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SILVER HORSES - Silver Horses

" Silver Horses "
( 7 Hard/ 7 Us ) 2012.
Hard rock / heavy metal / rock -  UK / ITALY

Silver Horses is a newer band of singer Tony Martin, formerly Black Sabbath frontman. A group is a quartet with 3 Italian established musicians in line-up, where important rola belong to guitarist Gianluca Galli. Their " s/t " album with 11 track in, looked the light of day during the last "hours" of October, previous 2012 year. A present materials should certainly satisfie a followers of old school variants, cos' the band has provided a lotta' 80's hard rock details, some bluesy Whitesnake and Zeppelin tricks, and pretty listenable songs acceptable also for radio usings. Nothing especially new, but  done with stylish and elegant aroma in general interpretations and releasing views. A production is expectinglly clear, and I have add that Gianluca Galli and Andrea Castelli did a solid job. A band receives mainly a good critics for still actuelle product, and promote materials on gigs in European cities.

Rating : 7 / 10
C/o : www.silver-horses.com

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