понедељак, 24. септембар 2012.


" 3 "
( Yellow Sign Productions )  2012.
Rock / alter rock / progressive

A some period ago I have received a couple of CD's,  a complete discography from Martin Charlebois, singer /songwriter / multiinstrumentalist, a man who practically stand behind his band Speech Machine. With company of friends and professionals, he has recorded actuelle product, entitled simply " 3", a CD where we can find a 13 tracks in. Martin has offered an unique and original authors view. His interesting " slower" and so call laid back vocalization is present on complete materials. Musically a several influences occupie Martin's interesting field, and that's are : alter rock, rock, some progressive traces, and even grunge includings as well. A songs are done in mostly slower and mid , rarely mid-up tempo, but arrangments works are complexive and expandier too.   A complete Speech Machine's legacy we can threat as a some sort of experimental works , judging by Martin's authors exposure, but nothing less interesting , and also worth listeners attention...

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.speechmachineband.com

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