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" Utopia "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Progressive metal / progressive - ISRAEL

Distorted Harmony is a newer act on progressive metal and rock field. As a band they started out its story in 2009 year, but
with consolidation of line-up in 2011, things were happened faster. As a older genres collegues from Orphaned Land, they are also
from  Israel,  a country as we know without too many progressive metal acts. Distorted Harmony debuted with " Utopia" album,
a full-length with 6 longest tracks in. A Israeli fellows are undoubtelly serious act. They have offered a complexive variant of
two forms, mentioned progressive metal and progressive, fulfield with strong jazz and neoclassical includings as well. Often uptempo
changes, a supremal technical exposure, brilliant vocalization, and nothing less clever arrangments creations, characterize its album
in general. They draw influences taken from the 70's and 80's progressive period, but originality is also their middle name.
" Utopia " is a modern and convinceble product, recomandable not only for the genre's followers...

Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.distortedharmony.com

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