петак, 23. децембар 2011.


" Way Down Here "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Roots music/alt country/rock/rhythm & blues

Connely Farr aka Mississippi Live  is a person who stand behind  his following band The Dirty Dirty, consisting of his friends, and singer/songwriter with respectable forthcoming carrear. " Way Down Here" is his second album, released during the previous 2010 year, where we can find 11 thrilling, more than interesting and convinceble tracks. As a author and performer Connely communicate with roots tradition, alt country tendencies, rock and rhythm and blues variants, and many things in between as well. He also recapitulate the best elements from Neil Young and Crazy Horse legacies, earliest Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp works. His songs are different among them, judging by present atmosphere, and performing methods, but complete album materials posses one evident connective lines. His signiture reaches a 70's period as same as newer tendencies, and " Way Down Here" as a album hide many unconventional and interesting moments.  Brilliant work and fine realization. Absolutelly recomandable...

Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.mississippilive.net


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Vomitron is the solo project of Peter Rutcho, started in 1999 and based in southern Massachussetts, USA. Vomitron's music can be most accuratelly described as heavy metal, altough can quickly switch gears from electronic anthems to thrash metal within the same song. In early 2007 Vomitron released it's self-titled debut. The latest offering, entitled  " No NES For The Wicked ", consists of instrumental heavy metal interpretations of original NES video game music. This album was released on September 20, 2011. Peter Rutcho also plays in few other Massachusetts - based heavy metal bands, as keyboardist of Frozen and Armory, and as guitarist of thrash metallers Graveheart.In addition, Peter is the sole proprietor of Damage Productions, a music production facility based in southern Massachusetts.

C / o : www.vomitron665.com

NEW LIBERTY - The Uninvited

" The Uninvited "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Rock/hard rock - USA

New Liberty are newer act, coming out from Philadelphia, PA, now locate in Califirnia. They are quartet, and " The Uninvited" is their actuelle album from July this 2011 year. A band has introduced themselves as a melody driven guitar rock act, pretty influental by the 80's movement, and less 70's period as well. Their self-financial album are consists of 11 mainly equalizing tracks, performed in the vain of rock and hard rock approach. Americans knows to remind on some well-known names from the past era, and I have found some similiarities with the earliest Deff Leppard style. A band " look" as a coherent team, and all of present songs posses strong melodicity, distant playings, relevant production, and generally accceptable and positive view as well. Nothing spectacular new, but with positive approach and attitude too.
Recomdable tracks are : opening one - " The Sever ", and " Hollywood ( x-rated ) "...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.newlibertyrocks.com

четвртак, 15. децембар 2011.


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For Johnny Max it's all about the music, and always has been. Altough continually gravitating towards Blues infected material, Max refuses to be limited and categorized, for everyone' s convenience, as a Blues artist. He can' t do it - his admiration for the likes of Eddie Hinton and Debert McClinton won' t permit it.
While his first three releases firmly established Max in the Blues idiom, it was on his fourth, the Juno nominated " A Lesson I' ve Learned", that Johnny added to his Blues sensibilities, and found his groove. And that groove had more to do with Southern Soul that straight up Blues.
Of note, chck the title track whose chorus might have been lifted from the Dan Penn songbook.
Max's new disc, " It's A Long Road", picks up where " Lesson"..left off - with a wallop! Partnering with a brand new band, Johnny lays down a dozen tracks with a heavy dosage of Gumbo R & B, nods to Rock' em Sock' em Soul, and hints of all-out Boogie work-outs and Tom Waits styled tonalities. Along the way, Johnny relates his most deeply personal stories to date.
The core band of Max, ( vocals ), Vince Maccarone, ( drums ), Wayne Deadder, ( bass ), John Findlay ( guitars ), and Jesse O' Brien ( keys ), is ably supported by a complement of fine musicians on background vocals and percussion, plus a full brass section led by Johnny Johnson.
They all play an integral role in producing a fully realized Johnny Max Band project that sets itself apart from the majority of the offerings that a listener might find in the Blues category.
" It's a Long Road", with its many twists and turns, is exactly where Johnny has always been headed and it's a worthwhile journey indeed....

C / o : www.johnnymaxband.com

недеља, 11. децембар 2011.


" Light Up "
( Random Productions ) 2011.
Melodic/symphonic metal

A carrear od Finnish act Random Eyes, started out in 2001. During the years, and also after several line-up changes, a band has released with actuelle one a 3 full-lengths and 1 Demo. They have also received some international attemtion and recognitions. " Light Up" is their actuelle product from this 2011 year, and this is a CD with 10 tracks in, duration a little more than 35 minutes. A Finnish fellows are on therithory of so call sophisticate variant of melodic / symphonic metal tendencies, with some other additionals as a classic heavy and less power metal includings as well. A distant and certain vocalization, clear and coherent playings, and strong  melodic details, characterize complete present materials.
A well-done arrangments and certain production also confirms that members from band did a good job. Random Eyes as a group, didn' t have a problems with so call manniristical " author views ", and thay have offered enough originality. " Light Up " is listenable and recomandable product.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.randomeyes.net

петак, 9. децембар 2011.


