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Tracy Towns is a songwriter / guitarist/bassist/vocalist from Peiria, IL.
Due to Tracy's incredibily busy schedule, with a full time job and a side audio/video business, he does not have a band at this time.
He utilizes what little spare time he can get writing and recording music in his studio ( with the occasional help of his wife Rita with lyrics ).
As a result of starting out as a bass player, Tracy is probably the only metal guitarist who always finger picks when he plays.
Tracy's music is influenced by many of his favorite bands, such as Megadeth, Pantera,Black Sabbath, and a little bit of everything heavy from the 70's to current music.

C / o : www.tracytowns.com

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WD-41 + 2 - Temi Per Cinema

WD-41 + 2
" Temi Per Cinema "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Ambiental/free jazz/crossover

WD-41 are consists practically of two persons, a key member Willie Oteri who is responsible for guitar playings and loops additionals, and trumpeter Dave Laczko.They were joined by Dino J.A. Deane - lap steel dulcimer, beat jockey, and Scott Amenoola - drums and percussion, so in quartet formation they have recorded  a 10 tracks album entitled " Temi Per Cinema". As a well-experienced musician, Otteri with his colaborators and assistents has offered an unusual travelling to the spheres of ambiental and free jazz fields. A present themes are also full of free style forms, with lotta' improvisating parts , and pulsating  soundscapes elements as well. In  some aspects, " Teri Per Cinema, knows to remind on earliest Tangerine Dream albums, as a specially " Alpha Centauri:, but more jazzy  details, lead  to some other place. A part of materials is absolutely unlistenable for avarage music follower ear, but it's also clear that Oteri and his colegues did a lotta' efforts in complexive arrangments threathenings, and general final realizations. I didn' t mention a psychedelic approach in its music, whose presentention is also evident, maybe little more in  psychological than performing form.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/wd41music

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CINDER ROAD - Damage Control

" Damage Control"
( Self - released ) 2010.
Rock /melodic rock - USA

Cinder Road are Maryland based rockers, frionted by leading person, songwriter and singer - Mike Ruocco. They discographically debuted in 2007 year wih " Superhuman" album, and mentioned CD has received a pretty fine compliments. In those times, a group has a major label behind them - " Columbia Records", and all the things seemed certain for USA act.. After a three years of constant touring and with more maturities, a band has offered a new album, entitled " Damage Control". There are 13 present songs, done in rock / melodic rock moods, with some faster up tunes, some half-ballads,some country flavoured songs,  bluesy harmonizations, repeatable choruses and pleasent  atmosphere as well. Most of the songs has a potentialy radio friendly usings , and it's also evident that members of band knows how to put right thing in right place. Nothing specially new, but Cinder Road as a band satisfies in general, and their albun coukd be a recomandable product for newer and older rock followers...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.cinderroadmusic.com

KATERGON - Endless Life

" Endless Life "
( Dirty & Weird Music ) 2010.
Post metal/doom/psychedelic

Katergon are quartet from Biel, Switzerland, and also a newer act. They started out in 2007 year, and during the  previous 2010, they have released an EP with 2 songs in, entitled " Endless Life". A duration of EP is 17 minutes and 34 seconds, and Swiss guys has introduced themselves as act whose orientation mixes elements of post metal, doom, and psychedelic variants as well. A both songs - "  I' m The Sea" and " Endless life" posses a hard , deep atmosphere, with monotonous parts, organized arrangments includings, and relative simple, but distant playing. A production is so call modern and satisfies in general. It is an interesting product of Swiss band, specially acceptable for post metal maniacs....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.katergon.net
e-mail : christian@dirtyandweird.com

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" Vine Lady "
( Jagged House ) 2010.
Indie rock/alter rock/pop

Red Electrick are newer band, formed back a 3 years ago. They are locate in Malta, and during the previous 2010 year they have released an album, entitled " Vine Lady" for " Jagged House". There's no doubt that fellows from Malta has offered a quite interesting portion of music. " Vine Lady" are consists of 12 mainly equalizing and melodic tracks, done in indie pop / rock mood. A band is musically also influental by the 80's new wave movement, maybe more psychologically,  and its songs posses something of mentioned pastiche.We can also find here and there some ska elements, as same as evident power pop and 70's glam rock traces as well. Most of the songs are listenable, and acceptable for radio usings. A group offers a fresh sound, good vibrations and distant playings. " Vine Lady" is recomandable product , and nothing less a modern album too....

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o :  www.myspace.com/redelectrick



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Rob Martino performs original music and arrangments on the Chapman Stick, a unique stringed instrument, that combines elements of guitar, bass, piano and percussion. The strings are tapped rather than plucked or stummed, enabling both hands to play complete and expressive multi- part arrangments.
Rob has drawn from progressive, art rock folk, celtic, and classical music influences to develop his own Stick playing style. He composes and performs soulful music that carries the listener on a journey through various themes, moods and sonic images.
In addition to making a strong impression at live performances, Rob's music has a popular online presence, gathering over a million views and thousands of subscribes worldwide on You Tube....

C / o : www.robmartino.com