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" The Doomed "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Modern rock - USA

Someonelse are NYC based quintet, active some period. Part of  the group members, previously has participated in Juniper Sky band.
" The Doomed " is their debut from previous 2011 year, and this is a full-length CD with 11 tracks in. A band is influental by the 90's rock details, but present songs posses enough strong performing realizations and fresh ideas as well. We can find similiar traces of punk and hardcore performing energy in its materials, but in the other hand songs posses evident melodic includings too.A catchy and in some places repeatable guitar phrases and bass lines, characterize their arrangments approaches in practically complete present tracks, and pretty similiar and expecting atmosphere dominates through complete album as well. I will add that some song is maybe a overproduced, but  production work satisfies in many aspects. Someonelse generally  has offered a modern ( rock ) approach , and interesting authors views...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.someonelserocks.com

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Info / press


DBB are one of Europe's most prodigious and respected bluegrass bands. They are well known and highhly regarded in both Europe and the USA, where they have toured several times.
In DBB's music you can hear the geographical and cultural similiarities between Appalachia, USA, the home of bluegrass, and its minning districts, and the minning and heavy industries of Bereslagen, Sweden, where the band originates.Bluegrass is predominantly working class music which has infected poor conditions in the countryside and minning villages. The music invokes the hard  work in the mines and fields, the wide open spaces, the simply life, jealousy, prison guards, and the battle between GOD and the DEVIL. Downhill's music reflects many of these themes. Music and lyrics expres life in the here and now, but with an awareness of tradition.
On invitation, they performed more than once at the IBMA Awards in Nashville on account of their excellent playing skills and unique  sound, as well as their songwritings abilities. As well as America, they have played  festivals in most European countries. Most of the repertoire they perform is their own, and some of these songs have been recorded by both American and Europian artists.
DBB was formed by Jonas and Kenneth Kjelligren with the intentions to play traditionally rooted bluegrass with a contemporary flair. Sharing the same musical ideas and sources for inspiration, they started to play together in 1998. Since then they have released four CD's, the last one with only original material written by songwriter and mandolinist Jonas Kjellgren.
The band members today are : Jonas Kjellgren on banjo, Magnus Sundstrom on guitar and vocals, Kajsa Westlin on bass and vocals, and Nicke Widen on dobro and Ivor Ottley on fiddle.
Through the years Jonas Kjellgren and Kenneth Kjellgren have remained the corner stone of the band....

C / o : www.downhill.nu

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JOHN & SHEILA LUDGATE - Running Through The Innocent Years

" Running Through The Innocent Years  "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Roots / folk  CANADA

John And Sheila Ludgate are Barlington, Ontario based duo, continiously active some period. They are also a family band, and 3 of their four sons also participate in actuelle album. " Running Through The Innocent Years " is their 3rd CD, where we can find 11 tracks in. John is a singer, guitarist and harmonica player, Sheila is bassist, and musically we can face it with strong materials based on roots / folk traditions, fulfield with also some clear americana includings. A present songs are  warm and pleasent, lyrical approaches are based on life's experiences, and most of materials posses clear melodicity, and radio friendly usings. A songs are mostly done in mid and slower tempo, rarely in mid-up tempo.  Interesting arrangments includings follows up a complete album tracks, and we can  confirm that production  is also a well-done. " Running Through The Innocent Years " is a recomandable product, equally for the older and newer folk / roots followers..

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C /  o : www.johnandsheilaludgate.com

WICKED SIDE - Welcome To The Wicked Side

" Welcome To The Wicked Side "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Heavy metal/hard rock - POLAND

Out of Bialystok, Poland comes a band Wicked Side, formed around basist and vocalist Przemyslaw Przytulo in  May 2009 year.
They works as a quartet , and during the forthcoming period they have released a 3 tracks Demo in 2010 , performed a lot, and supported for many well-known national acts, such as a : Turbo, Chainsaw, CETI...In December of previous 2011, they have recorded a 5 track EP, entitled " Welcome To The Wicked Side ". A Polish fellows in their own way combines elements of raw heavy metal and hard rock idioms, influental by the 80's period as well. I can not compare ' em with any well-known acts, but they have showed enough originalities.
A production isn' t modern, practically a group in first plan puts a raw perfoming variants and same vocalization. As a band posses evident performing energy, and   they have sounded as a coherent team. " Welcome To The Wicked Side " includes mainly an equalizing songs, without any leading track, but evidentaly, complete present materials realistically is more interesting for concert performings and playings...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.reverbnation.com/wickedside

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KNIGHT FURY - Time To Rock

" Time To Rock "
( Self -- released ) 2011.
Hard rock/heavy metal/melodic metal

Arizona Knight Fury quartet is a sort of super-group, judging by past activities of its members. A group is founded around ex Lizzy Borden guitarist Chris Sanders. In its line-up are also bassist Dave Ellefson ( Megadeth ), drummer Ken Mary ( House Of Lords and Fifth Angel), and talented and certain vocalist - William King. Their " Time To Rock" album is a full-length with 10 tracks in from previous 2011 year, done as a self-released issue. Knight Fury communicate with classic hard rock and metal idioms, influental by the 80's period as well. Their songs also posses a strong melodicity, clear arrangments, and certain final realizations as well.A strong performings, fine production, and present songs practically without weacker details, characterize band's offering in general. " Time To Rock " in best possible way reminds on glory 80's albums and groups, and same so call 80's psychology follows up a complete   albums materials.  Very recomandablle, not only for the 80's and old school followers...

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.knightfury.com

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CRYOGENIC IMPLOSION - Creation Of The New World

" Creation Of The New World " 
( Metal Scrap Records ) 2011.
Death metal - UKRAINE

Cryogenic Implosion are  death metal act, formed back in 2007 year. During the forthcoming period, a group has released a 2 Demos, in 2008, and 2010 year. " Creation Of The New World" is still actuelle full - length from previous 2011 year, released for " Metal Scrap Records".
A band from Ukraine is faithful to death metal tendencies, nearer to 90's psychology, than to nowadays standards. They are brutal act, with also clear technical additionals. They speak about world degradation, darkness, and war themes, and  offers a 8 equalizing tracks, duration a little less than 27 minutes. Technically and visually mainly satisfies, even that evidentally exist some manniristical problems in its approaches. Nothing especially new, but with enough brutal blast beats, certain   gutural vocalizations. and similiar performing tricks, well done to satisfy constantly growing extreme metal fan base...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.metalscrap.org.ua