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BURNING SHADOWS - Gather, Darkness!

" Gather, Darkness! "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Heavy/power metal - USA

Burning Shadows are USA act, active on national underground scene over decade.With actuelle one, they have released a 3 EP's and 2 full-lengths. " Gather, Darkness! " is actuelle album, released independently, and we can find here 11 tracks in.  USA fellows are on the field of heavy / power metal , mainly of European school, and they knows to remind on Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray legacies as well.
" Gather, Darkness!" is a sort of conceptual album, and we can find epic / fantasy conception, convincable performings, and expecting lyrical approach. A songs are done in similiar mood, one recognazible atmosphere dominates through complete materials, and members from band sounds as a coherent team. In some places, a group has offered an interesting and vivid arrangments works, but also is clear that in few songs a band has suffered of manniristical problems. A production is more orientire to 90's period, than to nowadays standards, and that is evident afer listening a complete album. Even of mentioned details, " Gather, Darkness!" is under a heavy / power genre satisfying product, seriously done and profesionally recorded.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.burningshadows.com

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