понедељак, 26. септембар 2011.

THE TED VAUGHN BLUES BAND - The Ted Vaughn Blues Band

" The Ted Vaughn Blues Band "
( Harbinger Northwest Records ) 2011.
Blues/revival  - USA

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band are consists of well-experienced musicians, with respectable performing qualities. Frontman, vocalist and harpist, Ted Vaughn coming out from Salem, OR, and he is during the years also recognized as a certain performer and musician,  in his area. He has also offered before actuelle one, a 2 solo products - " Born To The Blues " ( 2008 ), and " Uncertain, Texas" ( 2010 ).
The actuelle Ted Vaughn Blues Band " S / t" album are consists of 10 tracks in, 3 of them are penned by Ted himself, others are covers.
Musically, Ted with his compagnions are on therithory of blues/rhythm and blues/rock and roll//rockabilly, influental by the 70's and 80's blues movements as well. A strong energy is a key weapon of group, where also other eelements funkcionizes according to plans.
Melodicity, rhythmization, and generally one positive  and optimistic atmosphere dominates through complete album materials.  
All of present songs are  absolutelly acceptable for concerts performings, and mentioned materials are listenable too. Fine product, and enjouable CD for worldwide blues followers...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tedvaughnbluesband.com

понедељак, 19. септембар 2011.

NEVEREVEN - The Progress Of Disaster

" The Progress Of Disaster "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Melodic hard rock/progressive metal

Nevereven are Brooklyn, New York City based band, formed back in 2002. They work as a quartet, and activities of actuelle line-up continiously dated from 2004 year. " The Progress Of Disaster" is their actuelle album, where we can find 5 longest tracks in.
Author of complete materials is guitarist/singer Gary Pickard, and Nevereven has introduced themselves as a serious melodic hard rock/rock act, whose songs also touches elements of progressive metal and rock tendencies as well. Some influences in its views coming out from the 80's period, and I would mention a band MAGNUM, as a important influental act, but more or less, Nevereven has offered own visions and present songs posses quite enough original elements. A songs also posses emotional look and approach, and  I would say that " softier" productional work also characterize complete album in general. In many aspects judging by evidental present atmosphere in its tunes, they knows to remind on groups from the 80's era, not only on mentioned Magnum, but Nevereven  captures a standards of our time too. " The Progress Of  Disaster" is pretty listenable album, without a weacker moments....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.neverevenmusic.com

уторак, 13. септембар 2011.


" Caked "
( Right Hook Records ) 2011.
Thrash/power/heavy metal

Muddy Helmet are Bremerton, WA quintet, started out as a band in 2009 year. They are also a newer act on USA metal underground scene, and " Caked" is actuelle full-lenght offering ,  this is a CD with 10 tracks in. Judging by genres and performing options, USA fellows combines elements of thrash, power and classic heavy idioms, fullfield with some hidden death metal traces as well. All of present songs posses a touch of so call modern influences, and productinal work accepts nowadays standards. Present songs are done in mid, rarely  in mid-up tempo,and some "doomy" atmospheres, also exists, but band didn' t communicate with mentioned genre form generally.
A lotta' energy they have included in arrangments threathenigs as same as in other tchnical elements and realizations. A cover artwork of CD is also interesting, followed by 12 pages booklet. Offering materials deserves repeatable " listening sessions", and without a doubt " Caked" is optimistic debut of USA band.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.muddyhelmet.net

четвртак, 8. септембар 2011.

TEN YEAR VAMP - Don' t Act Like You Know Me

" Don' t Act Like You Know Me "
( Self - released ) 2009.
Power pop/melodic rock - USA

Ten Year Vamp is Albany, New York female fronted quintet, active some period on national scene. After realizations of some EP's, during the 2009 year, a group has released  still actuelle full - length, with 12 tracks in, entitled " Don' t Act Like You Know Me". Ten Year Vamp are recognized as a pretty enjouable, optimistic, and convinceble act, whose songs posses a strong radio usings and aceptables. Musically, a band knows to reminds on 80's power pop acts, equally UK, as same as from USA, and one positive attitude also circulate around their music.
Energy is also important adut, as same as one unclassical optimistic view. " Don' t Act Like You Know Me" are consists of 12 equalizing songs, also acceptable for concerts threathenings. As a album " Don' t Act Like You Know Me", deserve constant and again listenings. There's no doubt that Ten Year Vamp around their interesting fields funkcionizes in best possible manner.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tenyearvamp.com

субота, 3. септембар 2011.

JACK DUPON - Demon Hardi

" Demon Hardi "
(  Musea / Transit Music Group ) 2011.
Avantgarde/progressive/progressive rock

Jack Dupon isn' t a single person, this is a name of the band, whose members coming out from France.A roots of this group going back to 2001 year, but later on, thay started to create own works seriously. With actuelle one, a French quartet have released a 2 albums, a first CD dated back from  2008 year.  " Demon Hardi " is actuelle album, with 7 longest tracks in. Judging by musical approaches and offering concept, Jack Dupon's style is strange to describe. There's no doubt that French mates offers own vision and views, original and unique in many aspects. Some comparasions leads to Frank Zappa and King Crimson legacies, more  in psychological and conceptual manner, than in performing realizations. But, present arrangments works are complexive, also touches many crossover details, and  jazzy and fusion elements  as well. " Demon Hardi" in the other hand are consists of mainly equalizing and convinceble materials, but not easilly acceptable for avarage listener's ear. Finally, their album    hides enough unusual tricks, and band's offering could be specially interesting for avantgarde /  progressive freaks .

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.jack-dupon-rock-progressif.net

SNAKE ALLEY - Blues In The Night

" Blues In The Night "
( Sound Dog Records ) 2011.
Blues - USA

Snake Alley are USA blues quartet, whose members posses a respectable performing experience. They are active some period, but what is more important, a musicians from band have cooperated with many well and less known names / acts during the previous years.
" Blues In The Night" is their actuelle album, with 11 tracks in, packed in Digi CD format. USA fellows performs own version of Chicago style, with upbeat rhythms and  repeatable choruses. Some influences coming out from 70's period, but a Snake Alley has showed that as a band posses a energy of our time. Some of the songs are authors works of guitarist and vocalist Indiana Slim, and he is also responsible for productional works. A group also covered tracks from well-known authors as a Willie Dixon, Junior Wells, Ike Turner, Hank Ballard... but complete materials has sounded as a   coherent and cohesive pieces. " Blues In The Night" is a pretty enjouable and listenable album, and there's no doubt that Snake Alley is also convinceble act in concert forms and variants....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.snakealleyband.com