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" Stress And The Rhythm Of The Word", is the second release from Brandy Lynn Confer. ( State College, PA, Pitsburgh,PA ). Her previous album , " In The Dust " ( 2009 )helped her to gain some much needed press, develop a small fan base as a solo artist, and gain some attention to her lead guitar playing.
Brandy spent 6 years in Pitsburgh attending college for Radiology and as a multi-instrumentalist in various friends folk/bluegrass bands. In an interview for her college newspaper Brandy explained that, " I was never real member of any group, but I could play a show when they needed somebody and that was really good experience."
In 2007, Brandy joined the " Myspace generation" in home recording her own songs and posting some of them on the Internet. In 2008 one of those landed in a student film, which got her the attention of music producer Jason Rubal. ( Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Bitter Ruin ). Jason has something of a nitche in female singer - sonwriters, but additionally gravitates toward artists who work more from the inside out and are less mainstream. Seventh Wave Studio also prides itself on an honest and organic recording process. What you' ll hear on any Jason Rubal production is minimal post - editing and is on many cases one complete take.
" Stress And The Rhythm Of The Word " is the result of learning from the first album. It's a little more  " grown up", both lyrically and vocally.
" I am definitely moving forward ".

C / o : www.myspace.com/brandyconfer


" Kublai "
( Self - released ) 2011.

Italian act Accordo Dei Contrari are consists of well experienced and trained musicians. They are quartet, and discographically debuted with " Kinesis" album from 2007 year. After four years of discographical inactivities, a group has offered a new product, a 6 track CD, entitled " Kublai". Musically, Italians are on the field of older school variants of fusion and jazz rock tendencies, fullfield with progressive includings as well. A period of late 60's and first part of the 70's is more than inspirative era for band members, but its offering also include many other performing variants and elements, as Arabian ethno variations, free jazzy views,and various progressive traces as well. Often keybord and guitar dialogues  characterize its songs structures, but it's also clear that arrangments of present tracks are more than enjouable, and reaches a highest standards. " Kublai" is fine and inspirative product, worth listeners attention...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.accordodeicontrari.com

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You won' t be disappointed when you listen to the first solo album by New York City singer songwriter, David Gelman. Hear the first two songs and you' ll want to hear more. He play acoustic guitar and piano, and is accompanied by musicians on electric guitar, lap steel guitar, bass, drums and viola. You could call it rock / folk/country.
Gelman studied music and worked briefly as a songwriter in earlier days, then took a couple decades off to make a living and have a son.
Now he is back writing songs. They are about universally shared experiences, with an open mind and the thrill of discovery, reflecting on where the road might lead.
David has brought together a stella backing band that includes David Mansfield ( Bob Dylan, T Bone Burnett ), Ann Klein ( Ani DiFranco, Darden Smith), and Sammy Merendino ( Joan Osborne, Loudon Wainwright lll ). With the help of producer Tim Hatfield ( Damnwells, Death Cab for Cuties, Steve Earle, Marshall Crenshaw ) he brings us the moving melodies of " All Roads Lead Here ".

C / o : www.davidgelmanmusic.com

MIKE GRAY - Middle Distance

" Middle Distance "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Blues/roots music

Hailing from the Bootheel of Missouri, guitarist, vocalist and composer, Mike Gray having made music for two decades. He is musician with respectable experience behind, but also a relatively  newer name on blues / roots fields. Discographically he debuted with " Middle Distance" album, from this 2011 year, and this is a CD ( also available in digital form ) , with 13 tracks in. Most of the things, Mike did with own " hands" and forces, and he has introduced himself as a blues performer, with strong country, and roots elements presents in his views as well. We can also find some boogie traces, some up tempo honky-tonk variants, but  mentioned reckognizable style is present on materials form album. A similiar " psyhology", circulate around complete album materials, and Mike also treats arrangments in simple but clear way. Production isn' t modern, but in the other hand posses supportive and connective details , generally for Mike's sound. Finally, " Middle Distance" is a good discographical start  for  forthcoming Mike's carrear....

Rating : 7 / 10

HORNS of HATTIN - De Veritate

" De Veritate "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Black/death/dark metal

Out of Austria comes a band Horns of Hattin, formed back in 2007 year, They have discographicaly started with " Demo" ( 2008 ), and during the this 2011 year, also with realization of  full-length, entitled " De Veritate". Horns of Hattin are group whose interesting fields touches epic themes, ancient mysteries, and periods occupied by the the events of the Crusaders. They also explores eternal themes, as a relations between humans and religion.. Musically, their performing options are equally orientire to symphonic black metal tendencies, as same as to death and dark metal variations, and classic heavy includings as well. Some elements of 90's black metal movement are present in its music, but Austrians also has accepted enough modern views in its approach. " De Veritate" as a album are consists of 9 tracks/ themes, and this is also some sort of conceptual saga. " De Veritate" as a album isn' t so easy for acceptable, but Austrian fellows did a lotta' efforts that all things comes to a right place. A productional work is well-done, as same as the other technical details...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/hornsofhattin

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413 ( SPAIN )

413   ( SPAIN )

