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KATERGON - Endless Life

" Endless Life "
( Dirty & Weird Music ) 2010.
Post metal/doom/psychedelic

Katergon are quartet from Biel, Switzerland, and also a newer act. They started out in 2007 year, and during the  previous 2010, they have released an EP with 2 songs in, entitled " Endless Life". A duration of EP is 17 minutes and 34 seconds, and Swiss guys has introduced themselves as act whose orientation mixes elements of post metal, doom, and psychedelic variants as well. A both songs - "  I' m The Sea" and " Endless life" posses a hard , deep atmosphere, with monotonous parts, organized arrangments includings, and relative simple, but distant playing. A production is so call modern and satisfies in general. It is an interesting product of Swiss band, specially acceptable for post metal maniacs....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.katergon.net
e-mail : christian@dirtyandweird.com

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