недеља, 30. јануар 2011.

GHOST - The Engraving

" The Engraving "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Heavy metal/80's metal/melodic metal

Out of Follo, suburb area of capitol Oslo, comes a guys from band Ghost. They started out its life in 2002 year, and till now with actuelle full-length, thay have also released an EP and Demo. A group work in quintet formation, and very seriously threats a media segments of entire carreare, so many European webzines writes about band. Actuelle album " The Engraving" introduces them as a 80's influental heavy/hard/melodic act. A present songs from album posses a strong melodic lines, excellent vocalizations, relevant production, and good playing. A members from Ghost sounds as a coherent team, and it's also evident that arrangments of each songs are colourful and surprisengly interesting.
Even that members from band are aged from 30 to 37 year, together they have showed a  more than certain maturity, and its album sounds as a well-experienced and strong product.. " The Engraving is very recomandable CD, especially for the 80's metal followers...

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.ghosttheband.com

петак, 28. јануар 2011.

APOLLOS - Awaken

" Awaken "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Metal/hard rock/gothic/psychedelic

Apollos is a unusual act with strange history behind. They started out firstly in 1987 year, and in those times band has released an album, entitled " Rising" A group has received a criticall acclaim from  prestige British " Kerrang" magazine, and received a cult following.
After   years of inactivities, a band turned a new chapter and during the November of previous 2010 year , announced its second arrival with album " Awaken". Apollos are definitelly original act with interesting authors ideas. Musically they are on therithory of classic 70's and 80's metal, fullfield with evident gothic and even psychedelic tendencies as well. They combines older and newer variants, and as a result, we have a quite unique releasing approach. A songs are intense, also mostly different among them, with many uptempo changes, and unexpecting arrangments includings.  A 14 tracks are present on " Awaken" album without unnecessery technical includings, but with also specofic present atmosphere, evident on each place of album.  " Awaken" is interesting product, worth listeners attention. ....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : e-mail : leeapollos@gmail.com

среда, 26. јануар 2011.

JESSE BARISH - Restless Soul

" Restless Soul "
( Voidecho Records ) 2010.
Melodic rock / pop / soul - USA

Jesse Barish is a veteran of many music wars. His carreare started out practically in 60's period, and during the years he has performed and toured with many known and less known musicians. He toured among others with Leon Russel, Freddie King, J.J. Cale, and cooperated with Marty Balin. " Restless Soul" is his latest effort from October 2010 year.Jesse was author, he played flute and harmonica, and complete album he was recorded with Jeff Pescetto. Jeff was responsible for all instruments and backing vocals. " Restless Soul " is a mature product of well-experienced author, with tons of emotional pictures, pleasent atmospheres, and fine harmonizations. His melodic rock/pop songs are fulfield with evident and clear soul pastiche. Many reminiscents of 60's and 70's periods are present on 18 songs from album. Most of the songs are acceptable for radio usings too. Finally, " as a album " Restless Soul offers a good feelin' and same vibrations. Recomandable for listening in night time....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.jessebarish.com

понедељак, 24. јануар 2011.

BODINROCKER - Mysterious Man

" Mysterious Man "
( Bearman Music ) 2010.
Rock / melodic rock

Anders Bodin aka Bodinrocker is longest period in the saddle. He is from Gottenburg, Sweden, and musically, he is faithfull to 70's rock legacies. I have to say that his entire carreare has a respectable promotional campaighn on net, and his actuelle album " Mysterious Man" has been introduced in many webzines, nationally and abroad. " Mysterious Man" are consists of 10 pretty listaneble and melodic tunes, done in mentioned 70's rock manner. His works knows to remind on Status Quo approach, equally vocally and judging by performing threathenings.
But, melodicity is a key weapon of Swedish rocker, and complete materials posses a radio friendly usings. Many of present songs are very, very listenable, and also acceptable for gig performings. Nothing specially new, but Bodinrocker offers a good feelin', enjouable songs and positive vibrations..