Press / info

413 is the name behind which hides the young basque David Pisabarro. The vocationally self - tought bass player first cut his teeth in various local- scene bands, in which he began to rea;oze his maverick skills as a musician and writer, even as a constant caregiver of sounds, textures, layers and lyrics. Always deliving into the dark side of art and athe human being, 413's music is passionate, seeker of new limits on the conventions that have been established gradually in contemporary music., feeling increasingly more confortable in the experimental edge of the art  and of itself, somewhere between what we label post folk and post - rock, not even dreading the risk of the very concept of sound.  This passion also translates into a never-ending effort to soak up every single detail thet will serve in his relationship with music or the learning process itself, as an auhor and as a producer.
His first solo production  ( Reschith, 2008 ) is a reflecion of that.Consisting of five compositions that naturally  wander among the most extreme sides of trhe human mind, from the introspective and sentimental to the uproar about social reality, it achieved to collect very positive feedback from the most important underground and mainstream media ( Rock Zone, Feticera ).
Between the Reschith and the recent Path to Hocma , 413 has completed a training process as a sound engineer and has achieved to be a successful producer in each of his single efforts for bands such as  Thee Brandy Hips " We Are Love", " Madeleine", and Cohen Subconscious Mind ". But now he finds himself on his own, embarking on a ambitious project, having no generational reference to base his work on : Path To Hocma is an album that could easily be labeled as a conceptual, but will surely prove itself, in time, as the very embodiment  of a transformation  that makes it become something bigger, something of more significance, amultidisciplinary task that  will be growing over the years and that will shaping and extending itself  until it reaches a thousend levels of expression both musically and humanly. Its composition and production  philosophy defines the product it was written  with no amplifiers, no guitars, without a studio to call home, based only on an electric bass. This radical bet looks for the most honest way to treat  your own art. Path to Hocma can' t actually be purchased, but instead of freely available in both digital and CD format. So stay tuned, 413 is here to stay.

C / o : www.the-413.com


" Fun Box "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Americana/alt. country/rock

A Bridgeport, Connecticut based songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Dave Hogan is a veteran of three critically-acclaimed groups, as a : Red One, The Great Upsetters, and The Rafter Bats. He is a longest period in a saddle, and his carrear deserve respectations. He was colaborated and cooperate with numerous collegues and musicians, and began his solo career in 2006 year. " Fun Box" is his actuelle product, and this is a full-length Digi CD with 10 tracks in. Dave's musical styles ranges from americana and alt.country tendencies, to 70's rock and acoustic includings, and some additional elements in between, as well.  His vocal interpretation posses a fresh energy, some very personal enthusiastic view, and what is also important to say, all of 10 present songs are listenable and acceptable for tasty and also " avarage" listener's ear. In some aspects his works reminds me on late James Taylor approach, but Dave as a songwriter has showed enough own " tricks" and repeatable melodies /details. " Fun Box" as a album  satisfies in every aspects, and also is recomandable for old scholl and 70's music followers.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.davehoganmusic.com

FADING CIRCLES - Cyber Whirlwind

" Cyber Whirlwind "
( Nail Records ) 2011.
Progressive metal/various metal genres

Fading Circles are Transylvanian trio, founded in 2002 year. After few Demos, numerous gigs across Romania, and realization of first full - length album, entitled " Soulburn", a wider audience recognazid them as a serious and promising act. " Cyber Whirlwind " is their second album, released for " Nail Records". Fading Circles are unclassical metal act, also untipical progressive metal band.
A group creates a songs full of different arrangments threathenings, many up tempo and rhythmical changes, even that most of present materials are done in mid, rarely faster mood. Basically, progressive influences occupies its sound, but a members from band create own sound, and what is more important own style. We can find in its music also hidden jazzy details, hidden so call stoner elements, many classic heavy includings, and many things in- between." Cyber Whirlwind" are consists of 8 tracks/themes, without of a leading song, but also without a less interesting moments. Their album is pretty inspirative product, recomandable not only for metal  followers.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.fadingcircles.com

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Press / info

Orlando, FL

Some call it rock, some call it pop, but one things for sure, it's infectious. Blending sounds of in your face classic rock guitar with modern edgy hooks and keys, the Florida 4 piece knows how to create music that hits right to the hearts with a live show that makes you wonder how you never heard of these guys.The lyrics are heartfelt and honest  while the melodies stick in your head like you' ve know it your whole life.
Formed a little over two years ago after years of friendship, the band has quickly  found their sound touring around Florida with stops including the Florida Music Festival, opening slots with Sugar Ray, Orlando's House of Blues with Allstar Weekend Hollywood Records, and Action Item, Backbooth with Before You Exit, and the Orlando Hard Rock Live. The group brings frontman Chris Ganoudis's vocals and guitar with lead guitarist Adam Sliger, bassist Dave Whitmore and drummer Nick Davila to the forefront of Florida's alt rock scene. With their music featured on WJRR Orlando fans have been hearing a taste of what the band brings to the table 7 ML has also performed live on WTKS 104, 1 FM and has been played on WFXH Rock 106 Savannah. Despite only playing music a few years 7 ML sounds well seasoned both recorded and live The release of 2010 EP " By The Light", produced by Evan Coffman and Brock Berryhill ( Alter Bridge / Versa Emerge/ Rocket To The Moon ) at Scarlight Studios, has earned them the respect of peers twice their age.
2010 brought the release of the first full CD produced again by Coffman and Berryhill, " Time To Decide" with the singles " Faster, Faster", " Just Pretend" & Disengage"., hitting radio on top of interviews in January's Stitched Sound, February's Axis Magazine, a feature on Alternative Addiction, countless blogs and Foxy's Good Day Orlando. Their music has been a constant top to download on Purevolume and Youtube including a spot on the film soundtrack for " real Men Wear Pink". After spending the spring hitting up Florida including shows at UCF and opening for Minus the Bear at the 2011 Florida Music Festival. The summer bought dates with Ford Motors Drive With a Purpose campaign and headlining shows including the House Of Blues.....


