четвртак, 6. децембар 2012.

TRIBAL - I - Dentity

" I - Dentity"
( Non Stop Music / Bobmedia ) 2012.
Modern rock / modern hard rock - SWITZERLAND

A Swiss quartet Tribal started out its carrear in 2004 year. Till know, with actuelle one they have released a 3 albums. A band also has received some recognition nationally, as same as in Germany and Austria..." I-Dentity", actuelle product are consist of 13 mainly equalizing tracks, well produced and technically with respectable additionals and details. Even that they are influental by the late 80's and the begining of  90's rock movement, its offering we could threat as a sort of modern rock / hard rock option, with includings of some so call dark / gothic , less industrial elements.It's a interesting mixture,. even if you know that complete album materials is pretty listenable and melodic too.I can not find any leading track, but " I - Dentity" is a cohesive product, without less interesting places.

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tribal-rock.com

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