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YUJI FUKUDA - Artifact

" Artifact "
( Leccia Records ) 2010.
Fusin - JAPAN

Yuji Fukuda is a promising name in a world of  jazz and fusion tendencies. He learned guitar technique and theory in vocational training school like " MI Japan Nagoya ", and became a teacher at the school, at the age of 23 after graduating. With the team of also skillful collaborators and musicians, during the previous 2010 year, he has released an album, entitled " Artifact". Mr. Fukuda introduces himself as a well-experienced guitairst with gentle and sophisticate guuitar technique. He is also a instrumentalist who knows to " deliver" lotta' melodic phrases, even that his methods of performing, and also of his band, knows to remind on same previos periods, as a a specifically 70's era. " Artifact" are consists of 6 instrumental tracks, done in mentioned fusion mood, with evidental funk, groovy and jazz-rock tendencies as well. A flavour of past times occupies a whole album in general, even that judging by technical, and as same as  productional  tendencies, "Artifact" certainly touches a standards of our time too. Actuelle album of Japanese guitarist and his team is also enjouable product, acceptable equally for jazz and non jazz followers.

Rating : 8 / 10

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