субота, 12. новембар 2011.

BALERO - After The End

" After The End "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Stoner - USA

A trio from Wilkes - Barre, Pennsylvania, isn' t a new name on stoner fields. They were formed in 2002 year around guitarist Shawn Lopuhowsky. Their line-up are consists  also of  2 brothers Comitz, Jay on drums, and Jim on bass. During the period of existence, a group released one " Demo" ( 2004 ) and EP " One Planet Short Of The Sun" ( 2006 ). " After The End" is actuelle product from previous 2010 year, where band introduces their opinions and attitudes through 7 instrumental themes/pieces and about 28 minutes of music.
Balero are stoner act, with hard rock riffing approaches, also with some bluesy present influences and hidden atmospheric and psychedelic realizations as well. We can find equally influences coming out from the 70's period, as same as newer tendencies in its sound, where fine arrangments includings and modern production, clearly shows that members from band   manniristically satisfies in every aspect.
Balero music also poses hypnotic repeatable approach, and most of the present themes are simply pretty listenable. Recomandable...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.balero.net

среда, 2. новембар 2011.

TRIGON - 2011

" 2011 "
( Trigon Music ) 2011.

Trigon are instrumental trio from Karlsruhe, whose activities dated from the late 80's. A line-up are consists of well-experienced musicians, and respectable instrumentalists, brothers Rainer ( guitar ) and Stefan ( bass ) Lange, and drummer Rudi Metzler. Actuelle " 2011 " CD is a first product since " The  Zappanale" DVD from 2007 year. The CD features 13 tracks and 67 minutes of music, and this is a sort of retrospective item, with 11 older, but freshly rearranged, restored and remixed tracks , and 2 new numbers. Musically, we can describe Trigon as a powerful instrumental act, whose oriantations touches elements of 70's jazz-rock music, progressive details, as same as some hidden psychedelic variants as well.
A group also captures a " energy" of our time, and all of present tracks are full of constant uptempo changes, and " vibrant" but colourfull arrangments works. In the other hand, " 2011" is also a listenable album, without boring or less interesting moments. Most of present themes also posses some eastern flavours, and repeatable performing " themes", and finally members from band very wisely has accepted a standards of our time. What is more important, under the mentioned genre's forms, Trigon are modern and pretty convinceble band...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.Trigon.in

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The Paranoid Critical Revolution, the project of guitarist Reg Bloor, has been playing the NYC and Northeast club scene since 2006.
The self-released debut CD " Death Of The Cool", came out in December 2007, just in time to play.ALL TOMORROW' S PARTYS, " A Nightmare Before Christmas", in Minehead, England. The bnad played at the South By Southwest Music Festival in March 2008.
The Band's second CD " Euphobia", was released in 2010. The album features more non-traditional harmony of  guitarist Reg's own invention, odd meters, atonality, dissonance,guitar accessories used in ways that they were never intended, and of course loud, screechy rock!
The album is #1 on WXDU Duke University Radio's Loud Rock chart to the week ending August 8, 2010.
The second release from Glenn Branca's new record label " SYSTEMS NEUTRALIZERS", " Euphobia". was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs at SMASH STUDIOS NYC by Ben Lindell and Mike Fryer. It was mixed and mastered by Reg Bloor and Libby Fab.
In addition to PCR, guitarist Reg Bloor has been playing with Glenn Branca ( to whom she is married ) since 2000. She played in Branca's Symphony No. 12, Lesson No. 3, his rock band Branca / Bloor, in his trio, eventually becoming Concertmaster for his " Symphony No. 13" for 100 Guitars. She can be heard on  Branca's new  CD " The Ascension : The Sequel ", and recently performed as part of the world premier of his Symphony No. 15 " Running Through The World Like An Open Razor" ( Music For Strange Orchestra ) in NYC. In the late 90's she was a founding member of the Boston - based band TWITCHER, who released the self - produced CD " Leg of Lamb of God" in 1999 and appeared on the soundtrack  for the Troma film " Terror Firmer".
" Euphobia" also features drummer Libby Fab who has since left the band....

C / o : www.theparanoidcriticalrevolution.com

субота, 22. октобар 2011.

ROSS SERMONS - King's Pool Room

" King's Pool Room "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Acoustic blues - USA

One of the undoubtly thrilling and interesting album whose oriantition touches acoustic blues fields, coming out from the kitchen of guitarist and singer Ross Sermons. Born in North Carolina in the 60's, during the forthcoming period of existence, he was inspired by the blues roots legacy of the 1920's and 30's period of previous century. But, he was also a musician with longest experience behind, and his carreare deserve respectation too. He has released and recorded materials for " King's Pool Room" album during the January, this 2011 year. We can find here and there 11 tracks, recorded practically " alive" in the studio, with minimal following  instrumental additionals.
Ross performs mainly, but not only, well-known blues standards or classics,  with specific acoustic feelings and emotionals.A pleasent atmosphere, as same as distant playings, dominates through all present songs. Ross has also reflected as a player and singer one optimistic feel, and productionally he also did a fine job. Recomandable tracks from album could be his instrumental " game " Redbelly Shuffle" , and " You Gotta Move"...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.rosssemons.com

понедељак, 17. октобар 2011.