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.andersbodin.net

AMAGORTIS - Intrinsic Indecency

" Intrinsic Indecency "
( Brutal Bands ) 2010.
Death metal - SWITZERLAND

A Swiss quartet Amagortis isn' t a newer name in death metal underground community. They started out in 2001 year, and till now they have released with actuelle one, a third full-lengths. " Intrinsic Indecency" introduces themselves with 11 tracks in, done in pretty brutal death metal vain. They sound as a coherent team, also with some grind includings, but I would add that present materials comphrises also  90's death metal influences as well. Mannitristically, they also knows to remind on USA acts from late 90's and begining of the 2000's period, and in my opinion also more psychologically. Technically as same as productionally, some things looked unfinnished, and the weacker side belongs to identical productional threathenings in each songs from the album. Total running time of album is 30 minutes, and cover design of CD, done by Tony Koehi deserve recomandations.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.brutalbands.com
e-mail : music@dirtyweird.com


" Thorns "
( Non Stop Music ) 2009.
Doom/various metal genres

A Swiss act Excruciation had a long hstory behind. They started out its carreare in late 1987 year, and finilized a first phase in 1991 year, after realization of one mini LP and one CD album .After a period of inactivities, a group started a new chapter in 2005 year, with different musical direction ." Thorns" are still actuelle product, released during the December of 2009 year. A Swiss fellows has offered a pretty convinceble variant of doom, fullfield with some other genres variants, as a death metal, less thrash and enough progressive includings as well. A present songs posses evident performing passionate, intensity and strong attitude. There's no doubt that  other details also funkcionizes as well, so the production is pretty relevant as same as complete technical includings. Their  authors approach is also fresh and modern, judging by genre's standardizations, so " Thorns " as a album satisfies in many aspects. Recomandable....

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.nonstopmusic.ch
e-mail : music@dirtyandweird.com

петак, 21. јануар 2011.

MORILD - Time To Rest

" Time To Rest "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Progressive/progressive rock

Morild are Trondheim, Norway based band, formed back in 2007 year. A group work as a quartet, and during the previous 2010 year, they debuted with 2 CD's materials, entitled " Time To Rest". It's also interesting, that Italian webzine "Progwards" - www.progwards.it , nominated them as a best foreighn act with debut album.  Morild are musically deeply in the 70's period, but in their own way they recapitulize mentioned era, mixing authentic sound with nowadays prog. elements as well. They are also partly influental by the Nordic folk, their materials posses enough ambiental parts, many keybord driven passages, as well as colourfull arrangments includings. Their mainly longer songs are done in slower to mid, rarely mid-up tempo. A band has showed some original authors ideas, as same as some unexpecting performing details. Even of many fine present moments, a generally  weacker element belongs to production works . A production simply must be better, even that we know that group has recorded an album materials for longer period. As a band Morild has introduced themselves as a original act, even that some comparisions could lead to British 70's acts as a Camel, Rennaissance or earliest Barclay James Harvest. " Time To Rest " is a relevant discographical start for Norway fellows, and recomandable product for progressive followers as well.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/morildprog



Info 2011.

Satevis began life in 2003 as an atmospheric doom metal project called Corsis. As the band become more serious, its sound evolved in a more progressive dimension, combining melodic elements with more extreme sounds. With this change in musical direction, come a name change, and in 2007, Corsis became Antares.
With a new name and a new sound, Antares began work on the " Different Light" demo, released in 2008. Once the demo was complete, the guys began playing every show they could find in the New York / New Jersey area. Having built some momentum and with a new batch of songs representing a further maturation of the band's sound., Antares entered the studio once more to record the " Centralia" EP. Totally different than anything the band  had done before, the songs on " Centralia" combined the atmosphere and mood of black metal, the dissonance and brutality of death metal, and the technical but melodic riffing of progressive metal. With so little shared between the new songs and those conceived under the Antares moniker, the band decided that one final name change was necessary. Thus, Satevis was born...

C / o : www.satevismusic.com



INFO 2010.

