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JACK KETCH - Bringers Of The Dawn

" Bringers Of The Dawn "
( Transmedia Records ) 2010.
Death metal/progressive death metal

Jack Ketch are quartet from Southern California, active some period on national underground metal scene. They have released a two albums, " Articulo Mortis" from 2009 year, and actuelle one " Bringers From The Dawn" from previous 2010 year. Jack Ketch are convinceble and agressive act, whose death metal orientation are consists of plenty blast beats, progressive and technical includings, and raw but certain playings as well. Its songs posses often uptempo changes, different harmonizations, and sorts of nihilism too. Listening a complete album
materials of USA fellows, it's also clear that as a band they captures something from 90's psychology too. A production work as same as all other technical variants satisfies in general, and " Bringers Of The Dawn" could be a recomandable album for death metal followers....

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.jackketchkills.com

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