SENCELLED - Sencelled

" Sencelled "
(Rocket Songs/Sound Polution) 2011.
Melodic rock/AOR/power pop

Sencelled are a newer Swedish four-piece act, from a suburb north of capitlol Stockholm. Their freshly released a " S / t" album, is another pretty interesting and promising album from one Swedish group whose musical orientations touches elements of melodic rock and AOR tendencies.
There are a 10 tracks from album, and complete materials were written and arranged  by band members and producer Ricky B. Delin.
Sencelled are pretty melodic group,  and all of present songs are absolutelly listenable and acceptable for radio usings. Something taken from the 80's period can be recognized in its sound, from atmosphere, to  the one unclassical energy, produced by all  band members.
In some aspects they reminds me on USA 80's act - Riggs, partly popular in brief mentioned period, but Sencelled offers many convinceble  fine moments in general.  They reflects  all the best from mentioned genres variants as a melodic rock, AOR, power pop in its musical views, and finally, their debut is more than promising  product.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.sencelled.se

недеља, 9. октобар 2011.


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Driftwood Fire is a rarity in today's media mad world - an organically creative female duo whose vivid songwriting and prodigious playing skills display uncommon artistry.
With " How To Untangle A Heartache, Scharf and Formichella present themselves as a formidably veratile and emotionally powerful band on their own terms,  with an album that has already received first place in the The Chris Austin Somgwriting Contest, first place in the International
Narrative Song Competition, and honerable mention in the Telluride Troubadour Contest, while the duo's captivating live performances have propelled them to the stages of the National Woman's Music Festival, the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists showcase and Far-West Folk Allience Premier showcases. As well as winning them Suggested Artists status in VH-1's Song of the Year contest..
" We love writing and performing and want to give people an experience that shows down time a hit and encourages them to sit back and catch their breath" says Scharf, " and maybe find a part of themselves in this music, like we did".....


уторак, 4. октобар 2011.

HASTER - Searching

" Searching "
( Self - released ) 2011.

Haster are relatively newer act, founded in April 2010 year. During the brief period a group started to write a materials, and  they discographically debuted in May this 2011 year, with EP , entitled  " Searching". A guys from Orange County, CA, are on theritory of metal / metalcore and rock tendencies, influental by the 90's period as well. Their songs posses agressivity, but in the same time melodicity is also present here and there. A production is modern, and it's important to say, that other technical elements funkcionizes according to plans. In some aspects they know to reminds on groups as a specially Deftones, Korn, less on Alice In Chains, and I have to add one more time, that  90's period is absolutelly inspirative era for band mates. A songs are certain, manniristically well done, and that's evident that USA act did a lotta' efforts, that all things satisfies in general. A 6th track, a slower one - " Take Me" could be a recomandable song for repeatable listenings....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.haster.co

DAN LAMBERT - The Double Drum Trio

" The  Double Drum Trio "
( Coordinate Records ) 2010.
Fusion/instrumental/various genres

Dan Lambert is El Paso based guitarist/composer and musician with respectable carreare behind. His grandfather was born south of Belgrade, and he  has also some Serbian and Balcan roots. " The Double Drum Trio" is his latest product, released during the December, previous 2010 year. A complete album material, Dan has recorded with two percussionists - Ricardo Amaya and Eric Hickerson.
On 12 instrumental tracks, Dan has offered his views, based on fusion varinats, middle-eastern influental music, Indian raga, as same as american folk and jazz. A present themes are very listenable, and complete album posses a special intuitive and pleasent atmosphere.
Dan has also connected a several musical periods, from mid 60's and flower-power variants to nowadays " urban" uptempo rhythmizations.
He also plays a middle eatern instruments as a : sarod, oud, ruan, so present arrangments are full of specific flavours. Some reviewers will maybe find similiarities with McLaughlin-Shakti music legacies, but Dan has offered something " expandier" and quite different.
I will repeat that really fine and pleasent atmosphere dominates through complete offering themes, and there's no doubt that Dan did a fine job. Absolutelly recomandable....

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.danlambertguitar.com

субота, 1. октобар 2011.

TOM BEIER - Atomic Hypnosis

" Atomic Hypnosis "
( Beier Rhythms ) 2011.
Rock/melodic rock/progressive/power pop

Tom Beier is Boston, MA artist, sonngwriter, multi instrumentalist, arranger, producer, and musician with longest carreare behind.His works are also featured on records, televisions, as same as campaigns worldwide. " Atomic Hypnosis" is his actuelle product from June, this 2011 year, and this is a CD with 10 tracks in. Tom has offered a really interesting amalgam of variious approaches.Basically, he mainly communicate with rock as a leading genre, but in his songs are also evident elements of power pop, electronic, as same as hidden progressive tendencies as well.
Melodicity is also important part of his views, and all of present songs were done in serious, but pleasent and enjouable arrangments mood.
Tom is also influental by the 80's and less 90's period, but productionally his works touches a modern standardizations as well. Most of his songs posses a radio friendly usings, and I would recomand 8th track " You Shine Bright On Me" for repeatable listenings...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.tombeier.com

понедељак, 26. септембар 2011.

