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" Reason "
( Magic Records ) 2012.
Modern pop - AUSTRALIA

Singer/songwriter Jacob Butler is a Melbourne based musician and performer, and he's been active for a several years. It's also
interesting that he was appeared in Australian Idol. A first EP " Coma" he has recorded in 2009. " Reason" is a actuelle full-length
with 12 tracks in. Mr. Butler is a very active in self-promotional campaighn, and especially in some European countries.
" Reason" is a professionally recorded album, full of clear melodic places and  same following melodic instrumentations.
He has taken  something of 80's power pop pastiche, and also his songs are influental by the British pop movement from mentioned
80's era. Part time romantic, part time nostalgic, maybe in some aspects a little more " retro", but nothing less clear and
convinceble in his approach. A recomandable track for repeatable listening, could be a 7th song from album - " Ghost".

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
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