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GUS McKAY - Roadrunner Blues

" Roadrunner Blues "
( RPM ) 2011.
Acoustic blues/blues/roots

Gus McKay is a Western Australian troubadour, singer/songwriter, guitarist,harmonica player, and musician with respectable experience behind. " Roadrunner Blues " is his actuelle album from 2011 year, with 12 authors tracks in, done in acoustic blues/roots blues vain, with symbolic additional following instrumentations, but with strong emotionals,and respectable realization too. His songs are full of unclassical boogie rhythms,repeatable and hypnotic guitar phrases, slide tricks, and simply but fine vocalization as well. His authors signiture proves, that he knows how to put right thing in right place, and complete materials posses listenable dimension too.
Finally, "Roadrunner Blues " is very recomandable and serious product, without less interesting places....

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.gusmckay.com

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