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 Published by Djam Karet's label " Firepool Records", HEARD OF INSTINCT' s debut CD was four years in the making. Created in hot pursuit of the darkened, serpentine corridors of  contemporary instrumental progressive rock music, this self- titled release is truly for fans of King Crimson, Steve Tibbets, Djam Karet and big picture music.
 Following the 2007 dissolution of their previous band 99 NAMES OF GOD, drummer Jason Spradlin and WARR guitarist Mark Cookdecided to create a new group. They acquired guitarist and fellow Texan Mike Davison, whose chameleon like approach withNERVEWERKS added great depth to their musical vision. With their new metamorphosis now complete, the band went into session and began writing all new material, emerging only rarely for a few choice live performances.
 Pushing the limits of their own creativity, HERD OF INSTINCT drawas from a vast source of influences : multi-cultural music,
literary clues, Horror and cinematic film scores, and obscure elements of rock, avant-garde, electronic,prog, and psychedelic music.
Recording session took place in Texas, North Carolina and various global locations, from 2007-2010. As a live unit, HERD OF INSTINCTperforms as a trio, but during this recording process, the band decided to expand into a large-scale entity feauturing many guest musicians including Dave Streett, whose friendship with such luminaries as Jerry Marotta  ( Peter Gabriel ), Pat Mastelotto ( King Crimson ), Gayle Ellett ( Djam Karet ), Gavin Harrison ( Porcupine Tree ), and Marcus Reuter ( Tuner ) helped bring these all-star musicians into HERD.
 The results are very provocative as evidenced by such songs as " Room Without Shadows", the lysergic " Road To Asheville",
 the schizoid-frenzy of " Amnesis", the pagan majesty of " Hex", and the beautiful " Blood Sky". With looping samples provided by Steve Tibbetts, impeccable production, deep compositions, and impressive performances by all the musicians involved, HERD OF INSTINCT is well-crafted, landmark debut album...

 C / o : www.herdofinstinct.com

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