уторак, 21. децембар 2010.



Info / Press 2010.

Reggie Hache has been a bass player/singer for 25 years. During that time he has played in various bands, explored a various styles of music., and has embraced various influences. These experiences have made him what he is today: a rock musician who is open to suggestion and uninterested in needless complication or dishonesty. Reggies is hoping to share Noise Control, his latest project, and " The Room At The End Of The Hell", his latest project, with a group of like minded music fans; people who are interested in cutting through the bullshit to see the world and his music for excatly what they are. His delivery is point blank, which is exactlyhowh he likes life to be.Reggie will always tell it like it is, and will play music until his body breaks down Feel free to join him.

C / o : www.noisecontrolmusic.com

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