уторак, 26. април 2011.


" Skychief "
( Spaceman ) 2010.
Post rock/psychedelic

A trio from Portland, OR, started out its life in 2005 year, founded by Kirk Ohnstad. Other members are Zack Bendt and Henry Gibson.
Their first discographical step was an " Pilot EP " from 2008 year. Actuelle full-length " Skychief" a band has released duing the previous 2010 year.
Hello Electric are one of those groups whose orientation is hard to describe. They are practically original act, with complexive performing views, and similiar realization. A songs/themes from album are different among them. A band accepts a post rock ideas, and psychedelic includings in performing variants. Most of the songs posses dreamy atmosphere in one part, and in the contrary, noise includings are also present in same themes. In some places methods of vocalizations dominates through arrangments views, in other playing noise characterize songs structures. " Skychief" is an interesting challenge, not only for the potential listeners population, and deserve a specific attention and concetration as well.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.helloelectrick.com

понедељак, 25. април 2011.

RUDIES - Rudies

" Rudies "
( Blue Pie Records ) 2010.

Rudies are Lexington, Kentacky, USA based reggae band, and releatively a newer act.A group works in quintet formation, fronted by singer Saint Jerrod. Their " S/t" album introduces them as a reggae band whose approach accepts lotta' elements of earliest ska and dub as well.
They are influental by the 70's and 80' reggae movement, but also posses an original attitude and approach. Prince Buster, The Skatalities, early Wailers, The Upseters are some of the influental names for USA fellows, whose materials also posses a strong social dimension too.
Some songs deserves again listenings as a " No Justice" and specially " Psycho Babylon" with interesting playing dualities between dub and psychedelic phrases...Part of the materials are consists of more ska, other of  more classic reggae, or reggae / dub influental themes.
A full - length album of USA guys could be probably more recomandable  product for old school reggae followers...

Rating : 7   / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/therudies

SHEAR - In Solitude

" In Solitude "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Melodic/power/symphonic metal

Shear is Helsinki, Finland based band, formed back in 2008 year. But complete line-up are consists of well-experienced musicians, cos' the members of Shear have played in many familiar bands, such as : Amoral, Omnium Gatherium, Imperainon, Elemium and Crystal Blaze.
Shear is also a female fronted a six piece band, and its first discographical arrival was an EP

from 2010 year, entitlled " In Solitude".
They have introduced with 4 mainly equalizing tracks, and complete materials were done with excellent productional work.A group is on therithory of pretty melodic metal, fulfield with power and symphonic traces as well. A group has also received a good response from several webzines and magazines abroad, and that's no doubt that their musiacal approach deserve recomandations. Complete present materials posses a similiar qualities, and songs are listenable, and in the same time enjouable, if you are fan of melodic metal tendencies. Nice work, and we'll see  what the future brings for Finnish metallers...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.shearofficial.com

уторак, 19. април 2011.



Info / press

San Francisco CA - Singer / songwriter  Megan Slankard released her brand new album " A Token Of The Wreckage", March 8, that was three years in the making.And after a sold - out CD release party at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, Megan has sett off on a nationwide tour, begining with shows in Arizona and New Mexico, and continuing in Austin during the South By Southwest music festival.
" A Token Of The Wreckage" follows up 2005's " A Little Extra Sun" which followed 2003's " Freaky Little Story", which combined gave sold more than 25 units to date.Magan continues to embrace her indie status and the grass roots movement that she has remained a part of.
She also has grown a lot as an artist.
While Megan has been pounding the pavement for several years, and has influences that range from the Beatles to Counting Crows to Prince to metallica to Simon & Garfunkel; she is rarely pigeonhold with comparisons musically or vocally. However, more than one critic has compared Megan to Rikki Lee Jones. Sha also has been supported for a while by powehouse AAA station KFOG in San Francisco, and has opened for the likes of Colin Hay ( Men at Work ), Dan Vickrey of Counting Crows, David Knopfler of Dire Straits, Dishwallam Hootie And The Blowfish and others. In fact, megan has toured Europe multiple times with Knopfler.
Megan has places in several  songwriting competitions, including the 2009 IMA Vox Populli for the cover of Paul Simon' s " America".
She was also selected as finalist in the 2008 and 2009 Musician's Atlas / Borders Books Independent Music Awards, and as a semi-finalist in Discmaker's 2007 Independant Music World Series, as well as the 2007 International Songwriting Competition. Also TLC's " What Not To Wear" feautured Megan and as a result sales of  Freaky little Story reached  # 5 on Amazon com. But, now it's time to turn the pages and start a new chapter, and Megan hopes to do just that with " A Token Of The Wreckage"....

