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BRIAN KAHANEK - One True Thing

" One True Thing "
(Sidewinder Music Records) 2010.
Blues rock/rock/alt. country

Brian Kahanek is a guitar player and songwriter, raised in Ohio, and locate in L.A. During his entire carreare, he has released before actuelle one, a two albums - " Real Life" and " Suicide Kings", received many recomandations, and his work is recognize as a convinceble and sucessfull too.
" One True Thing" is a his third issue, released during the April this 2010 year. As a skillfull player, also engineer, and nothing less a certain  singer, he introduces a variety of guitar oriantation options, based mostly on blues / blues rock  level. His album also has a few alt. country includings, as same as some separate acoustic instrumental parts. In his own way Brian mixes 70's blues rock variants with modern views, and his songs are also fresh and modern. On his closing track " 63 Candles" he gave a special hommage to Hendrix legacy. " One True Thing"  is also CD with convinceble productional look, where all other technical options satisfies in best possible manner.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.briankahanek.com

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