/jazz-funk/funk/soul

Phat Phunktion are USA act, formed back in 1996 year. They have released with actuelle one a 4 albums, and during the period of existence, they performed a lot, supported a well-known soul and funk acts, as a Temptations, Cameo, Earth Wind & Fire... They have also received a respectable recognition as a convinceble act. " Real Life...High Fidelity" a CD from previous 2011 year, confirm that as a band Americans continiously offers a good playin' and good singin' . Their offering are consists of  specific combinations of urban r ' n' b, jazz elements modern funk and modern soul includings as well. They have  in line-up a dynamic horns section, all the members from band are skillful performers, and each of present songs posses a evident melodic lines, funky rhythms, and colourfull arrangments additionals.
Even that some of reviewers in posiotive way compares them with acts such as a Earth Wind & Fire or Tower Of Power , one British group also inspire band , and this is a Level 42. Many mainly  psychologically present elements, and also  a threathenig of bass lines, vocalizations, or simply arrangments , knows to remind on  realizing methods of Mark King's group. But, Phat Phanktion also posses enough elements of originality, and there's no doubt that " Real Life... " is another well-done product .

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.PhatPhunktion.com

MORROW' S MEMORY - Moving Forward

" Moving Forward "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Emo/rock/hard rock

Out of Detroit, comes a 6 piece band Morrow's Memory. They are a newer act, and during the previous 2011 year, they debuted with full - length, entitled " Moving Forward". Their album are consists of 10 tracks, seriously done, released and performed. We can hear an equalize threathening of vocalization parts and instrumental performings. USA fellows are influental by the 90's movemnet, but in the other hand we can say that they also shows some own potentials. We can labelled its music as a  combination od emo elements, and  rock and hard rock details as well. A songs are mostly done in mid to mid -up tempo, rarely in faster mood. Also exists some ballads or better to say half-ballads, where members from band precisely knows to capture emotional pastiche too.. As a album " Moving Forwars"  cover an equalizing matrials, distant arrangments includngs, and solid production. " Hero In The Dark", is in my opinion a track recomandable for often and repeatable  listenings.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.morrowsmemory.com


Press / Info


Formed in 2007, the instrumental group Hillman has released their debut CD, entitled " The Whiskey Mountain Sessions", on Djam Karet's new label " Firepool Records". The group is : Peter Hillman on drums, Gayle Ellett ( Djam Karet ) on organ and electric piano, Mike Murray ( Djam Karet ), on guitars and Ralph Rivers on bass. Recorded live - in - studio without overdubs, this  43 minute CD features contemporary instrumental music at its dynamic  best
These four totally improvised pieces presented  here are complete compositions recorded without edits, overdubs or computer manipulation.
Hillmen performed in a style called Free Improvisation, in which they just tune up and play, with absolutely no predetermined structure, rhythm or key.This style features totally spontanous crwation of music, without the benefit or burden of a written score. No piece of music is ever played twice.
The goal of Hillmen is to create elastic compositions that grow, evolve, live and breathe, and change character over time. Where the composition itself become an organic, dynamic being. They beleive that by following  this path, their instrumental music can be a literal non - abstract representation of the living world. And a s you listen to their music you really get the feeling that you are sitting  in the room with the musicians themselves, watching as music is being created right before your ears!
Recorded in Topanga, California, the music on " The Whiskey Mountain Session "seamleslly blends the styles of jazz, fusion and psuchedelic music fro the 1960's and 1970s with more modern sensibillities, creating a new hybrid style that ius both traditional and contemporary.
Combining the classic sounds of Hammond C - 2 Rhodes piano, vintage guitars and amps, with state - of -the -art recording technology, these four jazzy compositions often begin as a hazy smoke filled space, and than evolve into a new, more clearly seen  vision. It's rather like sailing out on the ocean on a foggy night, and then a majestic island slowly begins to come into view.Which is not suprising , given the fact that the album  was recorded in a buetiful mountaintop studio overlooking Catalina Island and the deep blue Pacific' s Ocean....
All the members of Hillmen have been playing  their instruments professionally for more than 25 years each, and it shows. Recorded with a crystal clear around quality, their high level of professionalism shines through in their music.Experienced enough to know when to lay back and not over play, they create music that is filled with strong grooves , beautiful melodies an some truly wailing solos.
Free improvisations works best when a group is able to combine the unique qualities of youthful creative abandon, with a deep and mature knowledge of  music and mastery of their instruments.And it is towards these goals thet the members of Hillmen's aspire...

C / o : www.facebok.com/HILLMEN


" Something New "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Rock/classic rock - USA

Dave Goddess Group are New York City based band, fronted by singer/songwriter and guitarist Dave Goddess himself. During the period of exsistence, Dave and his compagnions established themselves as a classic rock act, psychologically deeply in the era of late 70's.
Dave's voice and method of vocalization associate on Springsteen/Mellencamp/Petty variants, and what is more important a present soulful pastiche  also belong to school of mentioned legends. There's no doubt in the other hand, that Dave deeply beleive in his attitudes and songs, and present materials are done  with heart and soul, and strong performing approaches as well. " Something New " is maybe a wrong title of CD, but all of present 12 songs deserve respectation, and if you are  a fan of mentioned genre's variants, this album is just for you. A Dave's songs are listenable, and acceptable for radio usings too...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.davegoddesgroup.com

четвртак, 9. фебруар 2012.

EARTH BURNT BLACK - Harrowing Catharsis

" Harrowing Catharsis "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Doom/death metal/progressive metal

Out of Greeley, Colorado comes a band Earth Burnt Black, with a short history behind. They were formed in 2010 year, but during the previous 2011 year, they  discographically debuted with full-length, entitled " Harrowing Catharsis" . They works as a quartet, and musically introduces themselves as a doomy/death act, with progressive metal includings as well. 6 present sngs with additional intro and epilogue, shows that as a band USA  fellows posses enough originalities. Their songs posses expandier arrangments structures, where distant playings follows up  a strange, but interesting combinations of screemo, growl and so call " normal" vocalizations. " Harrowing Catharsis " also deserve a repeatable listenings, and each song separatelly hides an interesting parts. This is a promising debut, worth listeners attention.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.earthburntblack.com