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SEIZURE CRYPT - You' ve Been Had !

" You' ve Been Had ! "
( 316 Productions )  2012.
Crossover - USA

Out of Queens, NYC comes a Seizure Crypt band, continiously more than active some years. With actuelle one, this quartet has released a 4 albums, latest " You' ve Been Had!", firstly digitally, and now also in CD format. Seizure Crypt is agressive, also uncompromised and brutal crossover act, and in its performing conception we can find speed metal , punk and hardcore influences as well. During their carrear, they didn' t try to so call comercialize basic conception, and the same situation we can hear and feel with the actuelle album. A tons of rough blast beats and upbeats, raw vocalization, but certain performings with modern productional work, characterize complete materials in general. Seizure Crypt satisfies again, and " You' ve Been Had!"proudly stands in the same line, like group's previous albums.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.seizurecrypt.bandcamp.com

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