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" High Road "
( Exogenic Music Group ) 2011.
Progressive/progressive rock

Out of capitol Helsinki comes a group Club Merano, founded around key person - Harpov , who is a singer, guitarist, moog player and author. A band are consists of 7 persons, and all of them are well-experienced musicians, with carrear behind. After some period od so call sound and genre's explorations, a group has found a wanting performing formula. Finally, their full - length " High Road", introduces them as a band, whose interesting fields touches elements of progressive music and progressive rock as well.  All of 11 present songs also  balancing between 70's influental prog rock and less psychedelic pop tendencies. We can find hidden Genesis and Yes influental traces in their music, but Finnish fellows also shows  own capabilities and views as well. Interesting arrangments includings, as same as pleasent atmosphere, characterize its materials in general. " High Road"  as a album deliver a good atmosphere and mood, and deserve a repeatable listenings...

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/clubmerano

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