недеља, 22. новембар 2015.

TORCHIA - "Ending Begining"

Melodic death metal – FINLAND

 Torchia is a five member death metal band from Tempere, Finland, active from some period ago. In 2013 , a group has released first demo, simply titled „One“. During the actual 2015 year, with new singer in its line-up, a Finnish fellows recorded a still actual product, EP with three tracks in, named „Ending Begining“.
Torchia is a powerful act, musically precise, with strong melodic includings. They are influental with the older school variants, but I have to add, that its sound also posses enough original details. Many speed/thrash includings as same with  power metal additionals, a group has presented in its performing exposures.  Songs have been followed by cristal production and precise arrangments includings too.
As a band Torchia also did a lotta efforts in own promotional campaign, and it seems that all the things are going from this moment in expecting way. We’ll see what the future brings, but there’s no doubt that the „Ending Begining“ clearly covers a growing group potential.



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