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RUSTY PACEMAKER - Blackness And White Light

"Blackness And White Light "
( Solanum Records ) 2010.
Dark rock - AUSTRIA

Rusty Pacemaker is a dude from Austria, who  started out his personal musical travelling in 2003 year. 7 years after, he has released with practically own forces, a debut full-length entitled " Blackness And White Light". I have to add, that he very seriously  runnin' a promotional part of  entire carreare, and many webzines, nationally, as same as abroad, follows up his activities.  " Blackness And White Light": has introduced Rusty as a emotional writer, whose songs are mainly done in melancholic and darker mood. A lyrical approach is pretty insightful, and judging by musical options we can find dark rock traces fullfield with some gothic varients as welll. Rarely we can hear some other elements as a maybe doom or metalic includings, but evidentally, 80's and 90's influences are present here and there. Most of the songs posses a darker atmosphere, where arrangments strictly follows up a songs motorizations. Rusty has offered equalizing materials, without a any typical or leading song, but also without weacker momemnts..

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.rustypacemaker.com

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