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CAILYN - Four Pieces

" Four Pieces "
( Self - released / Land Of Oz Music ) 2012.
Progressive / symphonic / neo classical -  USA

Cailyn Lloyd is a multi-talented performer  . Her musical experience started out from childhood days. During the latest period of
few years she was discographically active, and before actuelle one, she recorded a 2 EP's and 1 CD. " Four Pieces" is her newest
product, a full-length, where Cailyn introduces herself as a multiinstrumentalist. She also did a some sort of  musical transcription of
3 classic themes/works, done by Dvorak, Barber and Vaughan Williams. A theme " Nocturne" is a original work, inspired by
the piano music of  Chopin and Schubert. In pretty sensitive and emotiona way, but with evident strong musical knowledge, she
has offered a own combination of progressive and neoclassical elements. A sound of present themes is colourful and vivid, and
Cailyn expose herself as a instrumentalist with original methods of performing, as same as a brilliant arranger. " Four Pieces " is
a also a listenable issue, and recomandable for the wider listener's population.

 Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.cailynrox.com

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