THE TED VAUGHN BLUES BAND - The Ted Vaughn Blues Band

" The Ted Vaughn Blues Band "
( Harbinger Northwest Records ) 2011.
Blues/revival  - USA

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band are consists of well-experienced musicians, with respectable performing qualities. Frontman, vocalist and harpist, Ted Vaughn coming out from Salem, OR, and he is during the years also recognized as a certain performer and musician,  in his area. He has also offered before actuelle one, a 2 solo products - " Born To The Blues " ( 2008 ), and " Uncertain, Texas" ( 2010 ).
The actuelle Ted Vaughn Blues Band " S / t" album are consists of 10 tracks in, 3 of them are penned by Ted himself, others are covers.
Musically, Ted with his compagnions are on therithory of blues/rhythm and blues/rock and roll//rockabilly, influental by the 70's and 80's blues movements as well. A strong energy is a key weapon of group, where also other eelements funkcionizes according to plans.
Melodicity, rhythmization, and generally one positive  and optimistic atmosphere dominates through complete album materials.  
All of present songs are  absolutelly acceptable for concerts performings, and mentioned materials are listenable too. Fine product, and enjouable CD for worldwide blues followers...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tedvaughnbluesband.com

понедељак, 19. септембар 2011.

NEVEREVEN - The Progress Of Disaster

" The Progress Of Disaster "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Melodic hard rock/progressive metal

Nevereven are Brooklyn, New York City based band, formed back in 2002. They work as a quartet, and activities of actuelle line-up continiously dated from 2004 year. " The Progress Of Disaster" is their actuelle album, where we can find 5 longest tracks in.
Author of complete materials is guitarist/singer Gary Pickard, and Nevereven has introduced themselves as a serious melodic hard rock/rock act, whose songs also touches elements of progressive metal and rock tendencies as well. Some influences in its views coming out from the 80's period, and I would mention a band MAGNUM, as a important influental act, but more or less, Nevereven has offered own visions and present songs posses quite enough original elements. A songs also posses emotional look and approach, and  I would say that " softier" productional work also characterize complete album in general. In many aspects judging by evidental present atmosphere in its tunes, they knows to remind on groups from the 80's era, not only on mentioned Magnum, but Nevereven  captures a standards of our time too. " The Progress Of  Disaster" is pretty listenable album, without a weacker moments....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.neverevenmusic.com

уторак, 13. септембар 2011.


" Caked "
( Right Hook Records ) 2011.
Thrash/power/heavy metal

Muddy Helmet are Bremerton, WA quintet, started out as a band in 2009 year. They are also a newer act on USA metal underground scene, and " Caked" is actuelle full-lenght offering ,  this is a CD with 10 tracks in. Judging by genres and performing options, USA fellows combines elements of thrash, power and classic heavy idioms, fullfield with some hidden death metal traces as well. All of present songs posses a touch of so call modern influences, and productinal work accepts nowadays standards. Present songs are done in mid, rarely  in mid-up tempo,and some "doomy" atmospheres, also exists, but band didn' t communicate with mentioned genre form generally.
A lotta' energy they have included in arrangments threathenigs as same as in other tchnical elements and realizations. A cover artwork of CD is also interesting, followed by 12 pages booklet. Offering materials deserves repeatable " listening sessions", and without a doubt " Caked" is optimistic debut of USA band.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.muddyhelmet.net

четвртак, 8. септембар 2011.

TEN YEAR VAMP - Don' t Act Like You Know Me

" Don' t Act Like You Know Me "
( Self - released ) 2009.
Power pop/melodic rock - USA

Ten Year Vamp is Albany, New York female fronted quintet, active some period on national scene. After realizations of some EP's, during the 2009 year, a group has released  still actuelle full - length, with 12 tracks in, entitled " Don' t Act Like You Know Me". Ten Year Vamp are recognized as a pretty enjouable, optimistic, and convinceble act, whose songs posses a strong radio usings and aceptables. Musically, a band knows to reminds on 80's power pop acts, equally UK, as same as from USA, and one positive attitude also circulate around their music.
Energy is also important adut, as same as one unclassical optimistic view. " Don' t Act Like You Know Me" are consists of 12 equalizing songs, also acceptable for concerts threathenings. As a album " Don' t Act Like You Know Me", deserve constant and again listenings. There's no doubt that Ten Year Vamp around their interesting fields funkcionizes in best possible manner.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tenyearvamp.com

субота, 3. септембар 2011.

JACK DUPON - Demon Hardi

" Demon Hardi "
(  Musea / Transit Music Group ) 2011.
Avantgarde/progressive/progressive rock

Jack Dupon isn' t a single person, this is a name of the band, whose members coming out from France.A roots of this group going back to 2001 year, but later on, thay started to create own works seriously. With actuelle one, a French quartet have released a 2 albums, a first CD dated back from  2008 year.  " Demon Hardi " is actuelle album, with 7 longest tracks in. Judging by musical approaches and offering concept, Jack Dupon's style is strange to describe. There's no doubt that French mates offers own vision and views, original and unique in many aspects. Some comparasions leads to Frank Zappa and King Crimson legacies, more  in psychological and conceptual manner, than in performing realizations. But, present arrangments works are complexive, also touches many crossover details, and  jazzy and fusion elements  as well. " Demon Hardi" in the other hand are consists of mainly equalizing and convinceble materials, but not easilly acceptable for avarage listener's ear. Finally, their album    hides enough unusual tricks, and band's offering could be specially interesting for avantgarde /  progressive freaks .

