четвртак, 5. септембар 2013.

ESQUELA - Are We Rolling?

" Are We Rolling? "
( Livestock/Bovina Records/Hemifran  ) 2013.
Rock / americana/roots music - USA

A New York based band Esquela is a relatively newer act, under the indie roots/americana
therithory. Firstly, they have discographicaly started with " The Owl Has Landed" album,
and a few months ago, they are hailing with actuelle product, a CD entitled
" Are We Rolling?". And, a simply answer is - yes. Esquela in best possible way communicate
with rock/americana/country rock/roots music variants, and also with 70's flavours and
additionals as well. A soulful voice of singer Rebecca Frame characterize an atmosphere
in its songs , penned mostly by bass player Chico Finn. In many aspects a 6 piece Newyorkers
reminds on known 70's acts, but  psychologically they also elegantly captures a standars of
our time. " Are We Rolling?" are consists of mainly equalizing materials, and one " classic"-
- " Tossin' And Turnin' "

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.esquelatheband.com


" 13 Hours "
( Achilles Wheel Records / Hemifran ) 2012.
Jam rock / roots music - USA

Achilles Wheel is a relatively new band, fronted by 2 persons/authors - Paul Kamm
and Johnny " Mojo" Flores.  The 13 songs from its debut album were recorded in
precisely 13 hours, live at historical " Nevada Theater", in downtown Nevada City,
CA. In best possible way USA act combines jam rock options with roots music
legacies. Their performing variants also apsorbes a psychology of 70's period, and
some influences leads to the groups as a Alman Brothers, Grateful Dead, and Little
Feat among others. But, even that band introduces themselves as a act with
raw and in the same time convinceble performing energy, its songs are more
than so call standard jam rock  tunes/themes. " 13 Hours" on the other hand are
consists of equalizing materials, with positive,  pleasent and also enjoyable
atmosphere, without less interesting moments. Fine work and recomandable
peace of music too...

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.achilleswheel.com
www. hemifran.com