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Rusty Pacemaker is 36 years old and lives in Lanzenkirchen, Austria.
He is into heavy music since his childhood and started to make his own music at the begining of the new millenium. He never took any lessons on an instrument or joined any musical education. He started to play guitar and in order to complete his first songs he just grabbed a bass and did the vocals. On the first demo versions the drums were programmed.
The next logical step was to buid a studio and so he did and started to record his songs. Franz Lochinger ( Heathen Foray, Vanitas ) played the drums.
To stay completely independant and to keep all rights in his hands, he did everything by himself ( composing, mixing, mastering, cover artwork,etc.) and finally founded the label " SOLANIUM RECORDS " to be able to publish his debut album " Blackness  And White Light ".    
His idea of being an artist is strongly influenced by one of his idols, " Bathory - mastermind Quarthon who sadly passed away.

C / o : www.solanumrecords.com

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