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HOMERUN ( Italy )

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HOMERUN  ( Italy )

The band was first put together in year 2000, under the name Dead Poets, and during the first year they focused on covers of various hard rock bands. Soon enough, hwever, they felt the urge to write and play their own music. They started working on their first demo " Some 1 ", and changed the band name to Homerun. The name choice is both a tribute  to the famous LP  by Gothard , and a good description of the band sound, that in their ideas  had to be tight, fast and tough as a homerun hit.
In 2007 they wrote and self-produced " Don' t Stop " .. Feeling confident is their brand new product, they finally met Frank Caruso, axeman from Arachines, and Stefano  " Sebo" Xotta, who decided to beleive in the project and help the band.  " Don' t Stop", then, was ready to hit the shelves on April 24, 2008 as their very first  and official debut album.
The album had a great reviews, on the best rock' n' heavy magazines  and was choosen by Rock Hard Magazine  for its own compilation. " Don' t Stop" saw also a good public attention  and in September 2008 it was released in japan and Asia by the prestigious label " Avalon/Marquee ".
During 2009 Homerun found a new bassist in Paolo Luoni, new drummer in William Battiston, and then new guitarist in Valerio Castiglion.
The new line-up was really close-knit  from the first moment and throughout 2010 it worked hardly on the new album " Black World", released in September 2011 by " Tanzan Music"....

C / o : www.tanzanmusic.com

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BLACK SPACE RIDERS - Black Space Riders

" Black Space Riders "
( Sound Guerilla / da music ) 2010.
Stoner/hard rock/space rock/psychedelic

Black Space Riders are 4 piece act coming from Munster, Germany, founded in 2008 year. They are pretty devoted to own musical views and interesting fields. During the May of 2010 year, a group has introduced themselves  to wider audience with debut S / t release, full-length CD with 13 tracks in. Basically, Germans are on stoner therithory, influental mainly with the 70's movement, but its sound also capture some other forms and elements, as a : hard rock, space rock, psychedelic, and even some hidden kraut rock includings as well.
A songs are mostly different among them, but some freshy and positive atmosphere dominate through present materials. Their album exclude any boring moments, and songs under the mentioned genre's options are listenable and acceptable as well.  Recomandable especially for stoner freaks and followers...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.blackspiceriders.com

ANGER CELL - Haven For The Forsaken

" Haven For The Forsaken "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Death metal - FINLAND

Anger Cell are relatively newer 5 piece act. They are hailing from Finland, and continiously  are in a saddle 4 years. A band are consists of previously experienced musicians, and during the 2009, they have released a first Demo..   " Haven For The Forsaken" is their second effort, and this is a CD with 4 tracks in. A Finnish fellows deliver some slower to mid up tempo death metal, influental by the 90's movement . Its sound also captures some thrashy details and classic  metal idioms, less grind phrases, but mentioned 90's era is more than inspirative period for band members.
Nothing specially new, but with distant playing, solid performing harmonization, and relevant production as well. A second track " Wake Up Screaming" could be a favourable one from group's second product.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.angercell.com

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THREATENOL - Certain Shadows

" Certain Shadows "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Death metal - USA

A first steps of  Sioux City, Iowa based band, started out in 2002 year. After some persoal changes, and with a new name, a group seriously started its story in 2005 year. Threatenol are quintet, and during the this 2011 year, they discographicaly debuted with full-length album, entitled " Certain Shadows ". They are expressive death metal act, influental equally with the 90's legacy, as same as with newer tendencies, but they also shows some own specific " tricks" and elements of originality. Their death metal is part atmospheric, part with so call technically driven details, and also with some thrashy includings as well. A songs are done with serious arrangments threathenings, and with relevant productional includings too. They have introduced themselves with 13 tracks, with mainly equal standardizations and performing approach..." Certain Shadows " is interesting debut of Iowa death fellows, worth listener's and also media attantion.

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.threatenol.com

THE LIMIT CLUB - This Is Cutthroat Business

" This Is Cutthroat Business "
( Phantom Cat records ) 2011.
Psychobilly punk - USA

The Limit Club are Phoenix, AZ band whose activities dated from 2005 year. They have also released with actuelle one a 3 items - " God Damn The Limit Club " ( 2007 ), " Phantom Cats " ( 2008 ) and " This Is Cutthroat Business " ( 2011 ). There's no doubt that under the musical interesting fields, they maniristically absolutelly satisfies, so we can find in its approaches strong psychobilly traces, many frantic, shaking, rocking performings includings, and some atmospheric " games" in between as well. Americans are also pretty influental by the 80's movement, and we can hear some echoes from Meteors or Cramps sounds. On the other hand, a group did a lotta' efforts to offer its own sound and style, as same as generally original view.Part of the materials posses clear  and stronger melodic lines, part are done with more energetic and atmospheric includings...A present tunes are mostly different among them, and different atmosphere circulate around, but finally we can describe its music as a general Limit Club style. Recomandable tracks are : " Kick In The Eye", and closing one " Just A Mirage"...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.limitclub.com