C / o : www.meganslankard.com

Photo credit - Lauren Slankard

недеља, 17. април 2011.

FORGOTTEN TALES - We Shall See The Light

" We Shall See The Light "
( Union Metal International ) 2010.
Heavy / power metal - CANADA

Forgotten Tales aren' t a newer name on power metal circulation. Till now, with actuelle one they have released a 3 albums. Firstly, " The Promise " ( 2001 ), followed by " All The Sinners " ( 2004 ) , and " We Shall See The Light" from previous 2010 year. A band from Quebeck work as a sextet, with female fronted singer in their line-up. Actuelle album has a 9, well-done produced songs, and  group also shows equalizing standardizations in performing duties. Present songs posses strong melodicity, but Canadians suffers of so call manniristical problems, cos' complete album materials were done with expecting realizations. It's evident that sounds as a serious act, also coherent as a team, but with less originalities in author's presentations. I have to say, that other technical elements funkcionizes as well,  beautiful  cover artwork of CD, and also 16 page booklet, deserves recomandations....  

Rating : 6 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.forgottentales.com

STAR FK RADIUM - Blue Siberia

" Blue Siberia "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Neo classical/acoustic/ambiental

Star Fk Radium are Washington DC acoustic trio, consists of : Bill Martien ( guitar ), Watt Clarke ( drums ) and Allisa Taylor ( violin ).
They have debuted with " Blue Siberia" album, from previous 2010 year. Star Fk Radium are pretty interesting and unusual group, whose musical orientation is not so easy to describe.. They have offered a 9 instrumental tracks, done in neo classical, maybe it's better to say in chamber mood. A themes posses a specific atmposphere, often structural changes, interesting and complexive playings....
Most of present materials accepts also a darker atmosphere, and in some aspects a " harder " ambiental mood. Psychologically, a group treats own performing formula as a classically trained act, and this is also one of specific details. Star Fk Radium has introduced to audience as a unique and original team, whose musical offering could be interesting for wider listeners populations...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.starfkradium.com

петак, 15. април 2011.



Info / Press

Bill Lubera is an avid composer / artist / guitarist from the USA and has been playing guitar since the age of 5. Bill currently writes instrumental progressive rock, has been a long time student of guitar master George Bellas, and has recently put out his 1st album " Global Warning", which is comprised of 10 instrumental  progressive and neo-classical progressive rock compositions feauturing complex time and modal changes, soaring lead solos and dramatic interludes based around weather events as the titles of the songs suggests. Using tke latest technology of sampler instruments and Logic Pro software Bill has combined his first class guitar playing along with his compositional skills to create an album that is multi layered in sound and mood, and will keep the listener engaged from start to finish. The album was produced mixed and mastered by George Bellas.
Bill Lubera is no stranger to the live band scene.He was lead guitarist for " Jinx", which was sucessfull Chicago, IL ( USA ) band in the 80's and " RipChord" in the 90's.Bill owns his own publishing company as well " Luberasongs" and has had written a song ( 1000 Years ) for " Prisoner" ( Cincinnati, OH band ) which was released on their debut album " Young and Rejected", back in the 80's and has appeared on Michael Riser's album " Rise"..Since hooking up with George Bellas in 2002, Bill has devoted his time to learning advanced guitar and compositional concepts and has culminated all this knowledge and expertise imparted to him by Mr. Bellas to create his first of many instrumental guitar albums

C / o : www.billlubera.com

уторак, 12. април 2011.

M.I.C. - 3rd Degree

" 3rd Degree "
( Mia Mia Records ) 2011.
Melodic rock/melodic hard rock/AOR

M.I.C. are China based band, but in their line-up are multinational musicians, fronted by key person Canadian born guitar player and vocalist - Yvon Serre. As a band, they have started in 2004 year, and they are playing pretty listenable own version of melodic rock / melodic hard rock/AOR music, fulfield with other classic rock / rock and roll variants as well. " 3rd Degree ", actuelle album,  delivers expecting perrforming offering and practically similiar formula, as the case was with two previous albums. There are 12 mainly equalizing tracks, done in modern productional mood.
A songs also posses evidental radio friendly usings, and most of them are acceptable for concerts threathenings, and playings " alive". M.I.C. carry on with positive reflections, and their actuelle product satisfies in many aspects....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/madeinchina

субота, 9. април 2011.

