недеља, 30. септембар 2012.

THE GUARDIAN - Time Travellers

" Time Travellers "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Heavy/power metal

The Guardian are long - exsisted quartet from Belgium metal area, and they are in the saddle for 15 years. A group has also recorded with actuelle one a 7 albums, and during the period of existence they have received some recognitions, not only in a homeland circulation. A group proudly keep the flag of heavy / power metal tendencies, and they are faithful to mentioned approach practically from its forming days." TIme Travellers " is actuelle CD, with 11 tracks in, done in mentioned heavy / power variant. Judging by its general conception, they are nearer to so call older school from the 80's, and as a band associates on NWOBHM acts from golden era, but productionally and technically they tries to sound and look as a band from our time.
They have offered an equalizing materials, without any tipical or recognizeble detail, but in the other hand, worth listeners attention.
There's no doubt that followers of heavy / power tendencies can be satisfied with group's offering materials, but also is evident that nowadys on actuelle scene exists many interesting groups with similiar genres approaches....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.TheGuardian.be

четвртак, 27. септембар 2012.

JIMMY ROBINSON - Guitarworks

" Guitarworks "
( Self - released / Hemifran ) 2012.
Acoustic / roots music - USA

Jimmy Robinsom is one of the most respectable acoustic guitarist in New Orleans area, and his technique and performing capabilities are well-known in national circulation. Some of the reviewers mentioned him as a leading name in acoustic guitar world, and there's no doubt that his style deserve respectation. " Guitarworks" is his actuelle product with 15 tracks in, recorded in cooperation with few friends and proffesionals. 12 songs are his authors works, 3 are covers, and 2 of them are planetary known as a " Little Wing" ( Hendrix ) and " Eight Miles High "  ( The Byrds ). He is also talented and serious songwriter, but his virtuoso style is unique and original.He is not comparabile with any well or less known artist, and his author's and performing signiture is unique. A complete album tracks deserve a repeatable listening...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.jimmyrobinsonmusic.com

уторак, 25. септембар 2012.

KATRIN - Frail To Fearless

" Frail To Fearless "
( Self - released/Hemifran ) 2012.
Songwritings/adult pop/AOR - USA

Boston based singer/songwriter Katrin Roush is continiously active on USA indie scene. With actuelle one, she has released a 4 albums, with solid recognition and   reputation. " Frail To Fearless" CD with 10 tracks in, she has released independently. There's no doubt, that she expect a wider attention with actuelle product, and some of well-known proffesionals teamed up on album as a : Jerry Marota, Tony Levin, Bill Dillon, and unforgetable icon from the 70's - John Sebastian himself. Present songs are full of melodies, fine and excellent vocalizations, comlexive but clear arrangments includings, and fine production too.Katrin is a storyteller, where her musical tastes finds inspiration between adult pop and AOR. There's no less interesting places on album, but one " killer" cover must be notice, and that's a Led Zeppelin classic - " That's The Way".

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.KatrinMusic.com

понедељак, 24. септембар 2012.


" 3 "
( Yellow Sign Productions )  2012.
Rock / alter rock / progressive

A some period ago I have received a couple of CD's,  a complete discography from Martin Charlebois, singer /songwriter / multiinstrumentalist, a man who practically stand behind his band Speech Machine. With company of friends and professionals, he has recorded actuelle product, entitled simply " 3", a CD where we can find a 13 tracks in. Martin has offered an unique and original authors view. His interesting " slower" and so call laid back vocalization is present on complete materials. Musically a several influences occupie Martin's interesting field, and that's are : alter rock, rock, some progressive traces, and even grunge includings as well. A songs are done in mostly slower and mid , rarely mid-up tempo, but arrangments works are complexive and expandier too.   A complete Speech Machine's legacy we can threat as a some sort of experimental works , judging by Martin's authors exposure, but nothing less interesting , and also worth listeners attention...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.speechmachineband.com

JAMIE KENT - Navigation

" Navigation "
( The Collective Music Group/Hemifran ) 2012.
Songwritings/americana -  USA

Jamie Kent is younger singer /songwriter from Massacusetts, USA, active some period with respectable results . " Navigation " is his second offering, with 11 tracks in. His songs are full of insightful lyrical approaches, and taking inspirations from life on the road, and he mainly deal with so call three thames - love, life and lust. He also has a convinceble band behind, and some of his songs posses also jazz and funk flavour as well. " Navigation" are consists of folkie, acoustic,pop, country songs, and most of the materials posses a radio friendly usings. Wes Talbot did a good job as a producer, and I would specially recomand a 4th track " Hold On", and more than interesting cover of Eddy Grant tune - Drop Baby Drop ", for repeatable listenings..

