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CRYOGENIC IMPLOSION - Creation Of The New World

" Creation Of The New World " 
( Metal Scrap Records ) 2011.
Death metal - UKRAINE

Cryogenic Implosion are  death metal act, formed back in 2007 year. During the forthcoming period, a group has released a 2 Demos, in 2008, and 2010 year. " Creation Of The New World" is still actuelle full - length from previous 2011 year, released for " Metal Scrap Records".
A band from Ukraine is faithful to death metal tendencies, nearer to 90's psychology, than to nowadays standards. They are brutal act, with also clear technical additionals. They speak about world degradation, darkness, and war themes, and  offers a 8 equalizing tracks, duration a little less than 27 minutes. Technically and visually mainly satisfies, even that evidentally exist some manniristical problems in its approaches. Nothing especially new, but with enough brutal blast beats, certain   gutural vocalizations. and similiar performing tricks, well done to satisfy constantly growing extreme metal fan base...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.metalscrap.org.ua

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