уторак, 17. новембар 2015.

(Polly Musque Production) 2015.
Alter rock/progressive – FRANCE

Few days ago I have received a CD from interesting French band – Studio 107. They are from Brest, and they work as a quintet. Band’s career started out in 2010 year, but it was discographically activated in October in this 2015 year, with the CD entitled „Hope-Sink“.
French fellows introduce themselves with 8 tracks in, done in one so call, strange combination of alter rock elements and progressive music tendencies. I would also add, that presented sound posses a lot of elements of originality, and creativity as well. All the songs are done in mid to mid-up tempo, where interesting arrangements follows a musical atmosphere, created by the band members. Some of the songs posses a darker ambient mood, other expander instrumental fragments, but at the same time, it’s album is listenable with clear presented melodic traces. It seems that production also satisfies as well, and there’s no doubt that group did a good and also creative job.


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