Rating : 8 /  10
C / o : www.jamiekent.com

петак, 21. септембар 2012.

HAIDUK - Spellbook

" Spellbook "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Death metal - CANADA

" Spellbook " is a second offering of Haiduk, after realization of demo from 2010 year. A one man stand behind complete band/ project, and his name is Luka Milojica. He is author and complete performer  of 10 present tracks, done in " Leper Studios" in Calgary /Alberta.
" Spellbook" mostly deal with death metal, with addition of some thrash traces, but so call " darker" psychology of songs structures confirm that author also include some black metal views, and what is more important black metal psychology.Structurally, a tracks are similiar among them, and one clear perception is evident after listening of few themes /songs. In the other hand, technically Milojica did a good job, so I would add that production also satisfie in general. I can not find any leading track, but  author  has offered an equalizing approach through complete album materials...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.haiduk.ca

JEFF LARSON - The World Over

" The World Over "
( Red Bell Recordings/Hemifran ) 2012.
Folk/acoustic/americana/soft rock

Singer/songwriter Jeff Larson is in the saddle for a years, and his discographical carrear is continiously active too. He is born in Northern California, and during the years he has cooperated with many well-known and established musicians and performers.
" The World Over" is his actuelle CD with 10 tracks in. Jeff's  authors signiture is on complete materials, and he is also a coproducer with Hank Linderman.He had also a few interesting guests on album, among others his long time friends from America band - Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, and daughter of Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit - Jeddrah Schmit. Her colourfull and warm back up vocalization is present practically on whole album, and surelly deserve respectation. A fans and followers of 70's Southern Californian sound, and legacy of groups and artists such as a : James Taylor, CSN&Y, America, can be maximally satisfied with Jeff's offering appraches. On the other hand complete album tracks are more than listenable and deserve repeatable listenigs too.
We can not find any weacker or less interesting places on album, and under the mentioned musical options, " The World Over" is well-done and more than satysfying product ..

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.jefflarson-music.com

THE MYSTIX - Mighty Tone

" Mighty Tone "
( Mystix Eye records/Hemifran ) 2012.
Roots music / blues - USA

A members from The Mystix band are veterans and well-experienced musicians from USA blues, rock and roots scene, whose activities are  more or less well-known . During the period of exsistence, a group has released with actuelle one a 4 albums, and " Mighty Tone" is still fresh product. We can find here and there a 12 tracks,an interesting combination of authors works and traditionals. A central figure in band is a frontman, singer and guitarist Jo Lily, who is also a key composer. " Mighty Tone" are consists of well-crafted roots, blues, rock and materials, wrapped by country flavour, but with original and interesting interpretations, clever and vivid arrangments includings, and modern production threathening as well. Under the mentioned genre's area, The Mystix offer an original views, convinceble interpretations, and repeatable songs. Recomandable..

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.themystix.com

четвртак, 6. септембар 2012.

SASHASONIA - Sashasonia

" Sashasonia "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Indie folk/acoustic/world music

Out of New York City comes an pretty interesting female-male duo named Sashasonia, consists of Sonia Chui - voices / cello, and Sasha Markovic, who is guitarist, bass player, percussionist and composer. During the brief period of existence, they have recorded over a 30 songs, tested' em in club performances, and after that decide to put a 15 tunes in their actuelle " S / t debut.
14 of present songs are authors works of mentioned Belgrade born Sasha Markovich, and only one track is cover, and this is a well known standard / classic - " Autumn Leaves ". Most of present songs are done in mid to mid up tempo, added with darker but in the same time pleasent performing atmosphere, fulfield with clever arrangments includings too. A songs are listenable, acceptable at the same time , and recomandable for the fans of different musical tastes. We can label its offering as a sort of indie folk /acoustic, roots and world music, but there's no doubt that Sasha and Sonia sound as a coherent team with original approach and same performing realization. Well done, and this is also a modern product , without uninteresting or weaker places...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.sashasonia.com