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Info / Press 2010

One spin of New York based band The Problems, forthcoming album, " POwder Blue Bone", and the listener will hear and feel a rich and engaging blend of roots rock, pop, country, alternative and even a splash of punk. That's the way lead singer and songwriter Frank Caiafa likes it. " We hate being pigenonholed into one category", Caiafa explains. "Becouse of this band's ability to play whatever the songs demand, the songs take on a life of their own.".
The dynamic fueled the creative process behind " Powder Blue Bone", The Problems second full-length independent release following the success, of their self titled debut in 2001. But whereas the first was written and recorded in a short span of time, " Powder Blue Bone" was a project three years in the making, with all sorts of twists and turns along the way. " My original concept was for more of a rock' record bringing in friends and musicians that would help in that direction", Caifa recalls. A serendipitous meeting with Eddy Goldberg and Kate Kilbane, however conviced Caiafa to reconsider his plans. " It become apperent quite quickly that those songs and that concept just weren' t in the cards", he says, " so I would up scrapping or rearranging almost an album's worth of material to then fit into a more rootsy arena.".
With Kilbane ( bass ) and Goldberg ( banjo, harmonica, keys, accordion and vocals ), joining Caiafa ( guitar, vocals ) and fellow founding member Barbara Corless ( drums, vocals ), The Problems began writing and recording the 14 songs that would ultimately make up the Powder Blue Bone track list. Welcoming two new  members into the fold presented a unique set of challenges, but it also allowed the band to experiment with everything from instrumentation and production to songwriting. The Problems also were joined in the studio by vocalist Charlene McPherson ( from the NYC band Spanking Charlene ) and guitarist Rich Hinman ( from the NYC band Madison Square Gardeners ), but as Caiafa explains, Corless helps bring it all together behind the drums.
The release of " Powder Blue Bone" has been a long time coming for The Problems, on the heels of all sorts of official acclaim and exposure for their first CD. Bilboard magazine awarded " This Town" an Honorable Mention in the Rock/Alternative rock category of their 2004 " World Song Contest". In 2006, NBC" s Today  show prominently featured the song " The Lottery" in a segment, and in 2007, " GarageBand.com" choose " This Town" as their Americana " Track of the Day" while the Ultimate Band List  ( ubl.com ) selected The Problems as a featured artist later that yrear. Additionally, Caiafa and The Problems have dipped their toes into the film world, scoring songs in the award - winning independent, " The Dying Light", as well as renowned artist Lonnie Hanzon's documentary " Working The Magic". Caiafa and Kilbane then collaborated on " Schoolyard Steps" for the short film, " The Truth Of Fiction" ( Winner! Best Short NY International Independent Film & Video Festival ), in which Caiafa also makes a quick cameo appearance.
While The Problems have enjoyed writing songs for movie soundtracks, they are molst excited about " Powder Blue Bone". " Everyone involved" with the album was in it for the greater cause and not just " doing their job", Caiafa says." Whether it was scheduling their time or making financial concessions, everyone from the studio owners, engineers and the musicians all went above and beyond. I felt a good kind of pressure to make sure this album wound up meeting or exceeding everyone's good intentions and efforts."

C / o : www.theproblems.com



Info / Press 2010.

Reggie Hache has been a bass player/singer for 25 years. During that time he has played in various bands, explored a various styles of music., and has embraced various influences. These experiences have made him what he is today: a rock musician who is open to suggestion and uninterested in needless complication or dishonesty. Reggies is hoping to share Noise Control, his latest project, and " The Room At The End Of The Hell", his latest project, with a group of like minded music fans; people who are interested in cutting through the bullshit to see the world and his music for excatly what they are. His delivery is point blank, which is exactlyhowh he likes life to be.Reggie will always tell it like it is, and will play music until his body breaks down Feel free to join him.

C / o : www.noisecontrolmusic.com

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BRIAN KAHANEK - One True Thing

" One True Thing "
(Sidewinder Music Records) 2010.
Blues rock/rock/alt. country

Brian Kahanek is a guitar player and songwriter, raised in Ohio, and locate in L.A. During his entire carreare, he has released before actuelle one, a two albums - " Real Life" and " Suicide Kings", received many recomandations, and his work is recognize as a convinceble and sucessfull too.
" One True Thing" is a his third issue, released during the April this 2010 year. As a skillfull player, also engineer, and nothing less a certain  singer, he introduces a variety of guitar oriantation options, based mostly on blues / blues rock  level. His album also has a few alt. country includings, as same as some separate acoustic instrumental parts. In his own way Brian mixes 70's blues rock variants with modern views, and his songs are also fresh and modern. On his closing track " 63 Candles" he gave a special hommage to Hendrix legacy. " One True Thing"  is also CD with convinceble productional look, where all other technical options satisfies in best possible manner.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.briankahanek.com