Cinder Road knows how to push the right buttons and tug on the heartstrings to win over the masses.Playing their radio friendly collection of songs equally matched by their charismatic chemistry, this band merges old school rock sensibility with a modern,  pop metal approach - underscored by a unique flavor of attitude and presence reminiscent of the 80's avenue rock era.
Neighbours Mike Ruocco and Chris Shucosky formed the band as kids, taking the name of their own street as soon as they learned how to play.  They soon began touring as a cover band in high school days. Mike, the lead singer, " We sometimes played as many as six shows a week in high school, playing colleges, clubs, parties of any other gig we could get. We' d be falling asleep in chaos from all the touring.".
Soon, the seasoning at such a young age paid off, when the band caught the attention of Union Entertainment Group, the management team behind multi - platinum selling  Canadian band Nickelback. Cinder Road soon  found themselves in the studio with veteran producer Marti Frederiksen ( Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne ) and the debut album  " Superhuman" was born.
The CD is a mix of High-octane rockers and heartfelt ballads that, according to Ruocco, create an experience, running the gamut of emotions.
The 11 tracks on " Superhuman" are definetely staggering in their passionate range.Ruocco mantains a simply philosophy when it comes to music".
Each song is an extension of my emotions.They' re like my children"  Whatever lies in their future, Cinder Road has set their sights high. That is, if the band's frontman has anything to say about it. " people go to rock shows to be entertained. Thy don' t want to hear about politics or look at same depressed kid in a dirty T-shirt. We need to change that.
Remember the big arena rock shows? The days of pyro, big light shows, huge stages, ramps, swings and all that crazy stuff? We want to bring that back".

C / o : www.cinderroadmusic.com



Info 2010.

Bodinrocker is Andreas Bodin from Gothenburg, Sweden. He's been rocking on since he was a kid. He grew up in the middle of Sweden and started to write songs on the guitar at the age of ten. When he stepped in to his older brothers rooms there were posters all over the place of Status Quo, Slade and The Who. And that's where Anders still is. Head down, legs apart.Melodic guitar riffs, straight forward rock and boogie is what is all about.
Through the years he's been in some bands, but none of them really worked out well.  In 2005 he decided to start a solo-project. With great help from Lars Ekberg, his brother in law, he started the recordings that developed to the debut album, " Hall Of Flames". It was released by his own company " Bearman music", in late 2006. It ended up being a very guitar oriented album  in the classic rock style. and got some great attention. The title track was used by TV 4, in Sweden, as background music when the swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang was about to do his first space trip. The title track did also get some airplay in swedish radio along with " Golden Girl" and " The Way back Home".
In June 2008 Anders Bodin was back in the studio for his next album. He once again worked with the same musicians as from the first album.
Great musicians who also have worked with well known swedish artists such as Jerusalem, Mikael Rickfors, Mats Ronander, Carola, and many others. Lars Ekberg was once again back as the co-producer and the recordings took place in his own  Oakmountain studio in Gothenburg.
April 2010 saw the release of " Mysterious Man". An album loaded with melodies, guitar riffs, hammond organ, boogie and straightforward rock.
The songs are stories, adventures and reflections of life. Anders want to encourage the listeners to create their own adventures, to throw away the remote control and the explore life.
This time Anders Bodin decided to use his old nickname Bodinrocker. The first single " Scooter", was released as a digital single 29th of January 2010 and has got some great airplay in Sweden. " Scooter " charted at No. 1 at SNL, Svenska Narradiolistan. The album " Mysterious Man" was released 1st of April 2010 and is available both on CD and digital download...

C / o : www.andersbodin.net

среда, 19. јануар 2011.



Info 2010 :

Apollos is a hard rock, metal ( classic & progressive ) band that began in 1987. They received critical acclaim from KERRANG! magazine for their first album " Rising" and developed a loyal cult following. They actually call their music " gnothic " becouse of the " neo-gothic " imagery and sounds combined with " gnostic" or esoterical wisdom poetry. Their new album  " Awaken" is their second album. They went underground for over twenty years after lead singer Anthony Stultz ( aka Lord Jack ) left to become a Zen teacher and Buddhist priest.
The band was resurrected when his son Evan Stultz ( aka Lee Apollos ) took up the guitar ( he started playing violin at age 5 ! ) and began playing with Apollos original  guitarist from Great Britain, Don Reese. He inspired dad to get back to singing and new material was quickly formed.Tohether, Anthony and Evan are probably one of the most unique metal bands out there - being a father and son team! Noted for their eclectic sound, progressive lyrics, their new album is dedicated to their late friend and metal god, Ronnie James Dio.Proceeds from this new album are doated to  Dio's cancer fighting charity, STAND UP AND SHOUT.....