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.jack-dupon-rock-progressif.net

SNAKE ALLEY - Blues In The Night

" Blues In The Night "
( Sound Dog Records ) 2011.
Blues - USA

Snake Alley are USA blues quartet, whose members posses a respectable performing experience. They are active some period, but what is more important, a musicians from band have cooperated with many well and less known names / acts during the previous years.
" Blues In The Night" is their actuelle album, with 11 tracks in, packed in Digi CD format. USA fellows performs own version of Chicago style, with upbeat rhythms and  repeatable choruses. Some influences coming out from 70's period, but a Snake Alley has showed that as a band posses a energy of our time. Some of the songs are authors works of guitarist and vocalist Indiana Slim, and he is also responsible for productional works. A group also covered tracks from well-known authors as a Willie Dixon, Junior Wells, Ike Turner, Hank Ballard... but complete materials has sounded as a   coherent and cohesive pieces. " Blues In The Night" is a pretty enjouable and listenable album, and there's no doubt that Snake Alley is also convinceble act in concert forms and variants....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.snakealleyband.com

понедељак, 29. август 2011.



Info /  press

The LORDS are  the most metal band on earth. Their metal is so pure that only diamonds can scratch ut, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Their amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on their door and asked them to " please turn down".
Don' t let your girlfriends near LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, ' cause their music is guaranteed to make panties explode. You think you' re bad?
While you' re watching their sweep  picking wondering how they bend space-time to fit all the  notes in, they' ll punch you right in the face without missing a beat.
Many have described their style as that of classic 80's metal ( Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc. ) with modern metal influences. Altough their music is amazing enough to melt the face of the most hardened metal veteran and woo the most tempestuous vixen, thei stage show is equally as awesome. To se the LORDS live is to witness the manifestation of metal incarnate. Guitars and microphones are set ablaze, audience members are given armor and knighted, and epic battles are waged during their sets. Those who live to tell the tale are forewer transformed into true metal warriors.
The LORDS have more power and might than can possibly be contained in these pages alone. You must experience their power for yourself to truly know metal glory!

C / o : www.LordsOfTheTrident.com

IF I WERE A GLADIATOR - Hallowed Antiquity

" Hallowed Antiquity "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Progressive metal

Out of Seatlle, WA, comes a newer act with interesting name - If I Were A Gladiator. A group work as a quintet with female fronted singer in its line-up, and her name is Emily Ruth. Conceptually, If I Were A Gladiator has offered own vision of ancient roman progressive metal, as they use to explain.where key themes belongs to gladiators and their lifes in a period of Roman empire. Musically,a band tried to find own original performing formula, where important rola belongs to often keybord and guitar dialogues.A vocalizations of mentioned Emily oftenly accepts a falcetto variants, and most of the songs are done in similiar vein. " Hallowed Antiquity" are consists of 6 equalizing tracks, without leading song. A production is modern, but in some places  a group suffers from manniristical problems. Evidentally, as a band they need a little more experience, but what is more important, they sucessfully offered own authors and performing formula.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.ifiwereagladiator.com

петак, 19. август 2011.


" Cry Havoc "
( Victory Records ) 2011.
Melodic hard rock/heavy metal

Destrophy are USA hard rock/metal quartet, formed back in 2002. During the years, they have released with actuelle one a 4 full -lengths and 1 EP. They changed a style during the period of existence, as same as performing formula, normally judging by metal views,  and actuelle. album finds them in more so call - melodic mood. " Cry Havoc"  are consists of 10 pretty meloduc tunes, done in 80's hard rock/metal vain, but with modern production includings as well. A songs are fresh, convinceble enough, absolutelly listenable, and acceptable for radio usings too.
We can also find some nu metal and AOR traces in its approach as well, but it's clear that " Cry Havoc" delivers many brilliant and fine hidden places in each corner of album. A band did a fine work and " Cry Havoc" is important album in band's discography.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.destrophy.com

понедељак, 15. август 2011.

TODD GRUBBS - Return Of The Worm

" Return Of The Worm "
( Grubbworm Music ) 2011.
Instrumental rock/fusion

Guitarist and composer Todd Grubbs is a musician with longest experience behind. He's been active for 25 years, and during the period of existence, he has worked with many performers and artists. " Return Of The Worm" is his latest album, where we can find 11 instrumental tracks in. He has released album materials  with team of  respespectable colegues and performers. His guitar techniques as same as offering materials, varies judging by performing and genre's options and includings.  So,we can find here and there " traditional" instrumental rock phrases, interesting funky rhythmizations, as  well as unstandardized fusion improvizations,and some untipical psychedelic includings as well. A tracks/offering themes are different amom them, but some of present materials posses a enjouable atmosphere too. " Return Of The Worm" comphrises very fne works, and this is another musically sucessfull offering of mentioned USA performer.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.toddgrubbs.com