BARRY MYERS - 7th Avenue

" 7th Avenue "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Songwritings/contemporary adult rock/pop

Barry Myers is a singer/songwriter locate in Lake Mary, FL. A some months ago, he has released a " 7th Avenue" album with 9 tracks in. He was supported by several musicians and performers on his album, who took the important rola in complete songs realizations.I would mentioned two of them - a legendary guitarist Pat Travers and drummer and producer and also co-writer of two songs - Sean Shannon. Barry has offered a 9 pretty melodic and insightful songs, very listanable and eclectic at same time. Complete materials posses a pleasent atmosphere, and in some places his authors method reminds me on late Al Stewart legacy. Most of present songs are done in slower mid to mid-up tempo, and practically complete materials posses radio friendly  usings. Barry offers to potentional audience a really pleasent journey, and each of present songs deserves again listenings. " 7th Avenue" is absolutely recomandable product for all the followers of mentioned sort of music.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.barrymyersmusic.com

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WAVES - Crashing On Face

" Crashing On Face "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Indie pop/ rock/alter

Out of Somerville/Brighton comes a band formed by key person, songwriter Ben Garrett. Waves are consists of five members, but also a several persons a group has included in its debut as a musicians. " Crashing On Face" is untipical product, where we can find a varieties of ideas, soundscapes, atmospheres, moods and emotionals. A songs posses a different approach, and judging by stylish options, there are a themes with west-coast style, a songs with dreamy pop pastiche, some alt. country reflections, as same as alt. reggae exdperimentations.
But album in general has sounded as a coherent part, and potential listener can enjoy in complete group's offering. " Crushing On Face" isn't a album for usual genre's freaks, but Garrett as a author has showed some potentials....

Rating : 7 ,5 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/wavescrashingonface


" Requiem "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Heavy / progressive metal

Out of North Michigan comes a band Stilllife, fronted by brothers Charbonneau - Eric  singer and guitarist, and Jeremy - drummer. Firstly they started as a Metallica and Maiden cover act, and later on they have putted own materials in repertoairre. During the September this 2010 year, with own forces they have released a dubut, entitled " Requiem". This is a sort of conceptual heavy/progressive album,  influental by the 80's and 90's traces.
Most of present songs are longer, and done in mid to mid up tempo, with many instrumental and atmospheric parts. A members from band didn't tries to show so call technical performings tricks or details, and more efforts they offered in arrangments duties. " Requiem" are consists of mainly equalizing materials, without presents of modern production, but with some evidental and interesting authors ideas.

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/stilllifehome

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DON RAY BAND - Lonesome Rider

DON RAY BAND - Lonesome Rider
" Lonesome Rider "
( Margdon Records ) 2010.
Rockin' blues/southern rock

Don Ray and his band are newer attraction on USA market, whose musical interesting spheres touches southern rock as a genre. Don is a singer/songwriter/percussionist, and he quickly established his carreare, firstly with well received debut " On Top Of The Heap " from 2009 year.
" Lonesome Rider" actuelle one, is his second offering, where we can find  a 12 well-done, performed and produced   songs. Maniristically, Don Ray Band accepts elements of 70's rockin' blues and traditional southern rock, but in the other hand psychologically, their approach deeply touches standards of our time. A songs are relatively short, group didn' t fail in technical performing " competitions", and melodicity is also their strong adut. Without a classic hittish tune, but with convinceble and equalizing materials, their album is more than recomandable issue for the mentioned genre's followers.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o :   www.donrayband.com

среда, 8. децембар 2010.

THE COMMANDER - IN - CHIEF - Battle For The Mind

THE COMMANDER - IN - CHIEF - Battle For The Mind
" Battle For The Mind "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Rock/metal/hard rock/melodic hard rock

The Commander - In - Chief are newer act based in Los Angeles, fronted by female singer/songwriter/guitarist with the same name ( not sure what her real name could be ). With her male assistents, she has released an actuelle EP, with 6 tracks in, entitled " Battle For The Mind", and she receives for mentioned EP  mainly a positive reactions from worldwide press. With 5 authors songs and 1 cover ( pretty interesting and unique version of Black Sabbath classic " Paranoid"  ) she introduced herself as a original ortist with interesting musical views. The Commander- In - Chief plays sort of rock/metal with modern approach, metalic soundscapes includings, and presents of melodic vocalizations as well. Even of evidental influental traces from 90's and less 80's period ( some comparabilities with Doro and Pat Benatar comes to mind ), the band is judging by releasing ideas, deeply in 2000's. A production of Eric Greedy also communicate with standards of our time, and generally " Battle For Mind" as a EP offers a more interesting challenges.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.thecommanderinchief.net