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" The Tyrant "
( Sewer Pickle Music ) 2011.
Hard rock/heavy metal

Tyrants Temple is a Philadelphia / Pennsylvania based band, consists of five members and  well-training musicians. During the previous 2011 year, they have released an abum, simply entitled " The Tyrant". USA fellows are another band, whose inspirations coming out from European hard and heavy legacies, preciselly from 80's period and NWOBHM kitchen. We can find in its album a 12 tracks in, done with similiar psychology and concept. A band combines heavy riffs, epic themes and melodic vocal lines, with softier productional includings, and interesting arrangments as well. In some aspects, they knows to remind on British acts as a : White Spirit, Dark Star, Jaguar, Diamond Head, Demon...and mentioned comparisions aren' t unlogical or unrealable. But, in the other hand, we can confirm that as a performing act, they satisfies enough. A present songs are listenable, judging by the genre's aspect, and specially recomandable for the 80's lovers. Recomandable tracks are : " The Tyrant", " Can' t Stop Running " and " I Know You're With The Dancers "...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.tyrantstemple.com

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