среда, 1. октобар 2014.

" Broadcast Your Identity"
( Wormholedeath ) 2014.
Death metal/modern metal - HOLLAND

Selfmachine are newer Dutch act, with 11 songs debut album, entitled " Broadcast Your Identity".
A group are consists of five members, and they have offered a modern authors views and
same realizations on its debut. They combines elements of modern death metal with some other
so call modern metal phrases, as same as hardcore/crossover tendencies as well. Growl and
" normal" vocalization change places in its material, also well produced, and in same manner
performed. " Broadcast Your Identity "comprises  equal materials and similar atmospheres
between songs, with addition of " fresh" and strong playing energy. Well done debut, worth
listener's attention, especially if you prefer newer " aggressive" tendencies under the genre.

C / o :  www.wormholedeath.com

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