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KERRY PATRICK CLARK - On The Road To Human Being

" On The Road To Human Being "
( Studio 234 ) 2010.

Kerry Patrick Clark is a singer / songwriter and guitarist from Whitehouse, OH. He is active a longest period, practically a two decades, and during the period of exsistence, he has released a 6 albums. Actuelle one " His Story - My Story " looked the light of day in March this 2012 year, and I still didn' t receive a CD, but I posses his previous release, a 14 tracks album entitled " On The
Road To Human Being "  from 2010 year.  This is a collection of songs that were nspired his life journey, and we can find a mainly emotional storytellers and tunes, done in slower mid, rarely mid-up tempo. A specifical emotional mood and same realization characterize complete opus from album, and Mr.Clark introduces himself as a certain performer and  convinceble singer .
All of his songs poses a radio friendly usings and his materials are acceptable especially for repeatable listenings in the evening time.  If you are a fan of  that sort of storyteller songwritings, Mr. Clark is your choice...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.KerryPatrickClark.com

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