недеља, 9. јануар 2011.


" Cult Of The Black Sun"
( Dirty & Weird Music ) 2010.
Death rock / crossover

Out of Zurich, Switzerland comes anarcho rockers - The Sunwashed Avenuas. They are active continiously some period, and firstly they have released an EP in 2009 year, followed by actuelle debut full-length " Cult Of The Black Sun" from December 2010. A Swiss fellows has offered a real musical croosover, where exists many places for hardcore, metalcore,punkcore, and even industrial elements. Some of present songs posses complexivities in arrangments views. Screamo and hysterical vocalization also dominates in band's offering, even that most of materials are structurally different among them. " Cult Of The Black Sun" as a album also comphrise some 90's elements in general conception, but definitelly a group  has accepted a standards of our time as well.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.dirtyandweird.com

SNATCH MAGNET - Screw, Nut and Bolt

" Screw, Nut & Bolt "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Rock/party rock/hard rock

Snatch Magnet are band with unusual and interesting name, active some period also as a party act in Hollywood area. A group work in quintet formation, and during the May of previous 2010 year, they have debuted with album entitled " Screw, Nut & Bolt". Even that they do not take themselves too seriously, their album are consists of  7 more good than worst tracks. Some of them are more powerful, part are pretty melodic, and group sound as a coherent team. Snatch Magnet delivers portions of rock/hard rock/party rock variants, and it's also evident that some of presents songs are  different among them, judging by stylish includings. So, we can also find in some album places more funk includings, as same as beleive or not epic details, specially present in song " Call Of The Maiden". Snatch Magnet also recapitualtes 70's and 80's rock pastiche in own specific way, and what is more important, finally thay have offered enough original views....

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.snatchmagnet.com

субота, 8. јануар 2011.

NOISE CONTROL - The Room At The End Of The Hall

" The Room At The End Of The Hall"
( Self - released ) 2009.
Rock / hard rock - CANADA

Noise Control is alter ego of Reggie Hache, musician/author/vocalist/bass player, and also his own band, supported by two members - guitarist Chris Robertson and drummer Kelly Stodola. He is on the saddle practically for 25 years, and with mentioned musicians, he has released an album with 7 tracks in, entitled " The Room At The End Of The Hall". With fresh and I can add a modern production, Reggie and his compagnions has offered an amalgam of rock/hard rock variants, fullfield with some stoner details as well. A songs are rooted in 70's and 80's era, but nowadays options are also presents here and there .  . There are no unnecessery technical additionals, and some of the songs also posses evident melodic lines. Even that Noise Control is Reggie's project, he and his band fellows sounds pretty coherent. A second tune " NCR" could be a favourable one...

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.noisecontrolmusic.com

BETTER OFF DEAD - Girls Guns And Money

" Girls Guns And Money "
( Garage Land Records ) 2010.
Rockin' blues/ rockabilly/revival

Out of New Jersey comes an really interesting attraction, a band Better Off Dead. Their first discographical step was a " S/t' album from 1997 year, followed by second entry " Girls With A Job'"from 2001-year. During the last days of April, previous 2010 year, a group has announced its third offering - "Girls Guns And Money". Better Off Dead are explosive and modern rockin' blues/revival act, but with evidental fresh musical views, perfect performings, and quite convinceble realizations. They have offered beleive or not 28 brilliant tracks, equaly powerfull and melodic at same time. Better Off  Dead rooted deeply in the 50's, but all of present songs posses a modern look, so they aren' t a usual so call revival act.
" Girls Guns And Money" are consists of enough excelent songs, acceptable for radio usings and concerts threathenings as well. Their album is recomandable for listeners attention in every and any time...

 Rating : 9 / 10
 C / o : www.betteroffdead.com