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CAILYN - Four Pieces

" Four Pieces "
( Self - released / Land Of Oz Music ) 2012.
Progressive / symphonic / neo classical -  USA

Cailyn Lloyd is a multi-talented performer  . Her musical experience started out from childhood days. During the latest period of
few years she was discographically active, and before actuelle one, she recorded a 2 EP's and 1 CD. " Four Pieces" is her newest
product, a full-length, where Cailyn introduces herself as a multiinstrumentalist. She also did a some sort of  musical transcription of
3 classic themes/works, done by Dvorak, Barber and Vaughan Williams. A theme " Nocturne" is a original work, inspired by
the piano music of  Chopin and Schubert. In pretty sensitive and emotiona way, but with evident strong musical knowledge, she
has offered a own combination of progressive and neoclassical elements. A sound of present themes is colourful and vivid, and
Cailyn expose herself as a instrumentalist with original methods of performing, as same as a brilliant arranger. " Four Pieces " is
a also a listenable issue, and recomandable for the wider listener's population.

 Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.cailynrox.com


" La Fuga "
( Self - released / Atomic Stuff ) 2012.
Dark wave / goth rock / post new wave - ITALY

Out of Mantova, Italy comes a quintet Sinezamia, formed back in 2004 year. Before actuelle full-length, they have recorded a 2 EP's
and 1 single. " La Fuga " is a CD from previous 2012 year , with 8 tracks in. Italians are faithful to dark wave and goth rock tendencies,
with clear post new wave and post punk includings in its music as well. Their sound stronglly associate on late 70's and begining of the
80's period, and in some aspects they know to reminds on groups as a : Joy Division, Fields Of Nephilim, Liftiba and early Mission.
Some electronic elements are also present in its approach, but psychologically and also productionally, they are nearer to so call
older school of mentioned stylish forms. There's no doubt that they did a lotta' efforts that all things funkcionize with proffesional
flavour, and part of the materials surelly deserve a respectations.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/sinezamia

AJAY MATHUR - A Matter Of Time

" A  Matter Of Time "
( Yakketeekak Music ) 2011.
AOR /  rock / pop / songwritings  - SWITZERLAND

Ajay Mathur is a India born songwriter and musician. His carrear started out in cities of Delhi and Mumbai during the late 70's.
In his European country Switzerland, he was a part of group Mainstreet, and during the period of 80's and the 90's, with mentioned
band he took an important rola in national rock community. " A Matter Of Time" is a his solo album  from 2011 year, a full-length
with 15 tracks in. Ajay is a certain and emotional singer. His songs are serious, pretty melodic, with expandier arrangments
includings and strong performings. He knows to associate on artists as a George Harison, John Mayer, and Tom Petty among others,
but more in psychological and emotional forms, than as a author. He has offered also a complexive, but equalizing materials, where
most of the songs posses a radio friendly usings. " A Matter Of Time " is a album worth listeners attention, with many pleasent moments.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.reverbnation.com/actofchoice

HARVEST - Chasing Time

" Chasing Time "
( Red Phone Records ) 2012.
Progressive / progressive rock - SPAIN

Out of Barcelona comes a Harvest band, formed in 2008 year by  keyborder Jordi Amela and guitarist Jordi Prats. Both musicians
were previously active in group Dracma, and with mentioned band they have recorded a 3 albums. In its line-up Catalonian group
have a female  Dutch vocalist - Monique van der Kolk. Her beautiful vocalization is a important part of group's general  exposure.
" Chasing Time " is a second offering, and what is also interesting,  Alan Reed ( ex-Pallas ) and Steve  Rothery from Marillion,
has participated in their album. Harvest is a serious act, and musically they are faithfull to folkie side of progressive tendencies,
and in some aspects they know to associate on groups such as a Renneissance or Camel. Some comparizions also leads to
a groups as a Mostly Autumn and Marillion , but Harvest as a band draws  many different aspects of its works and offerings.
A harmonization in songs, as same as colorful arrangments creations, characterize complete album materials in general. Technically
all other aspects satisfies as well, and I would also recomand a cleverly threated production. Fine work and listenable product too.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.harvestband.com

