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" No Tears For The Devil"
( Wormholedeath records )
Metal/grunge - NORWAY

Out of the southwest of Norway comes a 5 piece band Angerman. They have started a career in
2005 , and during the first period of existence also released an EP, entitled " Newborn".
Actuelle offering, a full-length with 11 tracks in -" No Tears For The Devil", introduces band
as a metal/grunge act, also pretty influental by the 90's period as well. A modern production,
as same as distant playing, announce that Norway fellows has a serious plans for forthcoming
career. On the other side, a songs are similar among them, and many repeatable moments
are presents in its conception. As a band, they didn' t show much originalities, but technically
 as same as manneristically satisfies too. A mentioned less of originality could be a problem in
a future, but on nowadays scene exists many  similar act , support by worldwide audience.

C / o :  www.angerman-theband.com

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