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" Light Up "
( Random Productions ) 2011.
Melodic/symphonic metal

A carrear od Finnish act Random Eyes, started out in 2001. During the years, and also after several line-up changes, a band has released with actuelle one a 3 full-lengths and 1 Demo. They have also received some international attemtion and recognitions. " Light Up" is their actuelle product from this 2011 year, and this is a CD with 10 tracks in, duration a little more than 35 minutes. A Finnish fellows are on therithory of so call sophisticate variant of melodic / symphonic metal tendencies, with some other additionals as a classic heavy and less power metal includings as well. A distant and certain vocalization, clear and coherent playings, and strong  melodic details, characterize complete present materials.
A well-done arrangments and certain production also confirms that members from band did a good job. Random Eyes as a group, didn' t have a problems with so call manniristical " author views ", and thay have offered enough originality. " Light Up " is listenable and recomandable product.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.randomeyes.net

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