SIN' SOUND - From The Underground

" From The Underground "
( Atomic Stuff ) 2012.
Rock - ITALY

Out of Brescia, Italy comes a band Sin' Sound, consists of  musicians with expandier previous experience. They works as a
septet with saxophone and trumpet in its line-up. During the October of previous 2012 year, they have released a full-length with
9 tracks in, entitled maybe a little pretencious - " From The Underground ". A group musically combine a various rock elements in its
approach, as a classic rock variants, funk, psychedelic and rhythm and blues as well. They also mixes up older and newer tendencies,
and its authors views are at the same time original and unusual. They aren' t a pretty melodic, but melodic lines also take a important
place in its performing realization. I can not compare ' em  with any well or less known acts, and some unclassical arrangments resulsts
characterize its performing and authors visions too. " From The Underground" on the other hand, realistically introduces group in its first
discographical steps.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/sinsoundfanclub

петак, 15. фебруар 2013.


" Tumbleweed "
( Only Blues Music ) 2010.
 Blues / rhythm and blues / rock - AUSTRALIA

Pete Cornelius is a well-known name, not only on Australian blues scene. He worked with De Villies group, and also participated
with many musicians, not only on national scene. His solo carrer is also successfull , and " Tumbleweed" is a his latest, still actuelle
offering. " Tumbleweed are consists of 10 tracks in, 6 authors creations,and 4 covers, where especially Pete version of  N. Young - " Mr. Soul" song   deserve a respectations. But generally, Pete has offered a right portion of blues, rhythm and blues and rock elements,
with clever performings, wise arrangments includings, and modern productional additionals as well. A musicians from following band also
did a fine job, and generally we have here a pretty interesting product with more pleasent elements.  
Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.petecornelius.com

четвртак, 14. фебруар 2013.

WICKED MYSTIC - Beware And Whisper

" Beware And Whisper
( Weltmeister Records ) 2012.
Thrash metal - HOLLAND

The important rola in history of Dutch thrash metal during the period of the 90's belongs to Wicked Mystic group. A band has released
3 albums, also supported to many well-known acts, and received a respectable recognition. But, almost a decade they didn' t work,
and after a reunion in 2011, a new chapter in its carreare starts. " Beware And Whisper" is a actuelle offeing, digi CD with 11 tracks in.
A Dutch quartet is faithful to older school of thrash variants, but judging of modern productional work, and fresh present energy, thay also
accepts a standards of our time. Its materials are raw, and unpolish, at the same time brutal and agressive. They have also
 offered an equalizing songs, with one bonus track, cover of well-known Exodus piece - " Bounded  By Blood". Wicked Mystic are back
with " reason", and " Beware And Whisper"    "satisfie in many aspects...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/wickedmysticmetal

уторак, 12. фебруар 2013.


" Tritonium "
( Spiritflake Music ) 2012.
Experimental / fusion / progressive - USA

Gunnelpumpers are Chicago based colective,  whose musical activities dated from 2002 year. With actuelle one, a group has released a
3 albums, a fourth will be look a light of day during the 2013 year. A band are consists of  6 members , with unclassical performing
orientation.In its line -up are 3 bass performers, drums and conga players and guitarist. " Tritonium" , their 3rd album are consists of
3 longest themes, full of intuitive and passionate playings , where improvization is a key element of its general approach and
authors and conceptual view. Judging by stylish orientation, in its approaches we can find clear elements of fusion and progressive
details, as same as different forms of experimental variants. Psychologically, they also accepts something  of krautrock elements,
especially in arrangments includings. They are also inspire by the 70's acts , but we can threat a band's concept in many aspects
as a modern too.  " Tritonium" deserve a repeatable listenings, even that band's message isn' t easily acceptable for the wider