SWOON - Backwards & Forwards

" Backwards & Forwards " 
( Vaulted Records ) 2011.
Indie/alter pop/rock

Swoon are New York based band, consists of 2 female and 2 male persons/musicians, fronted by Minnie Cho. She is key author, vocalist and she also play a guitar. Till now, with actuelle one, a band has released a 2 albums, firstly " Departures" from 2008 year, and " Backwards & Forwards" from February this 2011 year. A New York quartet has  a lotta' fans and followers in musical circulation, and some of their collegues supports a group's work. Swoon is musically on indie/alter pop therithory, and its sound also has something taken from 90's indie / alter rock legacies. Knows to reminds on British late 80's and 90's acts, but most of present materials posses a clear authors signiture.
A group deliver a moody melodies, lush vocalizations, edgy guitars and pleasent and enjouable songs as well. Their tunes are pretty listenable and also inspirative in some way. " Backwards & Forwards " is an interesting product of New York band, worth listeners attention.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.swoontheband.com
e-mail : info@swoontheband.com

четвртак, 7. април 2011.

PEGAZUS - In Metal We Trust

" In Metal We Trust "
( Black Leather Records ) 2011.
Power metal - AUSTRALIA

Pegazus are Melbourne based band, and well-known act in power metal worldwide area. They started out its carreare in 1993 year,  and as a band they are discographically active. " In Metal We Trust" is their newer product, and this is album with 11 tracks in. Pegazus are basically power metal act, but also melodic sounding group. Their music also contains some speed metal includings, and 80's trraces as well.
On actuelle album, a group also performs Judas Priest song " Metal Gods " and version of Aussie mates posses more melodic elements.
Also in song " Old School Metal Dayz", a group were joined by Ross The Boss ( Manowar ), David Shankle ( Manowar / DSG ) and Jeff Watson ( Ex Night Ranger /Mothers Army). Initially, Pegazus has offered  mainly equalizing materials, but with some haunting tracks, as a for example " Road Warrior " and " Ghost Rider".

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.pegazusofficial.com
e-mail : mario@metalrevelation.com

среда, 6. април 2011.

8 - IS - Frame Of Us

8 - IS
" Frame Of Us "
( Hetaproduction ) 2010.
AOR/melodic rock/melodic hard rock

The roots of Italian band dated from 2009 year, when vocalist Marcello "Malcoun "Catalano and drummer Franco Casini decided to realize a project originally named FRAME. After some period, a group changed name in 8 - IS, and line-up of 3 persons, with some additional musicians started to recording an album. " Frame Of Us " originally released in August 2010 year, introduces Italians as a serious 80's influenatal AOR / melodic rock/ melodic hard rock act. A 10 pretty melodic and radio friendly tunes are present on their album, and what is more important, practically complete materials posses convinceble approach, a certain playings and same realizatins.
A group is also infected by the USA 80's groups ( Foreigner, Survivor, Toto ),  but with some additional and typical  Italian melodicity as well.
I have to say, that Italians also did a lotta' efforts in promotional campaighn of its actuelle album, and many worldwide webzines informs about band's activities. " Frame Of Us" is a promising debut, worth listeners attention, and specially recomandable for older and newer AOR followers.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.8-is.com

понедељак, 4. април 2011.


" The Memories "
( 505 Records ) 2011.
Hard rock/modern rock

Four Trips Ahead are New York based rockers, active some period contioniously. They have recorded till now 3 EP's and 1 full-length from 2008 year. " The Memories" is actuelle product, an EP with 5 tracks in. A band is on therithory of hard rock, fullfield wirth evidental modern rock approaches, and 90's tendencies as well. A production is modern, a  group performs songs in agressive way, but with clear melodic includings.
All of 5 songs posses equalizing elements, without a leading tune, but with same standardizations. I have to say that frontman Peter Wilson is certain and convinceble singer, and his vocalization in many aspects create a final look of present songs." The Memories " is without a doubt, a promising issue of USA fellows...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.fourtripsahead.com