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THE GUARDIAN - Time Travellers

" Time Travellers "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Heavy/power metal

The Guardian are long - exsisted quartet from Belgium metal area, and they are in the saddle for 15 years. A group has also recorded with actuelle one a 7 albums, and during the period of existence they have received some recognitions, not only in a homeland circulation. A group proudly keep the flag of heavy / power metal tendencies, and they are faithful to mentioned approach practically from its forming days." TIme Travellers " is actuelle CD, with 11 tracks in, done in mentioned heavy / power variant. Judging by its general conception, they are nearer to so call older school from the 80's, and as a band associates on NWOBHM acts from golden era, but productionally and technically they tries to sound and look as a band from our time.
They have offered an equalizing materials, without any tipical or recognizeble detail, but in the other hand, worth listeners attention.
There's no doubt that followers of heavy / power tendencies can be satisfied with group's offering materials, but also is evident that nowadys on actuelle scene exists many interesting groups with similiar genres approaches....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.TheGuardian.be

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