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.gunnelpumpers.com

SPLATTERS - Fear From The Park

" Fear From The Park "
( Atomic Stuff ) 2012.
Horror punk / rock / metal - ITALY

Even that guys from Italian act Splatters have been cruisin' around for some period, they have discographically debuted during
the March of previous 2012 year, with " Fear From The Park " album. Italian fellows are obsessed by B Horror movies, and also
with the late 70-s and begining of the 80's musical direction. Its style is something between Ramones, Misfits and Alice Cooper
variants, fulfield with some other thrashy additionals.  They are rough and unpolished, but pretty sincere and realistic in own
statements too. " Fear From The Park" are consists of 11 tracks in, with similiar approach and also raw productional includings.
On the other hand, they sounds as a coherent team, with more or less equalizing present materials.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/splatters13

FUEL FROM HELL - Easier Said Than Done

" Easier Said Than Done "
( Street Symphonies Records / Atomic Stuff ) 2012.
Sleaze rock / hard rock - ITALY

A roots of Italian act Fuel From Hell dated from 1998 year. During the forthcoming years, a group has participated on some
compilations, and released a one EP and 2 full-lengths. " Easier Said Than Done" is a actuelle product, a CD with 11 tracks in.
Italians are on the field of 80's hard rock/sleeze rock variants, with also some hair metal additionals as well. They sounds as a
coherent team, and its songs are also melodic and listenable too. " Easier Said Than Done" are consists of equalizing materials,
and some comparizions leads to acts as a : White Lion, Great White , Dokken...A recomandable tracks from albums are :
" Poison Whiskey", and " Send Me Your Love" ....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/fuelfromhell

OCTOBER TREE - The Fairy's Wing

" The Fairy's Wing "
( Canvas Productions ) 2012.
Progressive / progressive rock - USA

Out of Maryland, comes a band/project October Tree, headed by wife and husband Tammy and Greg Lounsberry. They have released
a conceptual album, entitled " The Fairy's Wing", based on fantasy book, written by Greg Lounsberry. What we have here is a full-length
with 10 tracks in, done in progressive / progressive rock mood. Musically, a group is influental by the British movement from the
70's period, and also by the bands as a : Rennaisance, Camel and Barclay James Harvest. On the other hand, October Tree has offered
a pleasent and sophisticate work, with clever arrangments includings and excellent productional additionals too. This is also a listenable product
especially interesting if you are a fan of so call older progressive variants.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.octobertree.net

петак, 8. фебруар 2013.


" 2 "
( Bongo Beat ) 2012.
80's hard rock/metal / melodic hard rock - CANADA

Fraze Gang are consists of 2 former members of Brighton Rock group, one of the national well-known, but unfortunatelly
underratted acts, and also of 2 veterans from Canadian scene. " 2" is their actuelle product, a CD with 10 tracks in.
Fraze Gang concept is simply, but convinceble enough. Its approach is tipical 80's hard rock /metal, fullfield with clear
melodic hard rock additionals. They strongly associate on a groups as a : Santers, Ratt, Helix, but after listening of
its album, it's also clear that they know how to put right thing in right place. Fraze Gang delivers a knowing and repeatable
riffs and melodies, and all of present songs are followed by modern productional includings. " White Lightning", " Tough Enough",
and " Don' t Call Us We' ll Call You", are some of the highlights from its well-done album, especially interesting for the
followers of 80's metal/hard rock tendencies.

 Rating : 8 / 10
 C / o : www.frazegang.com

уторак, 5. фебруар 2013.

THE TURNBACK - Drawn In Chalk

" Drawn In Chalk "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Power pop / retro pop / rock  - USA

The Turnback are trio from upstate New York City, and " Drawn In Chalk" , its album is also soundtrack for the motion picture.
 What we have here is a CD with 12 tracks in, done in power pop /retro rock / pop mood. This is also a unusual issue, judging
by nowadays standards, but at the same time more than interesting product, also pretty valuable, and in some aspects inspirative.
 A band blends elements of 60's and 70's power pop and rock in its own way , a present songs posses strong melodic lines and
 harmonization, and complete materials are followed by convinceble production, done by well known Jeff Peters. Most of the songs
posses radio friendly usings, and generally a group did a fine work. Recomandable...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.theturnback.com

