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" Way Down Here "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Roots music/alt country/rock/rhythm & blues

Connely Farr aka Mississippi Live  is a person who stand behind  his following band The Dirty Dirty, consisting of his friends, and singer/songwriter with respectable forthcoming carrear. " Way Down Here" is his second album, released during the previous 2010 year, where we can find 11 thrilling, more than interesting and convinceble tracks. As a author and performer Connely communicate with roots tradition, alt country tendencies, rock and rhythm and blues variants, and many things in between as well. He also recapitulate the best elements from Neil Young and Crazy Horse legacies, earliest Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp works. His songs are different among them, judging by present atmosphere, and performing methods, but complete album materials posses one evident connective lines. His signiture reaches a 70's period as same as newer tendencies, and " Way Down Here" as a album hide many unconventional and interesting moments.  Brilliant work and fine realization. Absolutelly recomandable...

Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.mississippilive.net


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Vomitron is the solo project of Peter Rutcho, started in 1999 and based in southern Massachussetts, USA. Vomitron's music can be most accuratelly described as heavy metal, altough can quickly switch gears from electronic anthems to thrash metal within the same song. In early 2007 Vomitron released it's self-titled debut. The latest offering, entitled  " No NES For The Wicked ", consists of instrumental heavy metal interpretations of original NES video game music. This album was released on September 20, 2011. Peter Rutcho also plays in few other Massachusetts - based heavy metal bands, as keyboardist of Frozen and Armory, and as guitarist of thrash metallers Graveheart.In addition, Peter is the sole proprietor of Damage Productions, a music production facility based in southern Massachusetts.

C / o : www.vomitron665.com

NEW LIBERTY - The Uninvited

" The Uninvited "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Rock/hard rock - USA

New Liberty are newer act, coming out from Philadelphia, PA, now locate in Califirnia. They are quartet, and " The Uninvited" is their actuelle album from July this 2011 year. A band has introduced themselves as a melody driven guitar rock act, pretty influental by the 80's movement, and less 70's period as well. Their self-financial album are consists of 11 mainly equalizing tracks, performed in the vain of rock and hard rock approach. Americans knows to remind on some well-known names from the past era, and I have found some similiarities with the earliest Deff Leppard style. A band " look" as a coherent team, and all of present songs posses strong melodicity, distant playings, relevant production, and generally accceptable and positive view as well. Nothing spectacular new, but with positive approach and attitude too.
Recomdable tracks are : opening one - " The Sever ", and " Hollywood ( x-rated ) "...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.newlibertyrocks.com

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For Johnny Max it's all about the music, and always has been. Altough continually gravitating towards Blues infected material, Max refuses to be limited and categorized, for everyone' s convenience, as a Blues artist. He can' t do it - his admiration for the likes of Eddie Hinton and Debert McClinton won' t permit it.
While his first three releases firmly established Max in the Blues idiom, it was on his fourth, the Juno nominated " A Lesson I' ve Learned", that Johnny added to his Blues sensibilities, and found his groove. And that groove had more to do with Southern Soul that straight up Blues.
Of note, chck the title track whose chorus might have been lifted from the Dan Penn songbook.
Max's new disc, " It's A Long Road", picks up where " Lesson"..left off - with a wallop! Partnering with a brand new band, Johnny lays down a dozen tracks with a heavy dosage of Gumbo R & B, nods to Rock' em Sock' em Soul, and hints of all-out Boogie work-outs and Tom Waits styled tonalities. Along the way, Johnny relates his most deeply personal stories to date.
The core band of Max, ( vocals ), Vince Maccarone, ( drums ), Wayne Deadder, ( bass ), John Findlay ( guitars ), and Jesse O' Brien ( keys ), is ably supported by a complement of fine musicians on background vocals and percussion, plus a full brass section led by Johnny Johnson.
They all play an integral role in producing a fully realized Johnny Max Band project that sets itself apart from the majority of the offerings that a listener might find in the Blues category.
" It's a Long Road", with its many twists and turns, is exactly where Johnny has always been headed and it's a worthwhile journey indeed....

C / o : www.johnnymaxband.com

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" Light Up "
( Random Productions ) 2011.
Melodic/symphonic metal

A carrear od Finnish act Random Eyes, started out in 2001. During the years, and also after several line-up changes, a band has released with actuelle one a 3 full-lengths and 1 Demo. They have also received some international attemtion and recognitions. " Light Up" is their actuelle product from this 2011 year, and this is a CD with 10 tracks in, duration a little more than 35 minutes. A Finnish fellows are on therithory of so call sophisticate variant of melodic / symphonic metal tendencies, with some other additionals as a classic heavy and less power metal includings as well. A distant and certain vocalization, clear and coherent playings, and strong  melodic details, characterize complete present materials.
A well-done arrangments and certain production also confirms that members from band did a good job. Random Eyes as a group, didn' t have a problems with so call manniristical " author views ", and thay have offered enough originality. " Light Up " is listenable and recomandable product.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.randomeyes.net

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" Stress And The Rhythm Of The Word", is the second release from Brandy Lynn Confer. ( State College, PA, Pitsburgh,PA ). Her previous album , " In The Dust " ( 2009 )helped her to gain some much needed press, develop a small fan base as a solo artist, and gain some attention to her lead guitar playing.
Brandy spent 6 years in Pitsburgh attending college for Radiology and as a multi-instrumentalist in various friends folk/bluegrass bands. In an interview for her college newspaper Brandy explained that, " I was never real member of any group, but I could play a show when they needed somebody and that was really good experience."
In 2007, Brandy joined the " Myspace generation" in home recording her own songs and posting some of them on the Internet. In 2008 one of those landed in a student film, which got her the attention of music producer Jason Rubal. ( Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Bitter Ruin ). Jason has something of a nitche in female singer - sonwriters, but additionally gravitates toward artists who work more from the inside out and are less mainstream. Seventh Wave Studio also prides itself on an honest and organic recording process. What you' ll hear on any Jason Rubal production is minimal post - editing and is on many cases one complete take.
" Stress And The Rhythm Of The Word " is the result of learning from the first album. It's a little more  " grown up", both lyrically and vocally.
" I am definitely moving forward ".

C / o : www.myspace.com/brandyconfer


" Kublai "
( Self - released ) 2011.

Italian act Accordo Dei Contrari are consists of well experienced and trained musicians. They are quartet, and discographically debuted with " Kinesis" album from 2007 year. After four years of discographical inactivities, a group has offered a new product, a 6 track CD, entitled " Kublai". Musically, Italians are on the field of older school variants of fusion and jazz rock tendencies, fullfield with progressive includings as well. A period of late 60's and first part of the 70's is more than inspirative era for band members, but its offering also include many other performing variants and elements, as Arabian ethno variations, free jazzy views,and various progressive traces as well. Often keybord and guitar dialogues  characterize its songs structures, but it's also clear that arrangments of present tracks are more than enjouable, and reaches a highest standards. " Kublai" is fine and inspirative product, worth listeners attention...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.accordodeicontrari.com