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NAILGUN - Paindustry

" Paindustry"
( Self - released ) 2011.
Heavy/power metal - GERMANY

Nailgun are relatively newer act on national underground metal scene, coming out from southern part of country. They are sextet with 2 vocalists, and 2 guitarists in its line-up. They were formed in 2008 , and during the April this  2011 year, their debut full-length looked a light of day.
" Paindustry" , judging by cover artwork and design, is visually, as same as technically well " packed" CD, and I have to add, that also other technical elements, and specially a production, a band has threathed in a modern way. Musically, Germans has offered own vision of heavy/power metal, fullfield in some places with additional progressive and hidden industrial elements as well. Manniristically,  a songs were released with similiar threathenings, and practically also with similiar realizations. Arrangmenst follows up a song structures, and members from band introduces themselves as a well-trained performers. A German fellows convinceble delivers own ideas, but also is truth to say, that manniristical " problems", are presents on whole album materials. Even of that, "Paindustry" could be a solid discographical start for German act.....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.nail-gun.de

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