LIZA CARBE - Wait For The Spring

" Wait For The Spring "
( Strangetree Productions / Hemifran ) 2012.
Pop / new age - USA

Liza Carbe is a songwriter, bass and guitar player,  composer, based in Los Angeles. She is also one of the founding members of
latin-fusion- world music group INCENDIO. She is continiously active as a performer, but " Wait For The Spring " is her first solo
full-length album, released during the late period of previous 2012 year. What can we find on her album, is a 11 pretty intimate songs,
 full of melodic lines and haunting vocalizations. She sing about love, loss, hope...A songs are mostly done in slower mid tempo,
with clear additionals of ambiental / atmospheric following instrumentations. Vocally, she knows to associate on  Enya or Lorena McKennith
 methods of interpretations, so the followers of mentioned musical variants can also find many nice reasons to hear a Liza's album.
 " Wait For The Spring" are consists of more than pleasent and listenable materials, without less interesting or weacker places...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o  : www.lizacarbe.com

петак, 1. фебруар 2013.

JJ SCHULTZ - Carolina

" Carolina "
( Self - released / Hemifran ) 2012.
Americana / roots music - USA

JJ Schultz is a Wisconsin born artist, but he has been working in San Francisco for many years now. He discographically
debuted with " Bustin' Outa Town" in 2004, followed by " Something To Me " ( 2005 ) and " Travelling Sons " ( 2007 ). His
actuelle offering is " Carolina", a full-length with 8 tracks in. With minnimal following back-up instrumentations, Mr. Schultz
deliver a portion of americana/roots variants, with strong songwritings, added with emotionally driven lyrical pastiche. He  write
about love, sadness and passion, creating a emotional atmosphere, and specific mood. Some reviewers used to compare a
 mentioned specific atmosphere with Springsteen's " Nebraska" , and to be honest some similiarities are present, but more in
also mentioned ambiental/atmospheric methods of exposure, than in author's views. JJ Schultz is a serious author, and " Carolina"
as a album offer enough pleasent moments...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.jjschutlz.com

ELMO KARJALAINEN - Uninteligent Designs

" Uninteligent Designs "
( KC Sound ) 2012.
Instrumental rock / metal - FINLAND

Elmo Karjalainen is well-known guitarist out of Finland, established as a performer in a groups as a Death Like Silence and
Conquest, among others. " Uninteligent Designs" is a his solo debut from previous 2012 year, and this is a instrumental album,
with 16 tracks in. Elmo is a undoubtely guitar virtuoso, and " killer" performer and in his album he offers a variaty of technique
tricks, and mixing stylish elements. He posses a absolute control under his instrument, and his playing is frantic,
dynamic , with lotta' includings of real energy, but at the same time melodic. We can find in his tracks elements of
neo classical variants, progressive metal, jazz, fusion... He has also created a fantastic arrangments in offering materials,
and practically he did a excelent and superior job. This is a album not only for guitar aficionados and freaks, but also for
listeners with refine tastes...

Rating :  9 / 10
C / o : www.elmojk.com

MAKAR - Funeral Genius

" Funeral Genius "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Indie pop / rock - USA

A New York City based act Makar are consists of 2 persons - Andrea DeAngelis ( vocals, guitar ) and Mark Purnell ( vocals,piano ).
 Their activities around NYC's club circulations dated from 2002 year, and till now duo received a respectable recognition, and also
respects around indie area. They discographically debuted with " 99 Cent Dreams" album from 2005 year. Actuelle , second offering
is " Funeral Genius", a full-length with 12 tracks in. With pretty sympathic, original and interesting views they combine elements of
60's, 70's and 80's pop / rock , with emotionally driven rhythms/moods, and energetic exposures as well. A colourfull arrangments includings and listenable tunes also characterize its album materials in general. " Funeral Genius" deserve repeatable listeners attention, and there's no doubt that duo did a creative product.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.makarmusic.com