" Deadline "
( Nordic  Records ) 2011.
Heavy/power/melodic metal

Fastlane Flower are sextet coming out from Oslo, Norway. A band started out seriously during the autumn 2008 year, and its line-up are consists of well-experienced musicians. " Deadline" is actuelle debut from this 2011 year, and this is a full-length with 9 tracks in.
Fastlane Flower combines many metal idioms as a classic heavy, power, melodic as same as some dark or crossover tendencies as well.
But, a key performing rola in a band, belong to female vocalist Eline Stolan. Her melodramatic voice, also performing energy are key elements in group's songs structures and arrangments threathenings. A mentioned  performing energy of Mrs. Eline isn' t a usual case in nowadays modern metal world, and she really know how to impress and satisfy avarage listener's ears. A Norway band in the other hand has offered mainly equalizing materials, with no impressive, but certain production realization. Finally, this is a good discographical start for group, and we'll see what the near  future brings....

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.fastlaneflower.no

субота, 13. август 2011.

LAZULI - 4603 Battements

" 4603 Battements "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Progressive/progressive rock

French band Lazuli is another interesting act in progressive area, coming out from France. With actuelle one, a group has recorded a 5 albums, discographically started out in 2004 year. " 4603 Battements" a band did with own forces, and album looked a light of day during the May, this 2011 year. Lazuli is a band with respectable experince, in its line-up are well-trained musicians, and also is important to say, that judging by authors creations, a French act knows to offer many interesting ideas, with hints of originality as well. " 4603 Battements" are consists of 11 tracks in, and this is a Digi CD with additional 24 pages booklet. Musically they mixes electric with acoustic lines and parts, with addition of some interesting samples. Also we can find  hidden folk, chanson, and avangarde elements as well in its arrangmants works. A production is modern, and generally their music posses many eclectic views. Complexivity ( in positive meaning ) is a middle name of present songs, and French act did a nice work in final. Pretty recomandable for progressive freaks and followers.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.lazuli-music.com

четвртак, 11. август 2011.

YUJI FUKUDA - Artifact

" Artifact "
( Leccia Records ) 2010.
Fusin - JAPAN

Yuji Fukuda is a promising name in a world of  jazz and fusion tendencies. He learned guitar technique and theory in vocational training school like " MI Japan Nagoya ", and became a teacher at the school, at the age of 23 after graduating. With the team of also skillful collaborators and musicians, during the previous 2010 year, he has released an album, entitled " Artifact". Mr. Fukuda introduces himself as a well-experienced guitairst with gentle and sophisticate guuitar technique. He is also a instrumentalist who knows to " deliver" lotta' melodic phrases, even that his methods of performing, and also of his band, knows to remind on same previos periods, as a a specifically 70's era. " Artifact" are consists of 6 instrumental tracks, done in mentioned fusion mood, with evidental funk, groovy and jazz-rock tendencies as well. A flavour of past times occupies a whole album in general, even that judging by technical, and as same as  productional  tendencies, "Artifact" certainly touches a standards of our time too. Actuelle album of Japanese guitarist and his team is also enjouable product, acceptable equally for jazz and non jazz followers.

Rating : 8 / 10

NAILGUN - Paindustry

" Paindustry"
( Self - released ) 2011.
Heavy/power metal - GERMANY

Nailgun are relatively newer act on national underground metal scene, coming out from southern part of country. They are sextet with 2 vocalists, and 2 guitarists in its line-up. They were formed in 2008 , and during the April this  2011 year, their debut full-length looked a light of day.
" Paindustry" , judging by cover artwork and design, is visually, as same as technically well " packed" CD, and I have to add, that also other technical elements, and specially a production, a band has threathed in a modern way. Musically, Germans has offered own vision of heavy/power metal, fullfield in some places with additional progressive and hidden industrial elements as well. Manniristically,  a songs were released with similiar threathenings, and practically also with similiar realizations. Arrangmenst follows up a song structures, and members from band introduces themselves as a well-trained performers. A German fellows convinceble delivers own ideas, but also is truth to say, that manniristical " problems", are presents on whole album materials. Even of that, "Paindustry" could be a solid discographical start for German act.....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.nail-gun.de

уторак, 2. август 2011.


" Oddity "
( Vocation Records ) 2011.
Progressive rock - FRANCE

Multi-instrumentalist and composer, Franck Carducci is a musician with huge experience.During the years he cooperated with many groups, and rumours says that he was playing in 20 to 30 different bands, and was involved to recording beleive or not about 15 different albums.
" Oddity" is a solo project, released with respectable team of proffesionals. It is a sort of concept album, based on well-known Greek mithology. Musically, Franck and his colaboraters has offered a sort of classic progressive variants, influental by the 70s and 80's progressive movements as well. So, we can find here and there some clear Genesis musical traces, and Franck also has citied legacy of mentioned band, included on album   song " The Carpet Crawlers". We can also hear touches of Camel or Pendragon works, but " Oddity" is a complexive and also very listenable product. A production has captured a standards of our time, and it's importsant to say, that all other technical elements funkcionizes according to plans. A fine album, probably also enjouable for prog fans...

Rating :  7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.franckcarducci.com